Geoscience BC report says Northeast BC has potential for more light oil

first_img“This project has the potential to bring investment in light oil development to northeastern BC,” said project lead Brad Hayes. “This has significantly lower environmental impact than the heavier oils associated with Alberta’s oil sands, and could also help to diversify British Columbia’s economy.”Of the 27 locations, eight were rejected as unsuitable and 19 were deemed suitable for analysis. Those 19 suitable locations were then graded from A to C: – 2 – the Halfway and Chinkeh Formations – were graded ‘A’ – 1 was graded ‘A/B’; – 6 were graded ‘B’; and – 10 were graded ‘C’.“Light oil is significantly more valuable than the heavier oils. Making this new data publicly available helps the energy sector to focus exploration activity and responsible development,” said Geoscience BC Executive Vice President & Chief Scientific Officer Carlos Salas. “It also makes independent data about the potential for unconventional oil development in the region available to communities, First Nations and government.”Geoscience BC said the identification of new oil plays in Northeast B.C.’s portion of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin falls under its energy focus area and contributes to the organization’s objective to identify new natural resource opportunities.The full report can be read here: FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – A new report published by Geoscience BC today has graded the potential for high-value light and medium oil at 27 locations in northeastern B.C.Geoscience BC said that while the area is well-known for its natural gas reserves, little research has been done to identify the potential for accessing lighter oil in the region since the widespread adoption of horizontal drilling and multi-stage hydraulic fracturing.Titled ‘Identification of New Resource Oil Plays in Northeast British Columbia’s Portion of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin,’ Geoscience BC said the project seeks to address that knowledge gap.last_img read more

Insufficient Oral Healthcare: An Overlooked Public Health Crisis in Morocco

Amsterdam  – Oral health is affected by diet, nutrition, tobacco use, knowledge on general health, and diseases such as cancer and diabetes.Bad oral health leads to cavities, tooth decay, bad breath, and gum diseases like periodontitis. Bad oral health is also associated with risks for Alzheimer’s and heart disease and systemic health problems.In a country where cardiovascular disease, cancer, and diabetes account for 58 percent of the mortality rate, oral health needs to be discussed as a matter of public health. Lack of oral hygiene and consuming sugary products or sweet sodas lead to oral cavities. When left untreated, this may lead to tooth decay, missing teeth, and gingival diseases. Periodontitis is an irreversible aggressive form of gum disease.Oral hygiene and the associated habits must be incorporated from a young age. It should become a routine, a personal tradition, that is then maintained throughout one’s life. In Morocco, children in orphanages are at high risk for oral diseases. Children’s oral health practices are dependent on their parents. Low rates of toothbrush use are observed in studies of mothers and their children. In this instance, the mothers displayed very inefficient brushing techniques. In Sale, a neighboring city to Rabat, the mothers’ own knowledge of the practice of dental hygiene was investigated and shown to be related to children’s oral hygiene. Good oral hygiene practices were associated with the mother’s educational level and the child’s health status. The Moroccan Mother and Child units serve as a basis to offer counselling for mothers regarding general health. This could function as a resource for incorporating dental hygiene and oral health programs into public services.With regard to adolescents, a research group from the Department of Odontology at Mohammed V University in Rabat showed that of a study with 450 participants, 86 percent had at least one untreated dental cavities even though 82.3 percent of the study population had dental health covered by their insurance. This indicates that oral health is not only related to medical insurance, but possibly other factors.  Morocco has a high prevalence of periodontitis in young people. In 2016, a Moroccan study group concluded that the young Moroccan population is at high risk for developing aggressive periodontal disease. Therefore, it is plausible that, due to the nature of the disease, the same applies to older populations. A Spanish oral health research group conducted a study on patients with periodontitis, wherein 62 percent had aggressive periodontitis and 14 percent had chronic periodontitis. The bacteria co-responsible for developing periodontitis was  present in 60 percent of a study population consisting of Moroccan adolescents. It is assumed that Moroccans are more susceptible to periodontitis; biological elements such as genetics and the oral flora play a role in contributing to the increased risk. Likewise, a lack of proper oral hygiene, limited access to dental healthcare, the irregular use of toothbrushes and toothpaste in rural settings and low income families, and inadequate knowledge on significance of oral health factor into this widespread public health issue. read more

