What is the website construction of the third generation of thinking


appeared in the Internet soon, what we all wanted was how to make the website more beautiful and cool. At that time the "cool navigation website" is some designers love to go places, while South Korea South Korea website template is a model of web designers become fashionable for a time, a lot of imitation. They often revel in there, hope that their website can join their ranks included.

at the same time, customers are also such a demand: anyway, you give me the coolest and most beautiful. Beautiful pictures when large chunks of the entire flash flash animation plus plus, some websites even ZhengZhan pictures or pure flash built. Therefore, the "United States" as the guiding point of the design of the website construction model, we call it the first generation of design thinking. read more

The hard work of a poor college graduate

in the last few years I have been back and forth between the workplace and entrepreneurial, often to the Alibaba business channel and Admin5 network owners to see those pioneering course many brothers and sisters to write, to see their success and failure, Lenovo to oneself, filled with a thousand regrets. Today, I also want to write my five years of university graduation experience, and I would like to share with you. My entrepreneurial experience is full of failures, setbacks, bitterness, hardships. Today, my career is finally taking off. In this long process, I have gained a lot of valuable experience, and I would like to share with you all. This article may be a bit long, but if you look at it patiently, you may find some empathy for your life. read more

Prospect of personal websites in post Google Era

in Google out of the mainland after the Internet has caused a commotion, there are good, nothing more than some personal website and eight pole could not beat a person in the road is our grievances these grassroots personal webmaster, less traffic from Google price is not to say, some say a lot less, for the full-time webmaster, it is also the site also

website!Although the free

is the most expensive, but the traffic is more and more difficult to do, not what to get traffic profitable? My station is a former stock information website, there is a more than 1000 IP every day, GG advertising is half of the revenue is about more than 1000, and later met in November last year the whole move from one server to change to another server, but also often be shut off, just one week, who can stand it, then angrily to shut down in April this year to see the situation is basically stable decision again. But before the key found in the Baidu home page is to squeeze the big door, personal website there is no chance to see again, but for keywords, only to re start. But as a webmaster is the most difficult in the absence of income, found the site from under the cudgel thinking free to pay is a very sensible idea, but not all can be free to change the operating mode, like something on your site in the site are free you have to charge customers, this is not feasible, and decided to attack the site charges. read more

To be a successful stationmaster one must learn to adjust one’s attitude

spring breeze was blowing, blowing away the weary. For a long time no such mood, calm down to write their mood diary, or you will say you are writing webmaster experience, or in the mood diary?. I said is the first real soul records of my own, do a profound experience and successful webmaster, whether our opinion is not consistent, regardless of my thoughts mature enough, just want to tell you: I said this is the real feelings of

!The success of

has seen many webmaster wise remark of an experienced person, many of which are on the point of view of technology, have seen little published on, do attitude adjustment success webmaster topic, so today I will own experience, or is feeling down, and you were to share read more

User experience design of nternet products

is now the information society is a complex and diverse society, in this complex information era, our Internet products should also be in the user experience to find a relatively fixed principle of design, the only way to be steadfast, so the age of the Internet is not simply to transform the user experience, but I have to the accurate, on the basis of continuous innovation. The following are five diagrams and five aspects to illustrate the basic principles of user experience design for Internet products. read more

Fresh O2O pure electricity supplier or offline retail difficult to meet user needs

basic necessities of life are the basic elements of our lives. Before 2013, the most important influence of the Internet on our four basic elements was clothing and food (online shopping and group buying), the Spring Festival in 2014, short term free sit, the Internet began to permeate the line". Recently, with a statement of Yabuli forum of a real estate mister, Internet penetration of the real estate sector also surfaced, look at the domestic housing prices boss recently "whereabouts" you know, the Internet began to enter the "live". read more

From the hobby network to the webmaster

station, 3 years ago, for me is a name so strange, then after 3 years for me is how the name, in fact I’m not really a qualified webmaster, is not qualified, because do not good enough, not professional, although it is not enough professional, but I have been very dedicated and hard, feel that their efforts are not in vain to pay on the line.

