Music cool days CEO Jiang Kao Yu a tragic competition can not afford

has strong self-confidence, believe they will succeed in Chinese Ejiri Yuichi, frustrated after two years. As a Japanese shopping giant Lotte and Baidu joint venture company, cool days mall was known as "the two generation born with a golden spoon" fu. And Ejiri Yuichi is cool music mall CEO.


28 last month, zero, cool days are officially closed shop would become a "market The climate does not suit one. and exit Chinese well-known foreign enterprises.

days before the reporter login Le cool days China home page, only a closure notice left on the page, the original pictures of the goods has a superb collection of beautiful things all disappear. 400 customer service hotline has been disabled, leaving only the phone number of the page, for consumers and businesses to consult the relevant matters of the two. read more

The Lotte by scouring the sea heavy shahui watercress springboard China electricity supplier

bean has quietly done six months scouring the sea, you know? Billion state power network to understand, watercress sea Amoy channel is introduced at the end of 2013, consisting of the sea Amoy goods shopping guide, scouring the Sea Raiders and sea Amoy forum three.

watercress Amoy channel

it was observed that the watercress Amoy channel commodity is recommended and released by the watercress users, after the watercress editor in the sea Amoy channel home page. Each product will show the title of the commodity, pictures, user recommended reasons, the commodity in the domestic average price and the sea Amoy after the RMB price. read more

Zhang Jianfei several models of e commerce B2C

With the rapid development of

Jingdong, Dangdang, VANCL, B2C mall, Suning, Gome, Dazhong Electric Appliance and other traditional domestic retail heavyweights are beginning to build up B2C platform, to try to have a share in the electronic commerce the irresistible trend of. The following author on the introduction of several models and the lack of B2C platform B2C.

before the introduction, to understand what is the next B2C. B2C is the enterprise through the Internet to provide consumers with a new shopping environment – online stores, consumers through the network shopping online, online payment. B2C whether it is in terms of product quality, after-sales service and other aspects of the shop is more secure than C2C. read more

chiban shop WeChat public failure sell too good to be attacked

October 28th news, yesterday afternoon, WeChat Ichiban shop public failure, long time cannot be added in the state concerned.

new concern users can not add attention

has been concerned about the user function is still normal

the first time related to billion state power network Ichiban shop made contact person in charge. According to its introduction, October 27th, WeChat Ichiban Shop No. eleven for public double promotional activities WeChat interactive communication, attracting a large number of users to participate in. But I do not know what touched the WeChat monitoring system, resulting in a new user attention temporarily stopped, but has been concerned about the user can still buy. read more

Vip com was selling fake bird’s nest service called not looking for the media to retreat one lose ni

claims that the genuine sale selling fake bird’s nest? Guangzhou Beijing road lamp on sale of imported from countries have banned the bird’s nest…… 3· 15 on the eve of a number of consumers to the Nanfang Daily complaints, he bought flowers to the import of bird’s nest, even from the national ban. This means that the price is not a fake bird’s nest is smuggled in the bird’s nest, when consumers want to return and compensation, but was repeatedly prevarication merchants. read more

The implementation of the most stringent food safety law undocumented homemade food is still sold in

Metropolis Daily News – AFP reporter Yi Wei

homemade food on the Internet by many people sought after. October 1st, known as the history of the most stringent, the new food safety law was formally implemented, the first time the network of food into the regulation, the provisions of the network should be obtained in accordance with the law, such as food circulation permit sales. However, the reporter recently in site more than ten random unannounced visits to the network homemade food store, but found that most had not obtained the relevant license. read more

The movie has nothing to do with the ticket cheap electricity supplier

Beijing International Film Festival forum, the electricity supplier and the movie sweet date, the discussion is the electricity supplier to bring the film low fares, and how long this situation can last. This content is not suitable for the "sweet date" to describe the film industry of high cost low fare anxious, pay lower prices in the process of competition in the electricity supplier, now that both sides feel tired, but who has not achieved a decisive victory, the game between the film industry and the electricity supplier can use "not cold blood" to describe. read more

Ali SAC halt double 11 Jingdong responded not received notice of price discount

Ali Jingdong SAIC halt 11 double response discount: not to notice

[TechWeb] November 7th news, rumors yesterday that the SAIC requires the electricity supplier platform to prohibit the use of 11 discount and reference price and other information. In this regard, Ali and Jingdong have said they did not receive a similar notice saic.