SecretaryGeneral hails work of International Criminal Court

The creation of the International Criminal Court (ICC) is one of the “major achievements in international law during the past century,” providing the opportunity to hold to account the world’s worst war criminals, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said in a statement released today to mark a key anniversary in the ICC’s founding.Sunday will be the fifth anniversary of the entry into force of the Rome Statute of the ICC, which allowed the Court to be formally established after years of negotiation between countries.“During the relatively short time of its existence, the Court has already established itself as the centrepiece of a system of international criminal justice,” Mr. Ban said in his statement. “It is both the embodiment of, and the driving force behind, a profound evolution of international culture and law.”The ICC is an independent, permanent court that tries persons accused of carrying out the most serious crimes, including genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes. It holds trials only when national courts cannot or will not conduct their own proceedings.The Rome Statute which brought the Court into being now has 104 States Parties, and Mr. Ban urged those nations that have not yet become parties to do so.He added that “already the activities of the Court and its Prosecutor [Luis Moreno-Ocampo] have a deterring effect on potential perpetrators of international crimes.”So far the ICC has issued arrest warrants for two suspects accused of war crimes in Sudan’s Darfur region and five leaders of the rebel Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) in northern Uganda. Thomas Lubanga, a rebel leader in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), was arrested last year. The Court has also opened investigations into allegations of killings and rapes in the Central African Republic (CAR). 29 June 2007The creation of the International Criminal Court is one of the “major achievements in international law during the past century,” providing the opportunity to hold to account the world’s worst war criminals, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said in a statement released today to mark a key anniversary in the ICC’s founding. read more

Ursula Keogh body found in river during search for missing 11yearold girl

first_imgPolice searching for a missing 11 year-old have found the body of a young girl in a river.On Monday, officers launched an appeal to find Ursula Keogh, from Halifax, who was last seen at around 3.30pm dressed in her school uniform.She was last spotted walking across the North Bridge over the River Calder, which runs through West Yorkshire.The young girl was wearing  a dark blue blazer, grey skirt, black tights, black brogues and a black parka.Her family have been told of the discovery of a body in the River Calder at Paris Gates and formal identification is yet to take place, West Yorkshire Police said. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. “Our thoughts and prayers are with Ursula’s family and friends and at this very difficult time.” Latest Update: Missing Person Ursula Keogh, Halifax – Monday 22 January 20:45pm Police looking for missing 11-year-old Ursula Keogh have this evening found the body of a young female in the River Calder at Paris Gates in Halifax. Enquiries will remain…— West Yorkshire Police (@WestYorksPolice) January 22, 2018 The force said it is not believed there are any suspicious circumstances.It said in a statement:  “Inquiries will remain ongoing to determine a cause of the death, however, at this stage, it is not believed there are any suspicious circumstances.”Her school, the Lightcliffe Academy, said it will remain open today to help support pupils  and is going to hold a memorial assembly in remembrance for the student.The school said: “Following the tragic death last night of our student Ursula Keogh, the academy is open today as we look to support students and the whole academy community with this heartbreaking loss.last_img read more

Why Sandhursts first female company sergeant major will not play up to

Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Kelly Caswell-TreenCredit:Telegraph Among the trainees under her watchful eye are likely to be members of foreign royal families. Hussein, crown prince of Jordan, passed out of the academy in 2017.However, WO2 Caswell-Treen, who has served in Afghanistan, anticipates no difficulties working with trainee officers from cultures unused to women holding leadership roles. Kelly Caswell-Treen Kelly Caswell-Treen grew up on Army bases  WO2 Caswell-Treen, a 36-year-old veteran of operational tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, has been in the army for 16 years and is married to Gemma, a captain in the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, with whom she has a two-year-old daughter, Emelia.Originally from Uttoxeter, she followed her father into the Army after growing up on various bases, including in Germany.She has been serving with 4 Armoured Medical Regiment, Aldershot, and applied for the role at Sandhurst when the post was made available to women last year. She was thrilled to pass the six-week selection course.”It’s the nature of the place and the prestige of the job. It’s seen as a great accolade to go to Sandhurst and teach and instruct the future leaders of the British Army,” she said.”Sandhurst is seen as the centre of excellence for leadership and man management. It’s something great to be a part of.”The key thing is to lead by example; the motto of Sandhurst is ‘Serve to Lead’.” She said: “Based on my experience of working with overseas cultures as a medic, certainly there are barriers and you have to consider and respect those cultures, but I don’t foresee it being a problem.”The hardest time in her Army career so far had been serving as a combat medic in Sangin, Afghanistan, between 2007-8, when she looked after civilians and the Afghan National Army, as well as her own colleagues.”I saw some horrific injuries,” she said. “It was a very testing time.” She has no time for those who say her appointment is tokenism.”I’m very grateful for the job opportunities I’ve been offered, but for me it’s been through hard work and by merit, not based on the fact I’m a female,” she said. “I will succeed, there’s no doubt about that.”I don’t go in light-hearted, I’ll give it my full attention and dedication and that’s all I can do.” WO2 Caswell-Treen is not only the first female CSM at Sandhurst but a pioneer for the wider Army as well, because women have only been allowed to apply to join the infantry since the beginning of this year.Sandhurst, the Army’s officer training site in Camberley, Surrey, uses infantry skills and methods as way to develop leadership. The traditional image of the company sergeant major as a red-faced man berating troops on parade is to get an overhaul, after the first woman appointed to the role at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst said she would not be following stereotypes.Warrant Officer Class 2 Kelly Caswell-Treen, a combat medic, will take up her new post in the summer.The role of CSM in the infantry is traditionally associated with shouting at squaddies, typified by the character of Battery Sergeant Major Williams in It Ain’t Half Hot Mum, played by the late Windsor Davies.But WO2 Caswell-Treen said that image was out of date.”The very angry sergeant major [seen on television programmes] is not a true reflection of where we are today,” she said. “You have to adapt and be resilient in that regard. There’s a time and place for everything.” Kelly Caswell-Treen grew up on Army bases Credit: RUSSELL SACH read more

