Costa Rica court orders Colombian exguerrilla member to be deported to Panama

first_imgAn Administrative Immigration Court on Wednesday ordered Libardo Parra, a former Colombian ex-guerrilla militant, to be deported to Panama, Costa Rica’s Public Security Vice Minister Freddy Montero reported.The court on Aug. 28 denied for a fourth time Parra’s asylum application. He has maintained a legal battle with Costa Rican authorities to avoid being deported to Colombia, where he is wanted after being convicted on kidnapping charges.In Costa Rica, Parra served a sentence for money laundering and was released from the Foreigner Temporary Detention Center in May 2012.Parra also served part of his sentence in a maximum-security section of La Reforma prison, north of the capital, as he was considered a highly dangerous prisoner.High ranking officials at the Public Security Ministry and at Costa Rica’s Office of Intelligence and Security held negotiations with Panamanian officials in order to deport Parra, after the court’s ruling last week, Montero said.Costa Rica is the fifth country in Latin America that refused to grant asylum to the Colombian man. Facebook Comments No related posts.last_img read more

Arts and culture in brief the week ahead in Costa Rica

first_imgRelated posts:Arts, culture and Mother’s Day: the week ahead in Costa Rica Arts and culture in brief: the week ahead in Costa Rica Arts and culture in brief: the week ahead in Costa Rica Arts and culture in brief: the week ahead in Costa Rica The story of Lizzie Borden, the Massachussetts woman who was tried and acquitted for the murder of her father and stepmother in 1892, comes to the stage at Teatro 1887 in the National Cultural Center complex in downtown San José. The play, by Mexican playwright Lucía Leonor Enríquez, explores the lives of Lizzie and her family members, and the gender issues surrounding the trial (Friday, September 23 – Sunday, October 16).Speaking of horror stories, Teatro Espressivo, at Momentum Pinares, Curridabat, will host a screening of Monday night’s U.S. presidential debate. The screening will be followed by a panel discussion including politician Miguel Carabaguíaz and university professor Elvia Amador, moderated by Teatro Espressivo founder Steve Aronson; the entrance fee is redeemable for food and drink at the theater’s café (Monday, September 26).After the debate, you’ll probably be in dire need of some sedatives – but as a healthier alternative, sample some yoga and meditation. The Mantrika Sacred Song Festival, organized by Yoga Mandir, offers workshops, classes, special guests from around the world, and more, both in Puerto Viejo de Talamanca and San José (through Thursday, September 29).The National Symphony Orchestra will present a performance at the Melico Salazar Theater that fuses the premiere of a new work by Costa Rican composer Andrés Soto, with aerial images of Costa Rica by Sergio and Giancarlo Pucci, as seen in their book “Costa Rica Aérea.” Soto’s work, which shares the book’s name, was inspired by the beauty of the country as captured by the Puccis’ lenses (Thursday, September 29 and Friday, September 30). Facebook Commentslast_img read more