I remember 3 years ago today, I know from search engine, has an article called "FTP" to establish their own server, then I feel very interesting, just want to do it yourself set up a server, and then provide the hard disk film to friends (oh now to think of it very stupid) at that time, but it is fun ideas, and then according to the above talk yourself into it, I was very happy, after all, still learning a little something, after playing this, go to the website to find the HTML template to do a simple personal website, which is online as one of their own home, to tell the truth, the truth that you feel is a big stupid, HTML editing is not, even the most basic add links, fonts, colors are not silly, now think of it, do not know how to Go down, estimate a very big reason is because oneself have this hobby, so will persist to today, so novice webmaster, you want to really do web site, must insist on, forever can succeed. read more

Grassroots webmaster should have a good attitude

first I want to do a e-commerce site, but because such sites on the one hand to hand to the human, financial, but now I also do not fit the conditions of large sites like this, how to do? After a month in the online search information to see the network owners to see the operation of the site from others to find a more suitable for me. Is Ali mother cat promotion, do not need much money, but also can do a e-commerce website, I realized my dream webmaster, excited a few days can not sleep (oh everyone laughed). read more

A month of pursuit Baidu finally took a fancy to me

do not know how to write, literally write his own station was Baidu re included. I do not know what the Baidu fell into the circle, and their three stations have only been included in a page does not move, and continued this situation has been a month. The three stations are: www.56tudoutv.cn potato network, TV play, QQ space, message code, 345.wdwd.com, Tri Color valley. Now the first stop has been re started by Baidu, writing about why Baidu doesn’t accept it.

1. repeat too many keywords: three stations have such a situation, repeated too many keywords, remember to read an article is to write a new station, can’t over optimize, may be counterproductive. Was not aware of this, he repeated too many keywords, cannot say optimization, I do not understand to SEO at all, is the beginning of thought more repeat keywords may rank higher, I know I was wrong. read more

nternet industry is not fast webmaster not eager for instant success

didn’t want to say this topic, may also have a lot of friends think is a topic of a commonplace talk of an old scholar but the same thing, different people say it also has different meaning, everyone said it is his idea, nature also left more thinking, so this paper will write the guardian. We hope to publish his own different views.

recently, a friend of mine talked with me about online education, for kids in english. What makes me responsible is website operation. Today, the website has been built and shown to me. Then I need to provide the website operation, promotion plan. After all, it’s on the network, so naturally I’m reluctant to offer. Because the entire operation to me, so I plan to do some. But he must be sure of the answer, how long to do SEO, how long to do BBS promotion, how long does it take to do micro-blog promotion?. Through the last communication, he realized that he needed the lowest cost, quickly reached his goal, and was willing to spend thousands of dollars on the network. read more

Cattle cattle is how to make the keyword optimization size take all

we all love of expert cattle stations, because they are not only to worship idols, but also want to learn "method of racking head cattle station", for a time due to technical reasons not, therefore such sites also have a kind of mystery. Recently, in the analysis of key words, suddenly found a station keywords occupy many popular business words first, have to admire, admire, I began to analyze some of his techniques. Here, in order to respect others, so he will not disclose his website, but will his method to share and discuss. First use Bole Webmaster Tools inquires his keywords ranking, you know where he is cattle: read more

January 18th A5 domain name auction leopard 5 lonely number 222 thousand deal

A5 (admin5.com) station network January 19th news, yesterday’s A5 auction, 5 fine layers, meaning good domain name, is discovered for the leopard 8888.cn, unfortunately eventually Liupai, interested parties can contact A5 domain name broker oh.

A5 auction submission information:

The following types of domain name registration

temporarily accept: 2-5 digital com, 1-4, 1-3 digital cn/net digital cc/com.cn, 2-4 com/net, 1-3 cc/com.cn, letter of alphabet letters CN, 1-4, com or single spell boutique Larry cn. Pack individually or in bulk, read more

Have you tried Baidu and included 5600 of your data a day

why use the title of such a question and answer form, and these are derived from my experience in the past six months to do some web site and experience.

OK, let’s get started,


I am 03 years contact computer, but that time is the student stage, every day is in the network game (miracle) the waste in more than 2 years, now that I think really regret, but this way of life, there is always a slowly growing up, 05 years to graduate school. Social work, the importance that money really, that time always consider the money, too early to make money online, is the kind of marketing nature, every day and night of the mass data, also have what return, is to make yourself tired fine all in, have wasted half the time. read more

Analyzing the factors that lead to the failure of website operation

many enterprises to build web sites, the purpose of the website through the enterprise to bring more traffic, so as to enhance sales of enterprises. The website is inseparable from the operation, but the same is the operation of the site, some enterprises in the operation of the road to obtain valuable operating results, while some enterprises have failed, what is the cause of this?