Fake alcohol warning issued after man becomes seriously ill from drinking methanol

first_imgFake alcohol warning issued after man becomes seriously ill from drinking methanol He thought he was drinking vodka. 22,826 Views By Órla Ryan THE HSE HAS issued a public health alert about the danger of consuming fake or counterfeit alcohol.The move follows the hospitalisation of a man with methanol poisoning.It is understood that the patient, who is seriously ill in a Dublin hospital, drank liquid from a vodka bottle which was bought from an unrecognised vendor in the Ballymun area of Dublin.It is thought the vodka bottle had been re-filled with methanol, which is highly toxic.Gardaí in Ballymun and the Food Safety Authority of Ireland are investigating the incident.The HSE has issued the following advice to the public:Only buy alcohol from a recognised shop, off-licence or licenced premisesIf you have bought alcohol from an unrecognised seller, do not drink it. Hand the bottle in to your local garda station to help in the investigation of this incidentIf you recently drank alcohol from a bottle bought on the street and are concerned about symptoms, seek urgent medical adviceIn a statement, the HSE noted that methanol is highly toxic and consumption of it can cause kidney failure, blindness and death.Methanol is contained in solvents, antifreeze and windscreen wash. It is also called methyl alcohol, carbinol, wood alcohol or wood spirit.People who drink methanol may initially have symptoms such as loss of balance, staggering, slurred speech or eye tremors. There may be a gap of 12 -24 hours before symptoms of methanol poisoning develop.These can include headache, confusion, dizziness, blurred vision, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain and rapid breathing. In severe cases, convulsions and coma can develop.Read: Air-based search for missing Coast Guard crew to be called off until morningRead: Timeline: The seismic controversy over the Project Eagle sale as it unfolded from start to finish Image: Shutterstock/Liukov Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Short URL Share Tweet Email 18 Comments Image: Shutterstock/Liukov Tuesday 14 Mar 2017, 7:39 PM Mar 14th 2017, 7:39 PM last_img read more