Derrick Hall satisfied with Dbacks buying and se

first_img Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling On signing players late in the season and why the Cardinals have had success with it:“Yeah, there’s always a need, and when you’re bringing them in early, you’re getting people to fit what you want, personality-wise and ability-wise. Antoine Bethea, we knew he was a good player. He’s also a great leader. Tramon (Williams) was the same way, and when you’re late, mostly it’s need, and is there someone available that can actually play. You’re really struggling when you’re just getting guys off the street and you have to play them on Sunday. I’ve been down that road, and that ain’t fun.”On what he saw from CB Tramon Williams during the three weeks when he either wasn’t active or didn’t play:“It was just he had a role, but with the injuries and the way everything went, we had to pick a guy to be inactive, and I hated to do it, because he was playing. And, every week, we talked about getting him more playing time. So, now he’ll get a bunch.”On getting a lot of production from several different safeties throughout the years:“They’re very well coached by a veteran coach in (defensive backs coach) Nick Rapone, and they’ve all been scheme fits, going all the way to Yeremiah Bell. Each guy, each year is a scheme fit for what we want to do.” Like I said, we’re very excited. Obviously, it’s a very big game, a division game. It’s the first time that we’ve faced the Rams this year, and they’re playing extremely well. And, we got here safe and sound, looking forward to getting a good practice in today.”On the balance the run game has provided the offense and if the coaching staff is changing their approach after RB Adrian Peterson’s arrival:“No, we haven’t changed anything. It’s the same plays, same practice schedules and everything is identical. We’re not putting in different runs for him. He likes what we do. That’s one of the reasons we got him, and it’s just keeping him up to speed in the passing game.”On if Peterson has allowed him to be more creative with the play calling:“No, no. If anything, it’s more conservative.”On how the team stays focused after a long trip:“Yeah, that’s the big thing. Our process, that we call it, every day – Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays – to not let anything be a distraction, because it is such a big game. So, we’ve talked a lot about that and talked to people about how to handle this trip and get physically ready to play on Sunday.”On his judgment of the trip so far: “Just traveling, busses to practice and everything else. Unlike when we went to the Greenbrier, everything was right there. So, we’ve rescheduled our practices later in the afternoon, meetings in the evenings that we never normally do.”On if he has seen more focus from his players this week:“I haven’t seen them, no. We had one meeting this morning, and they were awake, anyway.”On if the flight affected any of the players dealing with injury:“No, we’ll wait to see them run around some. I don’t think Pat (Patrick Peterson) will do anything today, nor will Xavier (Williams). I think that’s it. Olsen Pierre, I think, is going to do something.”On what makes playing football games in London unique:“Having not done one, I know the crowd is very different, a very loud crowd that doesn’t ever change sides very often. They’re just loud, and that’s (according to) everyone I’ve talked to. I’m looking forward to that.”On the Rams leaving Florida for London on Friday and any differences in travel strategy between the two teams:“The teams that I’ve talked to that have done both, most were more successful coming early and getting acclimated to the time. I know they’re staying in Florida. They’re not going back to Los Angeles, which breaks the trip up some.” 0 Comments   Share   Head coach Bruce Arians, now in his fifth year with the Arizona Cardinals, meets the media several times leading up to gameday.Here, in this space, with help from the Cardinals’ media relations staff, we’ll highlight many of the key topics and personnel conversations he has with reporters following practice in London as Arizona prepares to face the Los Angeles Rams in Twickenham Stadium.Opening statement:“Obviously, we’re very excited about being here and know how much this game has grown. I hate that we lost (American, British-based sports broadcaster) Kevin Cadle, who I know was very instrumental in everything happening in London. I know you all miss him, and we’ll all miss him very, very much. On if the defense highlights the safety position and relies on them to make plays:“If you’re playing safety, you better be able to. You better be able to tackle, and we blitz our safeties a lot, so they should be able to make splash plays.”On if S Tyrann Mathieu is playing like the 2015 version of himself:“No. healthy-wise, he is, but he’s not playing like it yet.”On if Mathieu’s performance is confidence related:“Probably. Probably.”On RB Adrian Peterson’s third time playing in London and what he had learned from Peterson about the trip:“Yeah, we talked to him a little bit about coming over, because he was just here – about the grass and which shoes and all the little things that go into it. And, he guaranteed us that everything is first class at the hotel, the facilities, everything’s great. So, it was easy, because I had talked to his coach a long time about it, and then to have a guy who actually did it as a player was very comforting.”On if his body has adjusted to the time change:“No, not yet. Getting there. Getting there.”On why the game has grown in London:“I don’t know. The crowds, they sell out the games so fast, and every year, it gets bigger and better, and it’s great to see, to see that the non-traditional football fans love American football.” Top Stories center_img On if he senses a different confidence level after the win last week:“Yeah, there’s no doubt. Like I said, I haven’t been around the guys that much yet, but you could tell in the locker room and then Monday’s meetings that there was a really good feeling.”On the challenges of a struggling offense given his offensive background:“You take that personal, because that’s something we’ve always been able to do, and it was us shooting ourselves in the foot, more than anything.”On if he encourages or discourages players to see London and take in the sights:“Well, if they want to see London, come in March. We’re here to win.” The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo On how many teams he talked to about the trip to London:“Four or five.”On how this Rams team is different than ones he has coached against:“The bodies are the same, but the structure of the defense is totally different. They’re still very aggressive. (Defensive Coordinator) Wade Phillips is one of the best coaches there is, and Robert Quinn, Aaron Donald and Alec Ogletree, they’re all the same guys, but they’re in different structures — but still very dangerous. Offensively, they totally revamped their offense – offensive line, receivers, tight ends – but they still have that young running back that’s great, and their quarterback has fit in very well, because they do have a good running game now.”On the practice facility:“I have not been out there yet. Everything so far has been fantastic.”On the biggest difference in Rams QB Jared Goff from last year:“He’s got a running game, and he’s not getting hit every play. They’re playing from ahead, instead of from behind, which is huge for a young quarterback.”On the jump quarterbacks make from year one to year two:“If they’re going to make it, they better make it the second one, because they’ve got all that baptism by fire in that first one. So, if they’re going to make it – and it looks like he’s going to make it to be a good one – he’s making it this year.” (AP Photo) Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impactlast_img read more

