Henson: Analyzing scouts’ evaluations of some UW prospects

first_imgQuite often, NFL scouts are wrong.They have a challenging job. A job that requires them to predict the future success of collegiate athletes for teams prepared to spend millions.They attend everything from the scouting combine to pro days and private workout sessions, charting every move a prospect makes, hoping to deliver an accurate grade to their respective war rooms.It’s widely understood that there will be inexplicable busts each year. That just comes with the territory of being a scout.But you’d assume all the proper research is done to ensure teams make the best pick possible.You’d assume they know everything there is to know about each player they scout.Well, that’s not always the case.Yesterday, Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel had a story that provided unnamed scouts’ takes on various players from Wisconsin high schools or colleges, leading up to the draft.For the most part, the scouts’ insights made sense. Their evaluations of the former Badgers were in line with what we saw here at UW throughout the past couple seasons.But then I got to Bill Nagy and Scott Tolzien.Both players are expected to be late picks or free agent signees. For them, each scout’s view is critical as they try to get one team to take a chance on them towards the end of the draft. Most coaches and general managers aren’t spending a lot of time studying film of Nagy and Tolzien – it’s the scouts who get paid to find those late-round contributors.But sometimes these scouts’ logic makes you scratch your head.We’ll start with Nagy. Here’s what one scout told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:“There’s just no reason why he can’t come to an NFL team and be a center-guard for at minimum four years, Every time he went into a game he played well. Between that kid and that coach there’s something going on. They don’t talk him up. They don’t seem to think he’s much of a prospect, but the tape to me shows different. I don’t get why he didn’t start at center or guard.”Lets break this down.The scout spoke highly of Nagy, noting his ability to come into games when needed and perform at a high level.Then the scout hints there may have been a player-coach dispute, which explains why Nagy wasn’t named a starter.That’s news to me. That’s news to anyone who covered the Wisconsin football team this past year.Nagy was the odd-man-out for the deepest offensive line in the country. He had a shot to win a starting job at right guard heading into the season but lost out to Kevin Zeitler – one of the top interior lineman in the Big Ten. And as for the center position? Some scouts say Peter Konz was the best O-lineman the Badgers had last season (including Carimi and Moffitt). Nagy wasn’t slighted. He played behind some of the best lineman in college football.What’s worse is the other part of the scouts’ take could be interpreted as one of those “character issues” we always hear about come draft day. What did he do to lose favor with the staff? Why does Nagy have a poor relationship with head coach Bret Bielema?There is no evidence that shows these are questions that need to be asked.Bielema constantly praised Nagy for his hard work and dedication to the team. The senior played three positions for Bielema (guard, center and tight end) and did what he could to get on the field.His performance against Iowa, when he replaced the injured Konz, drew tons of praise.“Billy Nagy pops in, takes off the tight end jersey number and steps in there. Unbelievable, selfless act to give us that win,” Bielema said.Here’s what Nagy had to say after the 31-30 victory: “That’s my role, and I’m doing whatever I can to help the team win.”But that’s not the only questionable perspective I found.Here’s what a scout said about Tolzien to the Journal Sentinel:“He will be a third and smarter than the starting quarterback. He manages the game. He can’t win a championship for you. He couldn’t bring them back against TCU. He’s just not gifted enough to do it.”Everyone agrees Tolzien is probably destined to hold a clipboard in the NFL. He doesn’t have ideal measurables or arm strength, but he’d be a reliable backup quarterback – a guy who won’t make costly mistakes and who’ll know the offense perfectly.No problem with that sentiment.But it’s not fair to say Tolzien can’t win a championship because he couldn’t bring the Badgers back against TCU.You’re going to discount Tolzien because Horned Frogs’ linebacker Tank Carder made an incredible individual play to knock Tolzien’s game-tying 2-point try down? If Carder loses his footing, gets pancaked by the UW O-line and Tolzien completes that pass, does that give him a higher NFL grade?That’s absurd.Point to his mechanics or question his arm strength if you want, but Tolzien proved he could win the Badgers a game with his arm.UW’s running game was so good last year, Tolzien rarely needed to sling the ball around and engineer a comeback.But in that same game in Iowa City where Nagy impressed, Tolzien led a game-winning, 15-play touchdown drive. UW went with an empty backfield, shotgun formation and Tolzien delivered against the Hawkeyes at a point in the season when they still cared enough to try.Takes a pretty gifted signal caller to pull that off.Sure, Tolzien and Nagy aren’t perfect.Neither are the scouts.Max is a senior majoring in journalism. Think Tolzien and Nagy will be prove the doubters wrong? Email him at mhenson@badgerherald.com.last_img read more