What is SimSimi and how has it been used as a bullying was unable to reach the makers of the app for comment.Read: Controversial ‘bullying’ app SimSimi goes offline in Ireland Apr 2nd 2017, 7:30 AM THIS WEEK, ONE of the most popular trending apps in Ireland said that it had gone offline.Available to download on Google Play and iOS, SimSimi is an automated chat bot. Basically, you send it messages and it sends some back.The idea is for it to be a robot that you can chat to, that learns to associate words with different responses.No matter what you asked it from Wednesday onwards, however, you got the same response: “I do not talk in Ireland for a while”. Source: TheJournal.ieSimSimi has become a popular app for primary and secondary schools alike, but parents and teachers have warned that the app can and is being used for bullying.The way the app replies to the messages you send is dependent on the words the bot has associated with the text of what you just sent.For example, greeting SimSimi with a “hello” is likely to yield a “hello” back, because it has recognised this as a greeting that would usually yield the same response.However, you could mention a specific person and, depending what has already been said about that person, the response you get could range from nasty and threatening to sexually explicit.In practice, a small group could make a range of comments about a person and, without that person able to stop it, their name could be associated with negative and abusive content.A spokesperson for teachers union, the INTO, told that, “despite the SimSimi app having a PEGI rating of 16 in the Google Play and iTunes stores it was being used by some pupils in primary schools. 12 Comments Where schools were aware of this use by some pupils, they alerted parents of potential dangers. General alerts were also issued by many teachers and schools through social media.One parent who said her teenage daughter’s name had been associated with vile abuse on the platform, without her daughter even knowing it, told that she and other parents had heard about the app and used it to search for their children’s names.“We did some searches for our kids names and there were some vile, vile comments on the names for each of our respective children,” she said.I didn’t want to bring up the subject of the app with my daughter, so went into her phone to see if she’d ever downloaded the app on the app store and luckily she hadn’t. It was a really stressful situation.The mother was told she’d have to wait 15 days for action to be taken when she complained about this to SimSimi. The company did, however offer a number of methods that could be used to remove the comments associated with her daughter’s name.Although there is a service whereby you can erase some of the associations that the bot has made between questions and answers, this is limited unless you want to pay $1 for each deletion.She said a friend who works in IT had advocated just deleting the app, but that didn’t remove the comments on the site and still ran the risk that her daughter and others would eventually see the abusive comments associated with them.I complained but that didn’t delete all of the comments. It didn’t solve the problem. This is a platform for hate, which is anonymous.The parent said that the comments were so bad that she would prosecute the person who wrote them if it was possible to find out who it was.“I’ve seen so many violent attacks on social media, and this was just another way for it to happen,” she added.The Digital Youth Council were among those who had advocated the site being taken down, and expressed their delight when it began offering the same message to all users. Short URL Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Source: Harry McCann/Twitter By Sean Murray What is SimSimi and how has it been used as a ‘bullying app’ for children? One parent said she discovered “vile, disgusting comments” about her daughter on the app. All the pressure in the media to shut down Simsimi has been successful! This message now appearing for Irish users 👍 – Delighted!— Harry McCann (@TheHarryMcC) March 29, 2017 Sunday 2 Apr 2017, 7:30 AM 25,617 Views Share14 Tweet Email3 last_img read more

Girl 9 injured in I5 crash dies in hospital

first_imgOne of two children rushed to the hospital after late-night crash on Interstate 5 near Ridgefield on Thursday, March 29, has died in the hospital, a Washington State Patrol report said.Jawriah B. Cuffie, who went by Breacia, suffered a facial fracture, and closed head and chest injuries in the crash. The 9-year-old Vancouver girl died Saturday at Randall Children’s Hospital at Legacy Emanuel Medical Center in Portland, a hospital spokeswoman said.Ohriyon C. Cuffie, 7, the other child sent to the hospital after the crash, was discharged Sunday, a hospital spokeswoman said.The crash happened around 11:20 p.m. Thursday on I-5 southbound near Ridgefield when Brenzell L. Lightner, 27, lost control of a 2006 Toyota Corolla in heavy rain and hit a tree in the median, state patrol said.Drugs or alcohol were a factor, troopers said.Lightner was treated and released at PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center.LaMarr Cuffie, 32, an adult passenger in the car, was also taken to the hospital with neck and chest pain. He was treated and released.Troopers are still investigating the case, Tanner said.A memorial page for Breacia Cuffie has been set up on Facebook.last_img read more

Hire More Heroes Act Passes US House Unanimously

first_imgDespite the fierce fights waged in Congress over the Affordable Care Act, a bill to loosen the employer mandate sailed through the U.S. House last week.Download AudioThe vote was unanimous for what’s called the “Hire More Heroes Act.” The aim is to encourage small businesses to employ veterans. The bill says veterans wouldn’t count toward the 50-employee threshold that determines whether a business is required to offer health insurance. Sen. Lisa Murkowski is one of the co-sponsors of the Senate version of the bill.“When they get out of the military they’re looking for employment,” Murkowski said. “We want there to be no barriers.”The bill would apply to employers who hire anyone with heath care covered by the VA or Tricare, the military insurance program, so it appears to include active duty family members, too. In Alaska, one in 10 residents is a veteran, according to the VA. Murkowski says the bill wouldn’t diminish the health care law.“If your federal government is caring for your health care needs in one area, do we need to do a double dip, if you will, by requiring the employer to also provide for that level of care?” she said. “So I don’t think it undercuts the Affordable Care Act in any way.”This year, for the first time, businesses with 100 or more full-time employees are required to offer health insurance or pay a penalty. The threshold drops to 50 employees next year.The Congressional Budget Office estimates the “Hire More Heroes” bill would cost the government some $86 million a year in lost penalty revenues.last_img read more