some of the media reports, the Jingdong issued an emergency notice to the merchant, said Industrial and Commercial Bureau ban business platform using discounts and reference price information, today the shops and businesses must undertake page all the "Jingdong" reference price "price" and "original" and other words removed, retaining only the promotional price of goods. The report also said that the General Administration of industry and Commerce received news is not only Jingdong, but also includes Tmall and other electronic business platform. read more

Absolutely unexpected! The influence of Chinese made on Japan is beyond imagination

in most people’s impression, the Japanese do not seem to like Chinese goods, Japanese products, technology and quality than Chinese products, especially IT digital products. Chinese like Japanese goods, especially the camera, almost by the Japanese monopoly, and Chinese demand for Japanese products is relatively large, the recent Japanese toilet cover fire was remarkable, but the fact that how


Chinese in Japan duty-free shopping spree "

The fact that

is likely to surprise a lot of people, the majority of products is actually a lot of Chinese go berserk are Chinese manufacturing, Japanese is also very admire and love HUAWEI, Haier, Lenovo, Alibaba Chinese brand, and China brand in many aspects of progress, not only gradually won the people’s approval, also harvest the consumers Japan and other overseas reputation, even China original double 11 Online Shopping Festival, it has already gone beyond the classic black 5, known as the global consumer culture festival. read more

Wangzhuan ndustry Bureau of deep sea induced novice do not covet so rich

Wangzhuan people passive income, can let a person month million yuan, this is true. Some people have a 2-3 webmaster can rely on the sale of dozens of advertising monthly income of million yuan, Taobao customers, the pursuit of high profits products, daily turnover of 2 list, basically can achieve million income…… Wangzhuan so considerable market, many people delight many people crazy.

but on the other hand, the fierce competition, also let many people were forced to withdraw from the industry, the embarrassment and situation can only make a lot of people can not adhere to. This does not, the two day of small QQ Wangzhuan group, many grassroots stations grew up spit ink: Wangzhuan industry, an unknown industry, investment is not rewarded, is really an industry to eat people do not spit the bones. read more

Last 11 hours 2015 Tmall 11 red grab grab Raiders

October 24th 0 points, the official opening of Tmall double red envelopes, time for from 00:00:00 to in October 24, 2015 to 23:59:59.

double 11 red envelopes for the amount of $1, $2, $5, $10, 20 yuan, $1111, double the value of $11 coupons for $10; if there are more than 11 pairs of red envelopes, you can overlay, the upper limit of superposition.

use time:

November 11, 2015 00:00:00 to 23:59:59 on November 11, 2015, expired.

participation conditions:

users of Taobao membership account bound Alipay account must be through the real name authentication, and open the balance of payment function, otherwise we cannot win. read more

58 city and electronic city shares reached a strategic cooperation to deepen the layout of O2O

September 19th morning news, electronic city shares and 58 city today signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Beijing, announced the formation of long-term strategic partnership. The two sides will promote the development of a number of Internet technology innovation platform in the country to the ground, together to boost innovation and development of the Internet industry.

according to reports, the two sides will give priority to the location in the Beijing area, to create mobile Internet, Internet banking, mobile application formats as the theme, driving industry technology innovation base of mobile Internet service platform, set industry, investment and financing platform functions. By deepening the "technology innovation", "business incubator", "financial services", to shape the scale, walking in the forefront of the industry, the ability to gather a new generation of Internet innovation driven platform. read more

Taobao gezonglianheng to create national retail network

2009 April, the famous Japanese brand UNIQLO landing on, UNIQLO’s independent retail website also began operations. Also in 2009, through cooperation with PHPWIND and other companies, Taobao to help countless community sites to achieve a convenient, safe and reliable online trading function.

at present, there are more and more regional, vertical, and brand independent retail sites run on the basis of the platform provided by Taobao. These sites, including e-commerce as the core function of the retail sites, including in the community, SNS, entertainment, communication as the core, introducing transaction function to enrich the user experience for non retail sites. read more

Wholesale center to successful counter attack Taobao shop 1 founder of the right

to the traditional industry penetration when Ali, Jingdong and other Internet giants profligately, a start-up in Wuhan developers in the giant territory counter attack wildly, and led them in the battle, but also a heavyweight electricity supplier chiefs, this time they can succeed?