Rep Glenn House Energy Policy Committee to discuss MPSC case Tuesday

first_imgMORE INFO: Room 519, House Office Building, downtown Lansing. Rep. Gary Glenn, chair of the House Energy Policy Committee, is concerned about an upcoming MPSC ruling that potentially threatens to violate state energy law and raise costs for utility customers. The Michigan House Energy Policy Committee will meet Tuesday morning in downtown Lansing to discuss a Michigan Public Service Commission case. More information about the hearing: See Rep. Glenn’s news page on the Michigan House Republican webs WHERE: Michigan House Energy Policy Committee and interested parties. ####center_img WHEN:Tuesday, Sept. 12 at 9 a.m. WHAT: WHO: WHY:Committee hearing to discuss the Michigan Public Service Commission’s local clearing requirement case. Categories: Glenn News,News 11Sep Rep. Glenn, House Energy Policy Committee to discuss MPSC case Tuesdaylast_img read more

In This Issue Euro falls with job losses in Spai

first_imgIn This Issue.*Euro falls with job losses in Spain… *US data is mixed… *Elections won’t have an impact on the $… *NZD trade deficit widens, forcing the kiwi lower…And, Now, Today’s Pfennig For Your Thoughts!The US Dollar gains ground as European unemployment rises…Good day. TGIF! As Chuck indicated yesterday morning, he has to report to a classroom today for some continuing education and has therefore left the reins of the Pfennig in my hands. I gladly take them and will try to steer us through the economic factors which are driving the markets.  As I turn the screens on this morning, the dollar has spiked up with the dollar index jumping back up to levels we haven’t seen in over a month. The euro is the main driver of the dollar index, so it is no surprise that the euro is down this morning. The euro is dropping after a report was released showing Spain’s jobless rate rose to 25.02% from 24.6% in the previous quarter.  This was the highest jobless rate in Spain in over 35 years and increased investors’ concerns.  Other reports showed French household sentiment dropped for a fourth month and euro-area services and manufacturing output contracted.  The data certainly illustrate just how tough times are in the European economy, and investors have started pushing the euro back below $1.30.It actually amazes me that the euro has been as resilient as it has.  Spain is all but certain to have to ask for a bailout, and both Greece and Italy continue to struggle. Even the French economy is in bad shape.  French President Francois Hollande had pledged to overhaul the French economy when he took office 6 months ago.  But recently the French president has been downplaying these promises.  Hollande pledged to get deficits below 3 percent of gross domestic product in 2013, but that looks unlikely as the IMF expects the French economy will only grow at a .4% rate next year and the deficits remain.But investors seem to be comfortable with the fact that the European countries are going to take longer to recover. Even recent news that Greece is going to need another 2 years to meet their budget targets doesn’t seem to have bothered investors in the euro. I guess when you compare Europe with the US it really doesn’t look all that bad.We will get a better view of the US economy with the release of 3rd quarter GDP.  Gross Domestic Product is predicted to have increased 1.8% during the past quarter after rising 1.3% in the previous quarter.  While it is moving in the right direction, this would be the first time GDP was below 2% in consecutive quarters since the US economy emerged from recession in 2009.  Another report is predicted to show confidence declined slightly as the U of Mich. Confidence is projected to fall slightly. Yesterday’s weekly jobs report showed a decrease in initial jobless claims to 369K from an adjusted 392K last week.  Continuing claims remain at worryingly high levels at over 3,254,000 out of work. Another report had better news as Durable Goods orders increased 9.9% in September after a dramatic 13.1% drop in the previous month.  And finally, a report showed pending home sales dropped to just .3% during September compared to a drop of 2.6% during August. The YOY number was better, showing an increase of 8.5% which indicates the US housing market is still improving, albeit slower than many expected.As all of you know, Mike Meyer has been off the desk the past couple of weeks enjoying his honeymoon with his new bride.  With Mike gone I’ve had the pleasure of taking a few more calls than typical, and I have to say I enjoy getting back on the phones to speak with the great World Markets clients.  One of the most common questions we have been fielding lately is ‘who do you think is going to win the election’ and the automatic follow up of ‘and what will the election mean for the dollar”? I’m smart enough not to try to predict the election (it is hard enough trying to figure out where the currencies are going over the next few years!); but I do let our clients know that the elections probably won’t have too much of an impact on the direction of the dollar in the next few years.  The dollar is headed lower, and there isn’t much either party can do about it.  I know this may upset readers on either side of the political divide, as they believe their ‘man’ has the stuff to lead our country in the right direction.  But the massive amounts of debt which we have accumulated are not going to magically disappear on November 7th, and this debt is what will continue to drive the value of the dollar lower. A story which appeared in the Journal of Accountancy yesterday partially confirmed my thoughts on the election. (No, I don’t typically peruse the Journal of Accountancy, but I do get a summary of the day’s top financial stories sent to me by the CFA organization and spotted it there). The article quoted a survey which was conducted at the Association for Financial Professionals.  