Xining strict implementation of the petition system of accountability

is further according to the timely and effectively solve the problem of the masses, and earnestly safeguard the interests of the masses, to build a harmonious and stable social environment, Xining city will further strengthen the masses for the work notice requirements of Party committees and governments at all levels to do the masses for the work, strictly implement the responsibility system to ensure that the work of the petition, the masses the problem can be resolved smoothly.

"notice" pointed out that the party committees and governments at all levels from a strategic and overall perspective, a profound understanding of the situation and tasks facing the current petition work, firmly establish the interests of the masses no matter of thought, earnestly petition work as an important agenda. For the first time to the masses reflect their aspirations, the township and neighborhood offices to establish town street comprehensive management letters stability maintenance center, provides a both temporary and permanent work platform for the normal demands of the masses. Effectively solve the problem in the bud, to solve at the grassroots level, so that all types of letters and visits case response rate reached 100%, the closure rate of more than 95%. read more

Seminar on safety production law held in Eastern District

order to seriously implement the laws and regulations on production safety, strengthen safety awareness, in November 25th the new "safety law" will be implemented on the occasion, the afternoon, Chengdong district held "new" production safety law "training class", part of the enterprise, region of each unit and area management personnel more than 140 people participated in the training. The district has invited the province’s safety supervision system well-known expert Wang Yixuan to teach the new "safety production law".
it is reported that the twelve session of the tenth meeting of the NPC Standing Committee passed the "new People’s Republic of China" safety production law, will take effect on December 1st. The training focus on the new amendment background, legislative purpose, working principle, working mechanism, application scope and other aspects are briefly introduced the overall situation of the new amendment, the interpretation of comprehensive and meticulous, professional nine legal system focusing on the establishment of the. Through training, the mobilization of the rapid formation of learning new "production safety law" and other laws and regulations of safety in production climax, enhance the legal awareness of the safety supervision personnel and the level of law enforcement, to create a strong atmosphere of administering the region, to further promote the region’s production safety situation is stable and good. read more

Xining vegetable base in Deyang to build 40 thousand tons of vegetables rich basket

August 22nd, the reporter learned from the Xining municipal government, to thoroughly implement the provincial government on strengthening the construction of the "vegetable basket", the development of "enclave" vegetable production requirements, guarantee the supply of vegetables in Xining city and price stability, and expand the circulation channels, Sichuan city of Deyang Province vegetable products market in Xining recently. Xining Municipal People’s government and the Deyang Municipal People’s government signed a "build for Xining vegetable base cooperation agreement". In the future, 40 thousand tons, 20 varieties of vegetables from Deyang vegetable base for the fly to the provincial capital of the public basket". read more

Qinghai Tibet line 310 km panoramic view of the road

It is often said that the Qinghai Tibet highway is great, not only because of the two ends of her connection, but also because of the endless beautiful scenery on the road, as well as the endless way of people and stories.

has been on the roadside shops of Raymond Lam for 19 years, from the initial annual income of several thousand yuan to now earn four thousand or five thousand yuan a day, he is one of the many feelings of the Qinghai Tibet highway life convenient and happy a. Raymond Lam said, once their parents go on foot on the Tibet dirt road, a trip to Xining for at least three or four days, and today, he went to Xining to purchase the day back and forth with his car, at least earn hundreds of thousands a year down.

two, this is the tourist season, from Qinghai Lake to Jiangxi 151 scenic tourist bus, ditch, rape flowers and Qinghai Lake Tourist streams of people busily coming and going.

in the Qinghai Tibet highway drive, the highway construction series from a number of scenic spots around the Qinghai Lake, eventually formed a lake with tourism in Qinghai Lake scenic Jiro sword as the main body. Qinghai Tibet highway to the beautiful Qinghai Lake to the world, but also to live here for generations of herdsmen have a new life. Xining as a starting point, sun and moon mountain, Qinghai Lake, Saline Lake, Kunlun Mountains and other attractions, are famous for the Qinghai Tibet highway.