The co chairman of the board of directors of

, zall development shop No. 1 co-founder Yu Gang. Source: Oriental IC

called a "pole" occupation is disappearing from Wuhan. They used to be a landscape of Hanzheng Street: shoulder bamboo pole and their skin as black boxes, two carry a customer, snakeskin bag, the shuttle in "the best in all the land Street" in Kuan Alley and Zhai Alley, will choose to ferry cargo and passenger transportation center. read more

Dunhuang network Wang Shutong found B2B blue ocean

core tip: a listen to Wang Shutong said his Dunhuang network to do is B2B, others will have this question. After leaving the network of excellence, determined to start the business of Wang Shutong, want to be able to make a small domestic enterprises with small and medium foreign buyers direct online trading platform. Named Dunhuang network, Wang Shutong said, hoping to make a global well-known B2B online trading market, to overseas direct wholesale manufacturing in china.

B2B what’s new? Isn’t that Alibaba? read more

What is the enterprise network marketing to do

network brand. One of the important tasks of network marketing is to build and promote the enterprise’s brand on the Internet, as well as to enable enterprises to extend the network under the brand and expand. Network marketing for enterprises to use the Internet to establish a brand image provides favorable conditions, whether large enterprises or small and medium enterprises can use their own way to show the brand image. The network brand construction is based on the enterprise website construction, through a series of promotion measures, to achieve the customer and the public’s recognition and recognition of the enterprise. The network brand value is one of the manifestations of the network marketing effect, through the value of the network brand to achieve lasting customer relationships and more direct income. read more

Three college students to test the waters of e commerce attracted CCTV attention

Fuzhou currently has 300 thousand college students, but so far there is no more mature, specifically for Fuzhou college students e-commerce website. 3 students who did not know the Fujian Agriculture And Forestry University, in order to create a campus e-commerce website brand come together. Their business has also attracted the attention of cctv.

is not yet ready to fight a protracted war

66 campus network

3 students founded ( includes all aspects of the campus mall, community service, campus area, employment, culture media, sales of goods including food and clothing to live with various aspects. Recently, the reporter went to the bottom of a dormitory building, Fujian Agriculture And Forestry University, East, where a few computers and some simple furniture. Here is the 66 campus network entrepreneurial team office. read more

Enterprise procurement market outbreak how Jingdong one step ahead to seize the market

April 6th 3C Strategy Conference, Jingdong launched 3C plans to upgrade version, namely Jingdong channel 3C plan, 3C plan, Beijing Tang Jingdong and Jingdong financial operation + plan 3C plan, which channels the 3C strategic plan especially striking.

plans to integrate the full capacity of Jingdong 3C channel, designed to provide customized channel solutions for partners. Channel 3C strategy of a series of measures for enterprise procurement to provide comprehensive solutions for enterprise procurement platform, by the presence of many large enterprises. read more

heard that many people in the sea Amoy Pigeon quickly opened a shop Tmall

July 7th news, more and more Japanese brands on the Chinese market gradually from passive to active attitude. Billion state power network that Japan baby products brand Pigeon (Pigeon) recently landed Tmall international, opened its first overseas flagship store.

Pigeon official overseas flagship store

It is reported that

, Pigeon official flagship store goods overseas sales of bottles, personal care, food and nutrition of pregnant women, in addition to a single product, but also provide different combinations of packages for users to choose. Among them, pacifiers, baby bottles and other goods using online shopping bonded mode, from the Ningbo bonded warehouse delivery, other goods sales in Hongkong by way of direct mail. read more

Comparative analysis of multi user mall system

in a continuous influx of electricity supplier in the field army today, whether it is to enter the electricity supplier market enterprises or individuals, how much will for how distressed, full customization costs too high to be reached, countless heroes stalled, the existing mall system and innumerable, disorder of choice on the Internet developed world everywhere.

electricity supplier service providers have developed a multi-user mall system to solve the public to enter the electricity supplier market to provide a convenient, which is why more and more users of the mall system is one of the reasons for optimism. read more