In the survey, 63% of executives said that the outcome of the US Presidential election won’t have a significant effect on business conditions. Unfortunately our path is already set, and it won’t be immediately impacted by the election, whether we get a change at the top or not.  That is not to say we shouldn’t vote, nor that a change in the direction of the economy is not possible.  Just that we won’t see any immediate impacts, change will take time to work its way through the economy.No, the results of the election won’t determine the short term course of the dollar, but just getting past November 6th probably will.  You see markets don’t like uncertainty, and with the election basically a toss-up many investors are not wanting to commit funds to the markets.  So the results of the election probably have less to do with the direction of the markets than just getting past them.  I know I am certainly looking forward to an end of all of the political ads!And don’t forget about that fiscal cliff which is still waiting for us at year end.  The election won’t make that go away either.  Another story I read stated that nearly 1 million jobs have already been lost due to the fiscal cliff.  The story, which appeared in the Washington Post pointed to a study by the National Association of Manufacturers which says employers are laying off workers and leaving vacant positions empty as they worry about what will happen if / when tax hikes and spending cuts take effect January 1st.  The study concluded that nearly 6 million jobs will disappear through 2014 and the jobless rate will rise close to 12% if the country is pushed off this cliff.  Scary stuff, but that is exactly what was intended.  The ‘fiscal cliff’ was instituted in order to force the hand of congress and our administration; making them make the very tough decisions which are necessary in order to push our economy toward a more sustainable path.  Perhaps the cliff is exactly the ‘tough love’ our economy needs, but the markets certainly don’t think we will be forced over it. The next two months will certainly be interesting. As Chuck reported, the RBNZ left rates unchanged yesterday and the kiwi moved higher.  But a report released overnight has the New Zealand dollar moving lower.  New Zealand’s trade deficit expanded to the widest level since 2009 as exports fell and a stronger kiwi encouraged imports.  The NZ$888 million deficit was actually a bit lower than expected.  Dairy exports, which make up nearly one quarter of annual exports in NZ, dropped 12 percent.  Central bank Governor Graeme Wheeler blamed the higher kiwi for ‘undermining export earnings’ and encouraging imports.  This is not a good sign for clients holding kiwi, as the new head of the RBNZ continues to indicate he would like to see a weaker currency. The Australian dollar also fell overnight as investors worried about demand in Asia.Then There Was This. A report by Schroder Investment Management, Ltd. dated October 23 suggests global economic growth may be reaching a saturation point.  The concept implies global demographic and climate changes, combined with an expanding consumption in emerging markets will limit global growth.  According to the story, ‘Forecasts show that by 2050, the world’s population will climb by 2 billion, or 30 percent, and 3 billion people with the ability to spend $10 to $100 a day will join the consumer market.’ World gross domestic product could jump threefold according to the report.While this would seem to be positive news, the report points out that this growth will push the global environment to its limits.  “Investors need to recognize that pressure will build for regulations more suited to resource scarcity, such as punitive taxes on companies that use environmental assets excessively.”  The report calls into question the sustainability of global growth as demand for resources dramatically increases.While the report has some scary conclusions, the news that global growth is going to increase is certainly positive and meshes with what we are expecting to see.  Commodities are going to be at an even greater premium in the coming years, and the countries who export commodities should continue to see good demand for their currencies.To recap. The euro fell overnight after Spanish unemployment increased to over 25%.  US data released today is expected to show GDP increased to 1.8% from 1.3% last quarter. The US elections are looming, but the election won’t have any impact on the dollar as the debts and deficits will remain in near term.  The NZD trade deficit widened and New Zeland’s central bank head blames the high price of the kiwi for the increase in imports. Currencies today 10/26/12. American Style: A$ $1.0325, kiwi .8187, C$ $1.003, euro 1.2894, sterling 1.6105, Swiss $1.0662. European Style: rand 8.7574, krone 5.7970, SEK 6.7325, forint 219.85, zloty 3.2184, koruna 19.3435, RUB 31.504, yen 79.80, sing 1.2233, HKD 7.7503, INR 53.575, China 6.2494, pesos 13.0745, BRL 2.0265, Dollar Index 80.228, Oil $85.55, 10-year 1.77%, Silver $31.6975 and Gold. $1,703.45That’s it for today. I spent a chilly night in the stands with my wife and daughter as we watched Brendan’s football team win their first playoff game.  Now they get to move on to the second round and face a tough opponent on Halloween night.  Mizzou’s homecoming is this weekend, and my Aunt Marilyn is flying in from Texas to attend the football game with my mom. I look forward to spending some time with my aunt, who is a real hoot and has a special attachment to MIZZOU; during her college days she was the school’s mascot, Truman the Tiger.  Hopefully Mizzou will be able to win for their big homecoming crowd.  Congratulations to the SF Giants who head over to Detroit with a 2 game lead in the World Series.  I am running late as usual, so I will get this out the door.  I hope everyone has a Fantastic Friday and a Wonderful Weekend. Thanks for reading the Pfennig.Chris Gaffney, CFA Vice President EverBank World Markets 1-800-926-4922 1-314-647-3837last_img read more

