How to write high quality original soft Wen

again, the soft to moderate length. Write text that "write easy to write short to long". But we must remember that more than a thousand articles accepted a certain degree as two hundred words. The age of the Internet, impetuous and fast food is the main theme of a long and minute statement at present is only suitable for traditional media, even with high perspicacity article, once the page more than three pages, and no pictures, tables, it is easy to become a cloud in the network world. read more

Think of love Shanghai Shanghai dragon website optimization

space! !

love love Shanghai Shanghai space but their own products, even if their own products to combat the pseudo original, so just construction site pseudo original it is surely dead, so do the Shanghai dragon or not to take a shortcut, don’t think you can find a way to deal with love in Shanghai, when it was you may start with a very cool, the website ranking has been rising.

I think later, after all, Shanghai is love their own products, will give priority to of course included, and then continued to expand this month Wangzhuan keywords, published nearly 100 articles in Shanghai love space, and these articles are basically included, outside the chain I used to use the domain command to view your site. The chain of love of the Shanghai space is the count of read more

Novice webmaster to update the site how to do routine work

let’s look at the website to update the content correlation, this topic correlation is countless webmasters are mentioned, but truly implemented the webmaster almost no, because most webmaster have neglected the topic correlation in the update web site content. Update related website is also very simple, as long as grasp two points can ensure the relevance of the website, the following details:

wants to make regular updates to the site, we must pay attention to the content, update the website content and relevance of the site itself, the original content and keywords the nature, content and bold and so on, only grasp the potential of these points, we can update the work done better, so how to do? read more

On the chain of CO citation and anchor text that point thing

quote: as the saying goes, reprint articles make a copy, reprint articles left at the bottom of the article source, in stationmaster net, usually is the following with its own web site, and then contribute to this, when many people reproduced there will be such a situation, that is the following the site spread greatly, and eventually realize the common reference we want, but the acquisition process in many websites, this article will be collected in the past, a large spread. Ultimately, this is a common reference meaning and interpretation of the most common. read more

How to eliminate the negative information search related love Shanghai

since the keyword here can go to control artificially, so enterprises can choose to brush back, a lot of online sex Shanghai negative clearance network company is also doing this. A lot of brush search and drop-down box software, you can find yourself can find Taobao, there is a detailed tutorial. You can choose some positive words, such as "not black Wuxi Hongqiao Hospital, Wuxi Hongqiao Hospital, Wuxi Hongqiao Hospital, how" good ", and then open the brush top down negative information. But there is one point to note when you choose keywords in the brush, the corresponding content keywords you should do it, because the user can click on the view of search. read more

How to let the spider on the web site of early love

website optimization in addition to a fine plan, is to persevere perseverance and efforts, the site is not a short duration of time. It requires long-term accumulation, need to continue the spider crawling. Time will let it become rich in content and user favorite website. This paper consists of 3600 Chengdu Internet (贵族宝贝cd3600贵族宝贝/) provides hope for the development of Internet to do their modest.

The first step is to do

station site layout, do not rush to submit to love Shanghai, love Shanghai or collection of web page but also very difficult to collect the content page, to have a good ranking is even more impossible. In the high quality of the original article in this process is crucial, but this article also has an amount of. A new beginning to add too much or too little information have a certain impact on the number of articles included and ranking should be moderate. General site useful tens to hundreds of articles can be in after Shanghai began to love website articles can be added in a regular. Love Shanghai has a collection of restrictions on every website, the website information is not included in the Shanghai some love is a normal phenomenon, do not worry about this new adsense. read more

Love of Shanghai search join site advanced instruction search interface changes

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also on the right is no longer before the relevant Internet information or love Shanghai promotional advertising, and all relevant information with the owners. A total of three columns, the first column is love Shanghai Webmaster Platform webmaster information, the second column is the safety certification and certification website information, the third column is love Shanghai Webmaster Platform commonly used tools for navigation. Can be said to show things not for ordinary users to see, but to have a certain knowledge of the search engine web site to see, you know not ordinary users with site advanced instruction to search, as long as there is a certain understanding of the Internet people will do that. read more

Pa Pa 7 behind Shanghai love hidden products promotion methods

exchange Links, blog, video to join the chain or in character signature add links and so on are basically the chain construction method of stationmaster often used, while the Shanghai library with love >

Love Shanghai Encyclopedia love Shanghai.

but love Shanghai know when, also should pay attention to some skills. For example, a IP do not register multiple accounts, multiple accounts should also regularly visit, answer the other major issues; to its own question, must from time to time to adopt the best answer, the number reached 6 or so, of course, you can make a proper "fraud", we also can turn to the relevant groups, to show our problems of "non advertising" etc.. Specific can see the author’s note "+ skills know love Shanghai promotion" weapon "". read more

Love Shanghai webmaster to be targeted ranking factors analysis


at the same time according to the US, the important tool type website right greater than other types of sites, site type and vertical encyclopedia professional website next. The weight of news websites is very high, but the search results depends on the matching degree and effectiveness. Shanghai love their products not classified into this classification……

love the concept of weight is there, we can confirm that Shanghai is love will be all kinds of websites by type is divided into various grades and ranks, and give different weights. But this weight is different from the weight by the webmaster tools to measure out. In this paper, we have mentioned that the user experience in the current search engine optimization occupy a large proportion of Shanghai Dragon technology, Shanghai Dragon technology has not only content + chain. So how to improve the user experience, is to love Shanghai weight? Plus before the question: why do some site application is effective in the love of Shanghai, some of the site was invalid, even love Shanghai will drag the weight and ranking of read more

The word around will be judged as search engine optimization over

The word around


first refers to the title of the website, as shown below:

first place: the title of the website

second: Web site Keywords tag and description tag

fourth refers to the anchor text keywords station to do, and the chain to the "long tail optimization" as the anchor text keywords do.

