The shop clerk can also become a gilded signboard

said the shop signs, many people may think of is what is then the billboards, the manager just, however, it can also become a shop clerk a gilded signboard. There was a time when a loaf of bread from my store was very profitable, so I said to the clerk, "if a customer comes to buy a loaf of bread, be sure to recommend it." The clerk will listen to my manager. But one day, a clerk in the recommendation is too warm, was the customer’s resentment and questioned: "is not to sell this bread you have a commission ah?" Then the customer left angrily. read more

How important it is to choose the brand of the catering industry

for those who have investment ideas, no matter what you are interested in the industry, before the action must be the first choice of the most appropriate brand. In particular, some do not have any experience in the food and beverage franchisee, you want to start a successful business, then you must pay attention to the choice of the brand to join the food, so as to ensure your success in the food and beverage business.

selected catering franchise brand is very important: the dependence on people to join the brand has been very high, is at a map. Look for you to join the main requirements: many franchisees want to be "shuaishouzhanggui", not only money output; there is also "Tandaqiuquan, want to immediately open shop. Those who refuse to "shuaishouzhanggui" and "Tandaqiuquan, and will join the training of their own brands are often responsible for. read more

The development of retail business should be based on customer demand

some shops can not stick to it in a short time, and some shops can be a long run, or even become a hundred years old, which naturally has a great relationship with the boss’s business. Luo boss is our town a retail shop, has twenty years, mainly engaged in all kinds of tea, tobacco and sugar series milk drinks, daily necessities and so on, in the customer impression of high visibility. In the business, although a variety of sour, sweet, bitter, hot taste Luo boss have experienced, but he gained abundant wealth, their hard work in exchange for a full of happiness — house, car, home appliance furniture trends Goods are available in all varieties. read more

Xiamen scenic garbage does not fall how to implement

scenic areas of environmental governance, has been a headache for all regions. This time, Xiamen to carry out the scenic garbage does not fall, the activities for the good performance of tourists, but also to give some incentives, which will have practical benefits?

issued a letter and brochure, tourists and residents to the island to push junk without landing propaganda messages issued to tourists, garbage bag…… In September last year, garbage does not fall action officially launched in Gulangyu Islet. In addition, the 7 streets of Xiamen City, the pilot is also garbage does not fall, the district is no longer set trash. In Xiamen, a lot of scenic spots, are also in the implementation of the District, garbage does not fall, and achieved some success. read more

Lanzhou dingniu Hand Pulled Noodle investment introduction

Hand-Pulled Noodle joined the project so many problems, choose a factor in the process of most investors to consider is the cost of joining, investment funds, because this is the most critical and most concern, the two Hand-Pulled Noodle characteristics, Hand-Pulled Noodle, delicious soup, it is very delicious, the shop will be able to make money to noodle friends!, may wish to take a look at the two Hand-Pulled Noodle join much, believe that this is what you’re looking for projects.

Lanzhou dingniu Hand-Pulled Noodle investment funds read more

A cold store is what all management skills

is now a great demand for cold drinks, no matter what the season will be a lot of people eat cold drinks, which also promoted the development of the cold drinks industry. Many entrepreneurs, but also want to open a cold drink shop. But want to successy open a cold drink shop, not only need to find a good brand to join in the business, there are many problems need attention. On the opening of a cold drink shop business skills, following with everyone to understand.

to run a cold drink shop must have their own unique way of doing business, an international ice cream brand chain store for many years, said chen. First, the store should have a comfortable and refreshing feeling. Mr. Chen said that now some small shops on the street also sell ice cream, but when the customer tired, thirsty, hot, and want to sit down to enjoy ice cream cold drink, those small shops simply can not meet their needs. read more

What do you need to know before opening the cake shop

said modaobuwukanchaigong, before doing what if the preparatory work done very well in the future to do what matter can make you more effective. Food and beverage industry is the case, you want to open a cake shop must be ready to do a good job before the shop. Today Xiaobian for everyone to talk about the need to open a cake shop when the factors which


1. consumer awareness and taste

different levels of customers, the style of their consumption is not the same, so in the store location, according to the different main customers to take different positioning. Consumer awareness and taste is the track, and the location of the shop can only be a train, the train must be on the track, once derailed, the consequences can be imagined. read more

How Zigong is rooted in the green town

under the pollution of the environment, our ecological environment has been seriously damaged. Although a lot of local economy has been greatly developed, but to see its gray sky, long-term living in such a living environment, can not help but worry about the health of the body! The construction of ecological and environmental protection of the city has become the common task of all cities. So, how Zigong rooted green town? Specific measures taken?