In This Issue   New Zealand 1st QTR Employment

first_imgIn This Issue. *  New Zealand 1st QTR Employment soars! *  Aussie April Employment rises. *  Is China ready to widen trading band? *  All the heavy lifting is done.. NOT! And, Now, Today’s Pfennig For Your Thoughts! Renminbi Rises To Highest Level Since Peg Was Dropped.  Good day.  And a Tub Thumpin’ Thursday to you! Uh-Oh, our Blues are in deep dookie folks, as they lost on home ice last night! UGH! The Defending Stanley Cup Champion L.A. Kings are proving to be very difficult to beat, and now lead the Blues 3-2 in their best of 7 Series, that now heads back to L.A..   This is BIG news here in St. Louis, folks, so sorry if you couldn’t care less about hockey! Well, yesterday’s currency rally that we talked about in the early morning, remained in place throughout the day, and for the most part, has carried on in the overnight markets. The euro, which once again got within sniffing range of 1.32 yesterday before backing off, is flat this morning. It’s been a pretty exhausting week for the euro, given the strong economic reports out of Germany t, and all the euphoria going on in the U.S. with the stock market. It’s a case of: let’s buy euros, no let’s not buy euros. I mentioned the U.S. stock market above. Isn’t the stock market something? Never mind that it’s all about smoke and mirrors, stimulus and ZIRP. When the train leaves the station, and builds up steam, you certainly don’t want to be standing idle on the tracks in front of that train, and therein lies what’s going on with moms and pops that feel this is wrong, but don’t want to be standing idly on the tracks.  And who can blame them? They can’t get any gas, groceries or giggles out of their deposits in the bank or credit union. And besides, the Gov’t, the Fed, and all the brokerage houses are all telling us that everything is hunky dory and not to worry about all the bond buying, stimulus, ZIRP, and deficit spending. I saw someone said it like this: “The thinking seems to be: things are okay for now, not great, but okay. We will worry about the other stuff later and cross that bridge when we get to it. But for now, it’s equity buying time.” I hope you read the sarcasm in that statement. For we don’t know where all this stuff I just mentioned is going to take us. I have a very educated idea as to where It takes us, but we just don’t know. And that’s uncertainty folks. Which is why, in my opinion, Gold should be soaring right now.  But it’s not, because not only are there “outside forces” suppressing the price of Gold, but there are also the Goldman Sachs, and Soc. Gens. Telling their clients to sell Gold, that all’s right on the night in the world. HUH? Well, that’s what they said, folks. Speaking of Gold, it’s flat to down a bit this morning, but that can turn on a dime as we all know too well. You know, there are a lot of people out there making the forecasts for a soaring Gold price, and I try to filter them down to the people I respect and believe their track record is good.  Like the other day, when I featured analysis, author, James Rickards. OK. The teeter totter that kiwi is riding shifted back to kiwi strength last night, after a night of seeing it get sold like funnel cakes at a state fair on the news that Reserve Bank of New Zealand (RBNZ) Gov. Wheeler, was selling the currency. Last night, New Zealand saw the color of their latest employment report, and with the unemployment rate falling from 6.9% to 6.2% in the first Quarter, and Employment rose by 1.7% in the quarter VS the previous quarter. WOW! Now that’s a strong labor report! But don’t get too excited about the gains in kiwi overnight. I can see RBNZ Gov. Wheeler licking his chops that he gets to sell kiwi again, at profits! Remember, Wheeler made it perfectly clear on Tuesday night, that he had no problem going back to the selling window to sell more kiwi.  I would simply steer clear here, for Wheeler and the markets are going to play this game of tug-o-war. and no reason to get caught in the middle of their game. The Aussie dollar (A$) also printed their employment data but for Australia it was just a monthly report covering April.  Employment rose at a faster clip than forecast in April, with the consensus at 11,000 and the actual printing at 50,100, and the Unemployment rate ticking down to 5.5% from 5.6% in March.  This data has also pushed the A$ higher this morning, and now the rate cut on Monday night seems to have gone out of the rear view mirror. And in China, the People’s Bank of China (PBOC) raised the fixing level for the renminbi / yuan to the highest level since dropping the peg to the dollar in July of 2005. Remember, when I told you a couple of weeks ago, that China had mentioned that the trading band for the currency needed to be widened? Well, it looks like the currency is now bumping up against the top end of the band, so a widening should be coming soon. And with inflation rising again in China (latest print was +2.4% up from the previous print of +2.1%) a stronger currency is needed to combat that inflation. OK. Madness.. and not the 80’s rock group (sorry Rick!) Madness is what’s going on these days in my opinion. I’ve got a real doozy for you in the Then There Was This section of the letter today. And that has Madness written all over it, and so does this which I came across yesterday. It was a story in the Washington Post, and the headline reads: “As Red Ink Recedes, Pressure Fades For Budget Deal”. OK. if you’re like me, and I’m sorry for that, but you’re probably scratching your head right now, and saying, “What kind of stupidity does that sentence reek of?” The premise of the article is that after 4 years of trillion dollar deficits, Federal Revenue is up and spending is down, so now the lawmakers that held trump cards in a summer deal on the budget, have lost their bargaining chips.  What?   You’re telling me, that just because tax increases went into place, and the automatic budget cuts are beginning to hit, that now we don’t have to do the heavy lifting any longer with the budget?    