Platelayers home daughter called her "aunt"

with the scenery along the way, the way the story behind the most or the reporter to listen to the station maintenance workers and their making. read more

Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission comprehensive health care reform focus on task comp

In 2016, the Ministry of health and Family Planning Commission will continue to follow the basic security, a strong grass-roots level, building mechanism "requirements, pay more attention to the mechanism innovation, starting from the supply side structural reform, efforts to promote the breakthrough in the reform pilot program, and strive to the key task completion rate of 100%. This reporter recently learned from the provincial health and family planning commission.In the

and promote the comprehensive reform pilot work, the Provincial Health Planning Commission will carry out a comprehensive reform of public hospitals at the provincial level, to promote the county public hospital in targeted aid, the introduction of talent, the backbone of training form a superimposed effect of the policy, give full play to the city (state) level of the backbone of the role of public hospitals in the basic medical services, emergency severe and difficult disease diagnosis, break the provincial medical income structure, effective control of medical cost is not reasonable growth. Speed up the price of medical services, the establishment of dynamic adjustment mechanism. Function to further clarify the city hospital emergency diagnosis and treatment of serious illness, undertake personnel training, scientific research and technical guidance, mobilize the initiative and enthusiasm of the implementation of grading treatment; accelerate close medical union construction, the establishment of a variety of division and cooperation; orientation training of village doctors, to strengthen the construction of telemedicine network of primary health care institutions, expand the family the doctor team signing service pilot. We will improve the national health insurance system, continue to improve the per capita subsidy standards for basic medical insurance for urban and rural residents, and pay a percentage of 78% within the scope of the policy. read more

Xining Municipal Bureau of human resources and social security bureau organization system cadres and

Recently, the Xining Municipal Bureau of human resources and social security bureau organization system of cadres and workers more than 100 people visited the "legal responsibility and the procuratorial organs to punish and prevent the crime of malfeasance" exhibition in our city tour, warning education Cadres and workers to keep in mind the purpose of the mission, but diligence, diligent and honest, administrative and judicial justice. To improve the anti-corruption awareness

recently, the Xining Municipal Bureau of human resources and social security bureau organization system of cadres and workers more than 100 people visited the "legal responsibility and the procuratorial organs to punish and prevent the crime of malfeasance" exhibition in our city tour, warning education Cadres and workers to keep in mind the purpose of the mission, fulfill their duties, diligent and honest, administrative and judicial justice and improve the anti-corruption awareness. read more

Xining Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau to actively carry out the break activities

City Environmental Protection Bureau, more than 100 cadres and workers lined up in the Bureau office building in the hospital, with the accompaniment of neat and investment to carry out "exercises" fitness activities

City Environmental Protection Bureau, more than 100 cadres and workers lined up in the Bureau office building in the hospital, with the accompaniment of neat and investment to carry out "exercises" fitness activities.

in order to fully implement the municipal government office issued a "notice" on the restoration and development activities between the implementation of the program requirements, carry out the "in between the cadres and workers" activities, the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau made full preparations in advance, mainly adopted three measures. First, extensive propaganda and mobilization. The Bureau leadership attaches great importance to this activity, in the executive meeting of the mobilization and learning arrangements for audio equipment, and require extensive publicity and further mobilize in global efforts to form a good atmosphere to carry out the "break" activities. Two is to send someone to participate in learning and training. According to the arrangements, municipal environmental monitoring detachment sent someone to participate in the Municipal Sports Bureau held the eighth set of broadcast gymnastics training, conducted a special study, carry out training activities, provide effective protection for the implementation of the system of "global break". The three is to establish and implement the "break" system. Will "break" included in the system of global management, implementation of attendance system, leading cadres take the lead in, cadres and workers in full. In order not to interfere with the work, the exercise time normal working hours in the morning before, and will "break" as a system of sports activities to ensure long-term adherence to the "break" activities and daily work, promote the two two. read more

Student bus C card September 1st Annual Review

Student bus IC card will be examined. Reporters yesterday from Xining City Bus Group Company Limited was informed that from September 1st to October 31st, will be focused on the annual sale of student IC card holders can carry the relevant documents in the two months to Xining city public transportation IC card recharge point and Huangzhong bus IC card recharge point for the annual review.