(1) implementation of urban green space action. Around the city residents travel 300 meters to see the green, 500 meters to see the garden "target, promote ecological restoration and landscaping construction, keep city 87 mountain and 74 wetlands, built the Fuxi composite greenway demonstration section of about 250 km greenway greenway, and South Lake Park, the East Park 10 park. The city by the United Nations Environment Programme foundation and other 5 institutions awarded the title of" outstanding green ecological city ". read more

Anti theft alarm list of the top ten brands

is now the rapid development of society, the economy is good, superb technology, however, a variety of unstable social risk factors still exist, so that the market has ushered in a good opportunity for the development of anti-theft alarm. Anti theft alarm, once the event occurs, you can through the sound and light alarm or electronic map of the location of duty officers on duty, so as to take prompt measures. The anti-theft alarm control system, the host and the import and export of closed-circuit television monitoring system, intercom system and electronic patrol system with a security system. read more

Join venture beware scam

look at the current entrepreneurial approach, in general, but nothing more than two ways: self-help entrepreneurship or join. There is no experience and no skills of entrepreneurs, to join the brand is undoubtedly a good shortcut to start, with the help of a gilded signboard brand market visibility, the entrepreneurial road is relatively easy. But there is a risk of investment, in the face of the current situation to join too many cheating cases, investment entrepreneurs need to carefully choose the brand to avoid deception. read more

Venture to join the trap need to be cautious

entrepreneurs in the choice of venture to join the project, it is often easy to ignore some of the details because of the reasons, and it is precisely because of these details, and ultimately lead to your own failure. So we must put an end to the existence of this phenomenon.

concerned to remind investors to join, encounter the following situations in the investment, will leave a heart:

1, the franchisor is a natural person rather than a corporate body;

2, the franchisor’s trademark is not a registered trademark, not protected by law; read more

University researchers does poineering work from not more than 3 years

, some researchers undergo entrepreneurship policy need to understand clearly, in Shandong province for scientific research personnel in Colleges and universities does poineering work from specified is not more than three years, the details of a look!

2 24, the reporter learned from the Municipal Social Council, provincial people club hall before the date issued "on the scientific research institutions and institutions of higher personnel clearly does poineering work from related issues notice" clearly, universities and research institutes of scientific research personnel, with the consent of the unit, with scientific research projects the results from enterprises to carry out innovative work or to start a business, leaving time not more than 3 years, undergo during the personnel retention. Leave period, universities and research institutes shall not release the personnel relations to undergo entrepreneurship by. read more

How to promote the development of leisure agriculture in Zigong

in the development of the region, combined with their own characteristics, to play their strengths, to achieve long-term development. The characteristic agriculture of Zigong is prominent, and the development of characteristic agriculture is an effective measure to promote economic development. So, how to promote the development of leisure agriculture in Zigong?

(1) to strengthen support and guidance. The establishment of a joint conference system for promoting the development of modern agriculture in Zigong, clearly the assessment of leisure agriculture in the county to develop modern agriculture and the important indicators of the effectiveness of the content. Into the city, to promote the supply side reform "policy support, the implementation of special award for subject demonstration operation of agriculture for leisure, the leisure agriculture and rural tourism demonstration sites, the provincial agricultural demonstration demonstration theme parks and leisure farms were given 200 thousand yuan, 100 thousand yuan and 30 thousand yuan reward. Currently, the city to create a national leisure agriculture and rural tourism demonstration sites 3, the provincial demonstration agricultural Theme Park 2, the provincial demonstration leisure farm of 5. read more