Madness I tell you, simply Madness! Why. and this is just little old me thinking out loud here, but why wouldn’t we take this as an opportunity to really make a difference for the future? Not just sit back and say, “hey, we’ve done enough, no need to keep working”. That’s the kind of stuff that drives me crazy, folks. And I appreciate the ability to vent right here in the Pfennig. Hopefully, the venting, brings things to you, that you don’t normally hear about, and should be thinking about. Let’s call our representatives and tell them that now is not the time to sit back and think they’ve done enough! Speaking of Madness. I haven’t talked about Japan lately. And there’s always madness of some kind going on there!  And today is no different! The Elliott Wave people are thinking that the yen has gone as weak as it’s going to go, for now, and that a rally back to 91 (currently near 99) is in the charts. I found this on the Bloomie this morning, and thought. See, this is where I just don’t agree with chartists. Throw the fundamentals out the window, and even with the bond buying going on, and Kuroda demanding a weaker yen, the charts show that yen is going to rally.  Oh well, I guess we’ll have to see, but if you’re an Elliott Wave person, this is your shot. I saw a great cartoon yesterday, that was titled: Currency Wars: Who’s Winning?  And it has the U.S. on one side of the fence with piles of dollars, and China on the other side of the fence with piles of Gold.   Well, I know who I would proclaim as the winner!   And speaking of the “Big Paper Sale” last month. The more I think about that, the more I think that maybe, just maybe, the players that put on that Big Paper Sale, shot themselves in the foot with the size of the sale.  They truly unleashed a flood of physical metal buying that has been something to behold. Remember, for the past couple of years, I’ve told you repeatedly, that the only way we can stop this price manipulation is to buy physical metals. For, we know all too well, that the Regulators and the people that are supposed to be OUR watchdog, is turning away from this. What? Was it 5 years ago now that the CFTC decided to “look into manipulation”?  5 years?  OK. Let’s go to the Big Finish, for my blood pressure is rising to dangerous levels! Then There Was This. Here we come again, ooh, ooh, ooh, catch us if you can, ooh, ooh, ooh Time to get  a move on ooh, ooh, we can run with all of our might. Catch us if you can.. Catch us if you can. I read the following story on CNBC’s website yesterday, and then I couldn’t get that great Dave Clark 5 song out of my head!  I think you’ll see why, here:  “Hard-pressed company bosses across much of the world are under so much pressure to deliver on growth that many have resorted to cooking the books, Ernst & Young said in a survey Tuesday. One in five of almost 3,500 staff quizzed in 36 countries in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and India said they had seen financial manipulation in their companies in the last 12 months, the accounting and consultancy firm said. In addition 42 percent of board directors and top managers questioned in the fraud survey said they were aware of “some type of irregular financial reporting. And despite scandals and regulatory failures in the wake of the credit crunch, almost a quarter of top financial services staff surveyed said they were aware of manipulation, and almost 10 percent of all staff said their companies had understated costs, overstated revenues or used unprincipled sales tactics.” Chuck again. Now do you see what I’m talking about?  Oh, and you noticed that the story didn’t mention the U.S. and you think that stuff isn’t going on here? Think again, my friend. And Didn’t we experience all these Corporate Scandals at the turn of the century?  Are we going there again?  Sure looks that way to me! And add to this another story  I found in the WSJ that plays well here. “Former Enron President Jeffrey Skilling and the Justice Department reached an agreement that would cut his federal prison sentence to as few as 14 years from 24 years.” For those of you that have forgotten about the Enron Corp Scandal, I suggest you Google it, and refresh your memory, cooking the books was the rate 13 years ago. And it’ll be coming to a company near you, soon!  It’s not as if, these companies don’t have a mentor to learn from. The U.S. Gov’t has been cooking books since the mid 90’s. To recap. The currency rally from yesterday morning held throughout the day, and carried on in the overnight markets. The Aussie and kiwi dollars are the high flying currencies this morning, after both countries posted very strong Employment data, for April in Australia, and for the 1st QTR in New Zealand. The euro is flat to down a bit this morning, but did get good results from a Spanish bond auction this morning.  China’s renminbi / yuan reached a high VS the dollar since the renminbi was removed from the peg to the dollar in July 2005.  And we’ve done enough so there’s no reason to work any harder at reducing the budget deficit.. NOT! Currencies today 5/9/13. American Style: A$ $1.0230, kiwi .8460, C$ .9965, euro 1.3140, sterling 1.5560, Swiss $1.0685, . European Style: rand 8.9805, krone 5.7450, SEK 6.4980, forint 223.05, zloty 3.1390, koruna 19.6310, RUB 31.11, yen 98.80, sing 1.2285, HKD 7.76 INR 54.24, China 6.1925, pesos 11.98, BRL 2.0050, Dollar Index 81.95, Oil $96.27, 10-year 1.78%, Silver $24.06, and Gold. $1,469.56 That’s it for today. Do you have any friends that you keep in touch with that you went to kindergarten with? I do. and I’m going to meet up my oldest, in terms of years known, friend today. Robin and I were best friends during our high school years, he played quarterback, and I was the only receiver he trusted to throw the ball to. I’m looking forward to catching up with him, as it’s been about 3 or 4 years since we last saw each other.  My beloved Cardinals come home from a successful road trip, hopefully the weather will turn warmer for this home stand. And I got to go see Delaney Grace’s pre-school spring program last night. Those little kids are so cute, waving to their parents and grandparents. Delaney was a duck, that got to shake her tail feather, so cute!  Hey! Early notice to you. Sunday is Mother’s Day. Make sure you take care of your mother!  Whew! I almost got emotional thinking about my mom, who I lost 15 years ago. OK. so, I’ll have more on that tomorrow. now, go out and have a Tub Thumpin’ Thursday! Chuck Butler President EverBank World Markets 1-800-926-4922 1-314-647-3837last_img read more