Bully Ray on Ring of Honor’s MSG debut: “A lot of guys are in for a good, rude awakening”

first_imgThe building located between 7th and 8th Avenues atop Pennsylvania Station in Midtown Manhattan is unlike any other around.It has long been revered and is the place where you can make or break your career. #G1Supercard @TheGarden!Streaming LIVE for ALL #HonorClub members THIS SATURDAY at 730e/430p!NYC Street Fight: @bullyray5150 vs Juice Robinson https://t.co/7Es6IIA2M1 pic.twitter.com/qzZVdqE6hP— ROH Wrestling (@ringofhonor) April 1, 2019SN: There’s been so much talk about the main event of WrestleMania with women headlining that show for the first time in its history. On this show, you have two companies working together. How much does it matter what goes on last?BR: Somebody has to go on last and, to be honest with you, I think I’d rather be on second to last because this show is going to 4-5 hours long I would assume and let’s say the show is running heavy on time and there’s a cutoff. I know there’s a cutoff time in The Garden with unions. What if there’s also a cutoff time with the pay-per-view? And what if the entire show is running long and now the main event has less time than anticipated? Now you’re screwed. So, I’d probably rather be on second to last than last. ROH & NJPW present G1 Supercard on Saturday, April 6 from sold-out Madison Square Garden in New York City. The historic event airs LIVE at 7:30 p.m. ET/4:30 p.m. PT on traditional pay-per-view and streaming FREE for all HonorClub members. HonorClub content can be streamed via the ROH and FITE apps and at ROHHonorClub.com. This is Madison Square Garden and for the first time in the promotion’s history, Ring of Honor will be holding an event at the “world’s most famous arena”. This Saturday, ROH and New Japan Pro Wrestling will present the G1 Supercard event at the historic building in New York City. The event will air live at 7:30 p.m. ET / 4:30 p.m. PT on pay-per-view and will also stream for HonorClub members via the ROH and FITE.tv app.Join DAZN and watch more than 100 fight nights a yearWhile most of the ROH roster has never wrestled at Madison Square Garden, Bully Ray is quite familiar with that stage. The Queens native grew up attending shows at MSG as a fan and later performed there while working with WWE.But this is a different, updated version of Bully Ray, one that is different from being part of The Dudley Boyz, one of the most successful tag teams of all time. The WWE Hall of Famer has since re-invented himself into a successful singles wrestler where is a two-time former TNA World Champion.More than that, he has become of the most hated people in wrestling, being a thorn in the side of whoever he has in his sights on a particular day. It’s a role he has gladly taken on and thrived at.Bully Ray recently issued an open challenge for anyone to face him in a NYC Street Fight at “The Garden” with Juice Robinson happily accepting. That adds to a loaded card that will feature a Triple Threat ladder match between Jay Lethal, Matt Taven, and Marty Scurll for the ROH World Championship while Jay White faces Kazuchika Okada for the IWGP Heavyweight Championship.https://t.co/TK7t4IuHzx journalist @TheKevinEck tries to get a word with @bullyray5150 about Juice Robinson answering his open challenge at @TheGarden… pic.twitter.com/kBNzdzK7GG— ROH Wrestling (@ringofhonor) March 31, 2019Sporting News recently spoke with Bully Ray about his memories of “The Garden”, the ongoing relationship between ROH and NJPW, and what he would like to see from ROH going forward.Sporting News: You went to wrestling shows at Madison Square Garden while growing up. What are your first memories of that building as a fan from then?Bully Ray: My very first memories of Madison Square Garden is actually seeing events being broadcast on the MSG Network. As a kid growing up. I would watch the WWF on WOR Channel 9 on Saturday morning at 10 a.m. And then when they had a special event, they would broadcast it from Madison Square Garden. It was such a big deal to see an event from Madison Square Garden as opposed to seeing it from their taped TV shows that would happen at Allentown or Scranton or wherever.And then when I was 12 years old, I was in the front row the night that Jimmy Snuka jumped off the top of the steel cage and hit the Superfly Splash on Don Muraco. It’s the same night (Tommy) Dreamer was there and the same night that Mick Foley was there. I remember Jimmy Snuka coming to the ring and, because I was in the front row, he got so close to where I was sitting that I was actually able to touch him on the shoulder. So, I have real memories as a kid of Madison Square Garden watching wrestling there.SN: When it comes to The Garden and it being bigger than life, how much did that play into you wanting to become a wrestler? BR: I always knew I wanted to be a pro wrestler. It really had nothing to do with Madison Square Garden. It had to do with wrestling in general. I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to do anything else. Yeah, I wanted to be a rock star and if I had to be the “regular world” maybe I would have become a chef and went to culinary school or maybe been in the record industry. I really knew wrestling was it for me. I guess