1, ambiguous location,


site is a site of the fundamental survival, lack of orientation or positioning is not clear the site, in the operation will be lost in the fog of chaos on the Internet business, and ultimately to run out of resources ended. read more

Changes in the world veteran talk about the optimization of the website ranking thinking change

With the rapid development of the domestic Internet

IT, the inter industry competition, which includes the author in SEO search engine optimization industry, competition is not less than the financial, real estate, electricity industry; throughout the Internet industry forum, blog, QQ group, Post Bar, SEO discussion topic facing fierce to meet the eye everywhere; competition, in addition to its own search engine algorithm in the constantly changing, and gradually improve the site optimization ranking threshold, which will become a challenge to SEO employees in all aspects of technology for a long time; as early as a few months ago, I heard many SEO staff exclamation now optimization ranking is more difficult than in the past, this point of view I understand deeply it is so. read more

About new sites to promote a little experience

in fact, I am also a new webmaster, from the station to do nothing to blind insistence, during which also learned a lot of things.

each webmaster knows more or less about the concept of SEO. Nothing more than original with the chain. A new station how to increase the PR high the number of chains, in fact, now nobody can say what, at least free high PR outside the chain is too difficult for us. Blind to pursue, efforts, and the results are not ideal, and even some money to buy the chain, I think it is not necessary. So my personal experience that a new station, this road is not suitable to go. At least wait until your station has a certain amount of traffic, and then consider how to carry out deeper and broader promotion. read more

Accreditation criteria for good home pages

  reasons of rejection:   the readability is not high  

a good home page for the company, is a smiling face, a cultural and creative business card, will inadvertently leave a deep impression. Beautiful face, creative home, will always be word of mouth, this is our pursuit of publicity. Nian Bin also recently took over the Kunming site optimization, not to say the specific strength of the company, only from the home page, I already had an initial impression of the company (the first impression of things, usually in the late very difficult to change, or that the impression on the impact of late a lot). Understand the website construction, but also understand the SEO optimization of people, and then will be creative introduction home page about judgment, do not know the vast numbers of Internet users will be? read more

Chat with the novice webmaster

, if you’re an old hand, please don’t look down.

, if you’re a newbie, let’s have a chat. Of course, talk and do stand related topics.

first said, "I’m a newbie and write these words just to share my thoughts about what I’m doing.".

, let’s begin our conversation now. Presumably the novice in line when more or less the station to do some understanding, I do not know whether we are planning when doing the station, personally, when I just do stand there is no planning, is to think of what to do freely flowing style of writing, which is not formed, but I I met a problem now, the station is frame up, but the update is the development of the website and data makes me the most headaches, often feel bloated, website update speed can not keep up, and don’t want to collect, because I am not an occupation of the station, most of the time I was with in life and work, relatively do stand time is limited, of course, the website data update is very slow, but the nature of my station and I must update the speed quickly, otherwise only a consequence Is the website to pour, this is not the result that I want, I do the purpose of the station is very clear, not to play, just to earn advertising fees, but the current site update makes me very difficult. Do not know whether the other novices have had this experience, because I do stand it for a long time, because when doing the station encountered a lot of problems, so I can share with you, or new entrants friend in my footsteps. read more

Electronic magazine fall once brilliant than buy site Hot

‘s "electronic magazine", which appeared quite a few years ago, has now faded out of sight. The day before, a portal is also specially done a survey shows that about 85% of users said that for a long time have not seen the electronic magazine. Electronic magazine, also known as "network magazine", in early 2005, there are only a few in the country, and by 2006, it quickly soared to thousands, and that year was also regarded as the peak period of the development of the domestic electronic magazine industry. Among them, there are many celebrities sign for it, from 2005 Yang Lan founded the first celebrity electronic magazine "Lan LAN", and then to Luyu Chen’s "Yu Yue", Xu Jinglei’s "open"…… Electronic magazine once brilliant, no less than the current group buying site hot. read more