Xining 4 county level party and government leaders will accept low cost inspection

to fully implement the main responsibility of Party committees and Party committee is mainly responsible for the first responsible person, the Xining Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection in mid July on Shi Chao and Deputy Secretary of Huangyuan County, Xining city finance bureau Party Secretary Chen Zhaochao, Xining Municipal Economic Commission, party secretary, director Yang Xiaomin, Party secretary, director of the Xining municipal housing provident fund management center of Jin Feng four comrades to perform a pair of "start point review. read more

The Xining family attracted the great search

"We all recommend our brother and sister a" Xining family ", they become intimate with the true love, warm my 80 year old mother’s heart." "I am the southern Shandong community, we have to recommend our community of disabled Jia Yongqing family, their self-improvement and friendly infected us all……" Evening invites you to recommend "Xining family" activities since the start, by the positive response from readers, evening news hotline 8244000 and 8244111 is ringing, some impatient readers will have its own mining written "Xining family" to our email address, the "Xining family" attracted the great search. read more

The Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau Branch organized in 2011 71 the theme of the party day

To commemorate the ninetieth anniversary of the CPC founding China Communist Party, strengthen the party organizations and members of the team construction, improve the party spirit idea, enhance the sense of responsibility, overall awareness and sense of service, the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau of Party branch in July 2, 2011 the organization of Party members and workers went to Datong to carry out a clear theme, rich content, various forms of "Qing 71" the theme of the party day activities read more

Qinghai Cao Bao bonded logistics center B through pre acceptance

6 30, the province’s first bonded logistics center – Qinghai Cao bonded bonded logistics center (B) successfully passed the pre acceptance. The joint pre inspection group listened to the bonded logistics center investment and construction unit personnel to the bayonet facilities, monitoring system and other related facilities and supervision report, by field survey, agreed to pass the pre acceptance, and the signing of the pre acceptance meeting minutes.

Qinghai Cao Bao bonded logistics center (B) was formally approved by the State General Administration of customs, the Ministry of finance, the State Administration of Taxation and the State Administration of foreign exchange on November 25, 2015. Planning area of 0.073 square kilometers, has been the construction of the center of the warehouse of the 2, the inspection warehouse of 1, with a total area of about 0.05 square kilometers, open-air yard of 0.01 square kilometers. Adjacent to Cao Jiabao airport, Qinghai Tibet railway, Beijing Tibet expressway, national highway 109 lines, the surrounding railway, highway traffic developed, obvious geographical advantages. read more

Provincial Party committee held an enlarged meeting to study and implement the spirit of the party i

10 30, provincial governor, provincial Party Secretary Hao Peng chaired the provincial government party meeting, the party’s learning to convey the spirit of the the sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, according to the unified arrangements of the CPC Central Committee and provincial requirements, arrangements for the provincial government to implement the work of learning.


meeting pointed out that the party’s the sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee is a very important meeting held in our country to enter the building of a moderately prosperous society. General secretary Xi Jinping important speech at the plenary meeting published, a comprehensive summary of the work of the party and the country over the past year, scientific analysis of the development of changes of national situation and the party situation, clarify the profound significance of comprehensive strictly, to answer a series of major theoretical and practical problems in the management and administration of the party. Speech is permeated with the Marx doctrine standpoint, to further deepen the understanding about the construction of the party’s rule, is the latest achievement of the Marx doctrine of Chinese, is to promote the comprehensive programme of action strictly, and create a new situation in the construction of the party. The plenum passed the "guiding principles" on the political life of the party under the new situation and the revised "Chinese Communist Party Supervision Regulations" is a comprehensive, strictly, strengthen and standardize the political life of the party under the new situation, strengthen strategic initiatives and institutional arrangement of inner-party supervision, to promote the new great project of Party building, better great struggle, with many new historical features to promote China characteristic socialism, to effectively deal with the four tests of the party faces ", to overcome the" four kinds of danger ", continue to strengthen the Party of self purification, self-improvement, self innovation and self-improvement ability, is of great practical significance and far-reaching historical significance. read more

Wang Xiaoqin deputy director of the provincial health department led the city to carry out the supe

April 18th, the provincial health department deputy director Wang Xiaoqin led by the Ministry of medical affairs, women’s society and the relevant person in charge of a line consisting of four supervision and inspection group, accompanied by the Municipal Health Bureau, party secretary Liu Haonian, Huangyuan County Health Bureau Li Lin and the relevant comrades, I deeply in Huangyuan County of Xining city to carry out the implementation of the province’s health reform work conference and the comprehensive reform of primary health care institutions "look back" work of the special supervision and inspection. read more

Xining City the ancient city of Taiwan Office of youth Lane community has a team of civilized persu

May 31st, in order to create a civilized city, the ancient city of Xining City Office of the youth Lane community set up a team of civilized persuasion, persuasion within the jurisdiction of the public to correct uncivilized behavior.