being in The Garden that night and seeing it that up close and seeing that maybe people and feeling the energy and the vibe in that building solidified it for me. SN: You’ve worked at The Garden multiple times already. What was the experience like the first time you wrestled in that building?BR: I’m not sure if I wrestled in Madison Square Garden before our tables match with The Hardyz, I believe that might have been the first time because I don’t think we worked a live event before that. But the Royal Rumble 2000 was the first-ever tag team tables match in the WWE and it was The Hardyz versus The Dudleyz. We tore the house down.That’s the night that The Dudleyz really put their name on the map in the WWE. It’s a night that I will always say, for me personally, that’s where I staked my flag in the ground and I said that myself and Devon are here for a reason. We’re out to prove ourselves and that night we really did. If you’re going to prove yourself someplace, if you’re going to put your name up there with everyone else in the company during the Attitude Era, you might as well do it in The Garden. You can’t make a bigger stake than that. SN: I talked to Jay Lethal about a month ago and even then, the anticipation for this show was through the roof already and that’s all he could think about as what everyone in the ROH was talking about. What has it been like to be in that locker room with so many guys that have never had the opportunity to work in The Garden and what’s the anticipation level like?BR: It’s fun to sit back and watch these guys but I still don’t think that they realize what they really have coming at them. You’ll never understand what it’s like to perform in Madison Square Garden. You can’t fathom it until you perform in Madison Square Garden. You have to go through that curtain and you have to experience that rush on your own for the first time.So right now, it’s just all talk in the locker. “Oh, it’s really cool. We’re going to be in Madison Square Garden. Isn’t it going to be great?” Until you step foot in there, until you go through that curtain, until you hear that music play and you stand on that stage and you take it all in, that’s when it hits you. And a lot of these guys are in for a good, rude awakening.They’re going to get hit with that rush of emotion when they see that crowd and when they see that building. That rush of emotion can almost make you black out. You gotta be really conscious of it because it can take over you and it could screw up your performance. So, you have to go out there calm, cool, collected, take it in, smell the roses but you never really know what it’s like until you do it.I’m fortunate enough that I wrestled there at the Royal Rumble 2000, I wrestled at WrestleMania in Madison Square Garden. I’ve wrestled in main events at Madison Square Garden. I’ve been on the marquee and wrestled The Rock at Madison Square Garden. We’ve done a lot in that building. I think I’ll have a handle on it because I understand what it’s like and I know that feeling that will come over me once I go through the curtain. The most special thing for me now because I’ve accomplished so much in my career and in that building, the thing I’m most proud of is that I’m not going into Madison Square Garden as Bubba Ray Dudley. I’m going in as Bully Ray. I’m going into The Garden as something I created and I nurtured and I was able to take to world’s championship status and I was able to bring to Ring of Honor and try to help make a difference. One of the last things on my bucket list really was to bring one of my creations to Madison Square Garden and knock on wood, as long as I make it there that day, that’s hopefully what I’ll be doing and stealing the show.SN: There’s this ongoing collaboration between Ring of Honor and New Japan that has been going on for a while now. What else would you like to see come out of this relationship and what do you think are the next steps when it comes to the two companies working together?BR: I think the two companies have worked famously together. Both companies benefit. Both offices have a great rapport and a great, respectful relationship. I think the wrestlers respect one another and each other’s abilities to perform. I think Ring of Honor and New Japan just need to stay the course. For Ring of Honor, I think they are going to be in a unique position that they’ve never been in before. For 17 years, Ring of Honor has existed in its own safe place in the wrestling world. Ring of Honor didn’t screw with anybody and nobody screwed with Ring of Honor. Ring of Honor never had any direct competition.Ring of Honor, after The Garden, is going to be put under a microscope because if you go in front of 16-17,000 people, when you go to your regular live events in smaller venues, you need to make sure those smaller venues are sold out, standing room only and a line out the door to see your product. People are going to look at that. They’re going to compare the amount of people that were at Madison Square Garden to the normal business that Ring of Honor does. Like I said, they will be under a microscope. I believe the second task that Ring of Honor has is with the creation of AEW that, for the first time, Ring of Honor will have direct competition for their fanbase because AEW fans are Ring of Honor fans. I think the thing that Ring of Honor needs to work on is