Magnetic nanoparticles can heat up tumor cells

first_img Source: Reviewed by James Ives, M.Psych. (Editor)Apr 5 2019Unfortunately, cancer isn’t simply a single disease, and some types, like pancreas, brain or liver tumors, are still difficult to treat with chemotherapy, radiation therapy or surgery, leading to low survival rates for patients. Thankfully, new therapies are emerging, like therapeutic hyperthermia, which heats tumors by firing nanoparticles into tumor cells. In a new study published in EPJ B, Angl Apostolova from the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy in Sofia, Bulgaria and colleagues show that tumor cells’ specific absorption rate of destructive heat depends on the diameter of the nanoparticles and the composition of the magnetic material used to deliver the heat to the tumor.Related StoriesNanoparticles used to deliver CRISPR gene editing tools into the cellCancer killing capability of lesser-known immune cells identifiedTrends in colonoscopy rates not aligned with increase in early onset colorectal cancerMagnetic nanoparticles delivered close to the tumor cells are activated using alternating magnetic fields. Hyperthermia therapy is effective if the nanoparticles are absorbed well by the tumor cells but not by cells in healthy tissue. Therefore, its effectiveness depends on the specific absorption rate. Bulgarian scientists have studied several nanoparticles made of an iron oxide material called ferrite, to which are added small quantities of copper, nickel, manganese or cobalt atoms–a method called dopping.The researchers investigated magnetic hyperthermia based on these particles, both in mice and in cell cultures, for two distinct heating methods. The methods differ in terms of how the heat is generated in the particles: via direct or indirect coupling between the magnetic field and the magnetic moment of the particles.The authors show that the tumor absorption rate greatly depends on the diameter of the nanoparticles. Surprisingly, the absorption rate increases as particle diameter increases, as long as the level of doping of the material is sufficiently high and the diameter doesn’t exceed a set maximum value (max. 14 nanometres for cobalt doping, 16 nm for copper).​​last_img read more