in the afternoon, in the youth Lane community, the group of people, they wore red, red armband arm sleeve, holding a small red flag, in the area around the "". "I’m sorry, you ran a red light." "I’m sorry, please clean up the rubbish in the doorway."…… Civilized persuasion, earnestly to persuade some people not to mind taking the trouble, the day is their first day of work. The civilized persuasion team consists of community residents and community workers. read more

A batch of colleges and universities began yesterday

  a reporter from the Qinghai province in 2013 college admissions work the first press conference was informed that in 2013 the Province ordinary college enrollment has been successfully finished ahead of a batch of troops (including national defense, public security (pilot), the central judicial police, teachers, Normal University) professional, maritime, sports, arts, Hong Kong University, Beijing Foreign Studies University, China Foreign Affairs University, foreign language classes, China Youth University for Political Science, Beijing Electronics Science and Technology Institute and advance orientation undergraduate (for special admissions program in poor areas) batches of admissions. Undergraduate program in advance of the province plans to recruit 2061 people, has now admitted freshmen of 2065. It is reported that the Hong Kong and Macao colleges and universities for the poor areas of the enrollment plan in favour of Hong Kong and Macao College Admission highest penny Coda 613 points, 593 points of science, the enrollment plan for the poor areas of Peking University, Tsinghua University, Beijing Normal University and other universities are to complete the enrollment task points. From July 15th, entered a batch of college admission stage. The batch enrollment institutions, a total of 177 colleges and universities, enrollment is large, plans to recruit 6727 people. This batch of admission has always been the focus of the society, college admissions in "211" and "985" Engineering University is relatively concentrated, excellent candidates plenty of students, the task is very heavy, the province Zhaoban will continue to adhere to the "strict implementation of the enrollment policy, strict standards, strict procedures, to achieve enrollment, enrollment, and in accordance with the law of civilization the enrollment" principle, ensure this batch admission fairness, justice and openness, and earnestly safeguard the interests of each candidate. In another development, in order to do a good job this year enrollment of college enrollment, in July 9th the province Zhaoban held all the admission staff mobilization meeting, arrangements for the deployment of the 2013 college students in our province admissions requirements, all staff strictly abide by the admission work discipline, strict working procedures, strict implementation of admissions policies and regulations, rules, and for the students and their parents University, good service, to ensure the recruitment fair. Washington (reporter boat)   read more

Demolition of old buildings and building new district free public toilets to worry

Seongbuk Chaoyang Road station old hospital toilet is in disrepair, seriously affect the surrounding residents. North District Urban Management Bureau to understand the situation, the investment of 120 thousand yuan to set up a new environmental protection toilets, so that residents around the lifting of worries. So far, a total of more than 90 yuan in the north of the city, free and open public toilets free of charge, free of charge to open a fixed toilet 12, 9.

is located in Seongbuk Chaoyang Road in the old school granaries aqua to rain season exudes stench and feces overflow, mosquitoes rampant, let the surrounding residents to a normal life, received masses of a reflection, the North District Urban Management Bureau staff immediately to carry out investigation, and the old toilets were demolished at the same time, the new environmentally friendly toilets built in the shop door, and toilet keys distributed to all residents, so that residents use at any time. read more

Precise poverty alleviation and a large village relocation project

8 month 15, the province’s poverty alleviation and a large village relocation project in the Qaidam Basin tea grid expressway toll station to the northwest side of the construction.

this project is the Provincial Department of agriculture and animal husbandry, Dulan Jinhui Mining Co., Ltd. in the Provincial Bureau of poverty alleviation and Haixi Mongolian Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture and Dulan County under the strong support of a large-scale poverty alleviation project. After the completion of the project, the hard life will completely change the aid to Dulan County, Haixi Zong Jia Zhen Jin Cun, stress animal husbandry, water, road and other confused. read more

2015 the province’s real estate development enterprise credit evaluation results released

8 month 11 days, reporters from the Qinghai Province real estate development enterprise credit evaluation report for the general assembly was informed that the "measures for the administration of credit evaluation of real estate development enterprises in Qinghai province (Trial)", provincial housing and urban construction department, the provincial development and Reform Commission and other 12 units were included in the scope of credit evaluation of the credit rating of the 642 year real estate development enterprises, determine the 2015 4A grade credit enterprise 9, 3A grade credit enterprise 124, 2A grade credit enterprise 323, a 47 enterprises, 139 enterprises B. read more