identity. We’ve always known who they are for 17 years. Some of the best wrestlers, some of the best athletes, some of the most exciting wrestlers and matches we’ve seen but now they have to take the next step as they’re carving out their identity.If WWE is the greatest in sports entertainment and Ring of Honor is the best entertaining sport, now AEW are the cool kids in town. I think Ring of Honor needs to become very unpredictable. I think Ring of Honor needs to take chances that they’re not used to taking. Maybe look for some talent that they wouldn’t normally go after. Bully Ray and Ring of Honor, it was like oil and water at first but I’m proud to say that the relationship has worked very well. That’s what I’d like to see Ring of Honor do personally. SN: You’ve worked over in Japan before and are a 2-time IWGP heavyweight tag team champion. Have you thought about going back and having more matches in Japan?BR: I would love to reestablish a working relationship with New Japan. I would want to work with the right person. Me and Devon had tremendous success in all of the companies we worked for in Japan whether that was All Japan, Hustle, and especially New Japan. Two-time IWGP tag team champions. We wrestled in the Tokyo Dome three or four times on their big show. Singles-wise it would really have to be the right guy to tell the right story. The most important part to me is the story.I’m a storyteller in the storytelling business and I tell my stories in a wrestling ring. To me, it’s not just about a wrestling match. It has to be bigger than that. If you saw my match with Flip Gordon at Final Battle, that wasn’t a wrestling match. That was ending scene in an action movie like Die Hard. And that’s what I want; larger than life scenarios that when a fan goes home, they know they saw something special. And not just another match that although it might have been exciting, was just a wrestling match.My Final Battle match with Flip, I’m extremely proud of and I’ll go on record to say that match stole the show. It stole the show excitement-wise. It stole the show surprise-wise. I’m happy that we surprised the people, shocked the people, have the people on their feet. At the end of the day, the people got what they wanted and that’s what I like about pro wrestling. I can appreciate just a wrestling match but I want to be entertained beyond a wrestling match.last_img read more

Clerk slapped with 15 counts of fraud

first_imgA clerk attached to DeSinco Trading Limited was on Friday granted bail in the sum of $330,000 by Magistrate Leron Daly after he was arraigned with 15 counts of fraud.Rawle Peters, 22, of Ardina Street, Georgetown, denied the charges after it was read to him when he appeared at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts.The court heard that between February 14 and March 28, 2018, he embezzled a total of $1,046,712 while being employed at the company’s Sheriff Street location.The attorney for the accused made an application for bail to be granted to his client in a reasonable sum but Police Prosecutor Gordon Mansfield objected to bail based on the seriousness of the offences.The father of two is expected to return to court on July 13.last_img read more


first_imgA farmer who led Gardai on an 18km chase has had his driving ban doubled after he tried to appeal his case.Gallagher leaving court after his first case.Sean Gallagher, who claimed he was taking his case on behalf of the farmers of Ireland, even threatened Gardai by telling them he knew where they lived. The Churchill man, 44, was branded a lunatic by a judge when he appeared at Letterkenny Circuit Court to appeal a previous District Court sentence.The unemployed father of three told Gardai when eventually stopped that they “couldn’t take the knickers off a bare a***.”Gda Paul McGee said Gallagher drove past him despite being told to stop at the Rock Bar, Newmills, Letterkenny on April 1 last year.Gallagher, from Cabra, Churchill, led gardai on an 18km chase, crossing both sides of the road on several occasions.The Garda described the incident as “the worse piece of driving I’ve seen in five years in the Traffic corps.”The accused then warned Garda McGee that he knew where he lived and that this would not be the end of the matter.Gda McGee told Judge Keenan Johnson that Gallagher had also said: “I’m leading the fightback against you boys for the farmers of Ireland.And he added “Sure I have a bicycle and I don’t have far to go for a drink.”Defence barrister Peter Nolan asked to withdraw the appeal, saying he wasn’t aware Gallagher was already banned from the road for drink-driving.However Judge Johnson refused to let the case be withdrawn.He said Gallagher was a “lunatic” and a “scourge” the roads.“You’re a disgrace, blighting the good name of farming people by claiming to represent them. It’s a miracle no-one was killed,” said the Judge.He allowed the 10 month prison sentence handed down by the District Court for drink-driving, driving whilst disqualified, failing to provide a specimen of breath.Judge Johnson increased the ten-year road ban to 20 years.“He shouldn’t be on the roads,” he said.FARMER DESCRIBED AS ‘LUNATIC’ BY JUDGE HAS DRIVING BAN DOUBLED was last modified: February 14th, 2014 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:ChurchilldonegalGarda Paul McGeeGardaiLetterkenny Circuit Courtsean gallagherlast_img read more