Cryptocurrencies tumble after S Korea hack

first_img © 2018 AFP Explore further Bitcoin was among a number of cryptocurrencies that plunged in Asian trade following news of the hack on South Korean exchange Coinrail This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Cryptocurrencies fall after Japan’s Coincheck halts withdrawalscenter_img Cryptocurrencies plunged in Asia on Monday after a hack on a South Korean exchange sparked fresh concerns about the safety of the digital units. Citation: Cryptocurrencies tumble after S. Korea hack (2018, June 11) retrieved 18 July 2019 from The attack on Coinrail comes months after Japanese firm Coincheck said it had lost more than $500 million in a January hack.Coinrail did not specify the value of the currency that was taken in the attack at the weekend but said it was working with authorities and other coin developers to track down the culprits.The firm, which trades more than 50 cryptocurrencies, added that it had frozen all exposed coins—Fundus X, Aston, and Enper—and other units had been taken offline in a “cold wallet”. The news sent cryptocurrencies tumbling, with bitcoin losing about 13 percent, ethereum down 12 percent and ripple almost 20 percent lower as traders fret over the safety of their investments.”This is ‘If it can happen to A, it can happen to B and it can happen to C,’ then people panic because someone is selling,” said Stephen Innes, head of Asia-Pacific trade at OANDA.”The markets are so thinly traded, primarily by retail accounts, that these guys can get really scared out of positions,” he said. “It actually doesn’t take a lot of money to move the market significantly.”Cryptocurrencies have plunged since the end of 2017, when bitcoin hit a record high near $20,000, having surged from less than $1,000 just 11 months earlier. The unit is now worth around $6,780.South Korea is one of the biggest markets for trading in digital currencies but the boom in their popularity has forced the government to tighten regulations, following similar moves in other countries.Japan in February carried out raids on a number of exchanges following the Coinbase hack, which exceeded the $480 million in virtually currency stolen in 2014 from another Japanese exchange, MtGox.last_img read more

US teens drawn to social media despite drama

first_img Citation: US teens drawn to social media despite ‘drama’ (2018, November 28) retrieved 17 July 2019 from © 2018 AFP Smartphone-connected teens say they see more good than bad in social networks like Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram American teenagers remain generally upbeat about social media, saying it helps them feel included and connected, despite persistent problems of social pressure and bullying, a study showed Wednesday. Poll: Teens say social media makes them feel bettercenter_img This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Explore further The Pew Research Center report found a strong majority of the 13- to 17-year-olds had positive rather than negative feelings about their social media experiences.The nationally representative survey found 81 percent of teens said social media makes them feel more connected to their friends.And 97 percent said they used at least one of the seven major online platforms that were queried in the survey.The survey also highlighted a number of the negative aspects of social media which have drawn attention recently including peer pressure and bullying, but said teens appeared to see more good than bad in their online experiences.More teens —71 percent to 25 percent—said that social media makes them feel included rather than excluded, confident rather than insecure (69 to 26 percent), authentic rather than fake (64 to 33 percent) and outgoing rather than reserved (61 to 34 percent).Many of teens also said social media can help them become more civic-minded and exposes them to greater diversity than in the offline world.Large percentages said social networks help them meet people with similar interests and making them feel more accepted.Still, 45 percent of teens say they feel overwhelmed by the “drama” on social media. Among those who have disconnected, more than three-fourths cited excessive “drama.”Some 43 percent said they feel pressure to only post content that makes them look good to others.Nearly half of the teens said they at least sometimes unfriend or unfollow people on social media.The survey did not ask about experiences with specific social networks but included data confirming that Facebook had been overtaken by rivals as the most popular social media application.It found Facebook-owned Instagram used by 72 percent of the teens, with Snapchat at 69 percent and Facebook 51 percent. Twitter was used by 32 percent.The report was based on a survey of 743 teens from randomly selected households between March 7 to April 10, with an estimated margin of error of five percentage points.last_img read more