face search engine algorithms are constantly changing, the four word principle is still using the webmaster friends right? Although the use method of the word around a very long time, but now there are still many webmaster in use, let’s look at this station using the word around a way: read more

So what will search to the search industry how to bring new elements

used and friends all know, so there are a lot of search interface from Sina, micro-blog or other popular media, but the Sina boss is the reason behind this, we can feel from another direction of search, that is the combination of social media and more perfect, because the use of love Shanghai webmaster all know, search keywords in love in Shanghai, the more it is with words related to a high degree of interface and Shanghai love their products, but these are not necessarily what we really need, as a user, I certainly want to know more friends for a product or website view, to guide our next move, because although each search products are dedicated to providing the best results, but after each user’s ideas are different, To provide more comprehensive information may be key technology bigwigs next. read more

How the site was included in Shanghai Longfeng medicine

no matter what you do have much good, everything is the premise of love Shanghai site must be included, no matter how novice or veteran practitioners for many years were included in the website issues are very worried. Optimization of search engine based on the love of Shanghai, and not be loved in Shanghai included is a very depressed things, with the changing love Shanghai algorithm, the site is included seemed to have become a stumbling block, regardless of your technology is high, it is necessary to stand in front of you to show. This article we will talk about how to make this stumbling block become a stepping stone to us. read more

Believe it or not some website optimization section

two, the search engine preference within the site

this is a guess, multi domain binding unified host, in the end will not affect the rankings? Practice tells us, there will be some impact. Multi domain unified host IP address binding, inevitable is the same, the same content in the same IP address, search engines will be judged as mirror. If the binding domain name too, such as a dozen or even dozens of, there is risk of miscarriage of justice station group. Not only the content of the same binding site only a domain name, if conditions permit, please as far as possible the use of independent IP host, the domain name and IP address corresponding to the binding. In the website construction and website optimization, independent IP advantage has repeatedly stated above, the omission of hundreds of words. read more

360 monkey algorithm can search on line millions of owners against hacker attacks

360 line search algorithm of full-time "anti"


shocking! Internet scale black industry giant

previously, well-known Internet Security Forum in freebuf, the exposure of the Internet hackers station industry chain, the shocking. This is just a gang of exposure, has the core technical team, financial and marketing departments, holds more than 10000 domain names backstage administrator user name and password, including some big news media station. According to a tomsinsight survey, only a black chain, by private Zuozhuang, black color to control the payout ratio, annual sales reached 500 billion yuan. read more

Analysis of website optimization Nofollow Tags


the construction quality of the chain, is to inherit the excellent part of the web site weight, which shows the weight of the website can transfer, also shows that each site itself has certain weight. The site itself weight is scattered in the website everywhere, even on the site to contact us, the company occupies a part of the map website weight. This time we have to use the Nofollow tag, we are not important in the source code in the page links with Nofollow tags, you can block these pages transfer your weight, so favorable to read more

The construction of the chain on the site and how to improve the site weight

chain varietiesThe chain of

we all know if a site outside the chain of quality is high, it is easy to increase the weight of the website, and keywords ranking will also depend on before, here are some simple talk about the construction site of the chain and improve the site weight, the 5 dots on.


is temporarily unavailable on that website weight plays a very important role, this is also the reason why exchange friendship link temporary cooperation. The chain must be optimistic about the rules in forum posting, don’t just finish post will be deleted, so the chain of love even if Shanghai snapshot, there is no practical significance, because after a period of work > read more

Shanghai dragon how to exceed your competitors

now more and more people in Shanghai is the earliest dragon, some webmaster friends, many people are now engaged in this industry, there is also a full-time part-time. I began working in the Shanghai dragon in the first half, honest enthusiasm never down, because I see a lot of opportunities.

from a technical perspective, the current level of general, but I do almost all of the word no competition. These words of love Shanghai index is very low, or almost no, some of the main industrial projects. Almost did not take too much time, do love Shanghai home, some words have long occupied the top three. Personal feeling, as long as the right way, Shanghai dragon is very simple. Is mainly in the chain, the chain, the original, update several parts. No exaggeration to say that these parts do, you can enter the home page soon. The actual situation is very complex, often seen in some forums, some Shanghai dragon shoes post for help, why the oneself do very well, the ranking is not good, always can not enter the home, let a person very depressed. read more

Shanghai Longfeng optimization work how to do group purchase website

, blogs and forums. Many websites will add some blogs and forums, can actually put the other position. It should be set to give full play to the effect.

website to get more users also must put the user experience in the position of attention. Only the user pay, pay attention to, only that your site has a good momentum of development.

3, the page plate should be clear, the various sections of the title should be prominent.

As for the

1, the link structure is chaotic, many websites with a lot of two domain names, domain name three. From the angle of Shanghai dragon, it is very deadly. But because of the different site demand is not the same, therefore, from the perspective of Shanghai dragon, link structure should be simple, can not the two level domain name, try not to use the two level domain name, link level should be controlled in 3 layers. read more

The content is king some annotation links for

content is king

, from the 3 elements, text, images, flash files etc.. The so-called "map with the truth, except the writing site with pictures, not only has beautiful effect, can arouse more users reading mood. But the search engine grab picture effect almost, generally add the ALT attribute. For flash files, JS files, even if the technology will not take great effort to analyze the contents inside.

3, !

"content is king, this is an important link for" the establishment of the center is also thought content, Shanghai dragon. It is only a few points, but it takes a long long process to achieve. Since the original Hefei Shanghai Dragon (贵族宝贝anhui.Org, Shanghai dragon) with links to welcome to reprint, thank you read more