APDs new targeted crime plan focuses on connections

first_imgActing Deputy Chief Sean Case speaks during a press conference in Mountain View on March 9, 2017. (Hillman/Alaska Public Media)The Anchorage Police Department announced its new targeted crime plan Thursday. It focuses on getting into the community and developing relationships. APD will expand its foot patrols beyond downtown and into Mountain View, Fairview and Spenard.Acting Deputy Chief Sean Case spoke during a news conference at the Mountain View Community Center.“The goal of the foot patrol is to really put the police department in a position where we’re able to have that open dialog with people who live in these communities,” Case said. “They see things in a different light than we do. In order for us to really address some of the concerns and the problems in these neighborhoods, we have to be more available and accessible to them.”Patrols will expand further as they continue to add more officers, Case said during a follow-up interview.Mountain View resident Tasha Hotch said the changes will create a better environment in her neighborhood.“You know, as I go door to door to invite people to things like our community council meetings or different events in the community, people are scared to answer their doors,” Hotch said. “And I think that having foot patrols and more community policing is going to have a big impact on that, where it will feel more like a community.”The force will also focus more efforts on stopping drug distribution.“What we can see is there is a connection between drugs, burglaries, thefts, vehicle thefts, and violence,” Deputy Chief Case explained.A brief outline of APD’s new initiatives. (Hillman/Alaska Public Media)As part of the plan, the Community Area Patrol unit will focus on street-level drug use, and the VICE unit will conduct longer-term investigations. The department will also increase their presence in areas where they receive lots of calls about shots being fired.Administration spokesperson Myer Hutchinson said the force’s new directives are made possible by the growing number of trained officers. APD’s staff has increased by 50 people since July of 2015. The Anchorage Assembly voted to increase APD’s budget for 2016 and 2017, allowing the department to hold more training academies.last_img read more

Xenko 30 game engine is here now free and opensource

first_imgXenko, a game engine owned by Silicon Studios has officially released its third version on August 2. The major change in Xenko 3.0 is the transition to being open-source. It also comes with changes made to the project system and added support for videos as well as hair, and skin rendering. Open-source and support Although Xenko won’t be supported officially anymore by Silicon Studios, the members of the Xenko development team will continue contributing to it. Virgile Bello, Lead Developer at Xenko Game Engine stated that he will personally work on it fulltime for the next couple of months in the official blog. The new version is released under the MIT License on Github. It is well received by the open source community. The Xenko repository has already gained almost 700 stars and a couple of issues showing active involvement. Changes in the Xenko 3.0 game engine Other than the open-source transition, there are a few other changes in the engine itself. Xenko 3.0 has made the switch to the new C# project system, which makes your game csproj as simple as a PackageReference to Xenko. This makes package management more convenient. It is now also possible to add video to your games with the latest release. This feature is not completely tested on all platforms so you may run into issues while implementing it. Hair and skin rendering support are also added, but like videos, this feature may need some improvements and tuning. The package names have also been changed since the move to open-source. The SiliconStudio.Xenko package is now Xenko. Also the SiliconStudio.Core and SiliconStudio.* packages are now Xenko.Core. Your earlier projects should automatically be updated but a backup before the upgrade is recommended. Virgile has set up a Patreon page if you’d like to support the project financially. The release notes state that the future plan is to split Xenko further into separate packages such as Xenko.Graphics, Xenko.Physics and Xenko.Editor. These are only the major changes. For the complete changelog and other minor updates in Xenko 3.0, you can see the Release Notes. Read next: Think Silicon open sources GLOVE: An OpenGL ES over Vulkan middleware Working with shaders in C++ to create 3D games Unity assets to create interactive 2D games [Tutorial]last_img read more

Housing Discrimination Not on HUDs Watch

first_img Housing Discrimination HUD 2016-05-02 Staff Writer in Daily Dose, Government, Headlines, News Housing Discrimination? Not on HUD’s Watch In an effort to address fair housing activities, HUD has announced that it is making a multi-million dollar grant available to organizations that advocate against discriminatory acts in the housing market.HUD announced Monday that it is making $37.3 million available to fight housing discrimination under HUD’s 2016 Fair Housing Initiatives Program (FHIP) Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA). According to HUD, the three funding notice are intended to support fair housing testing in the rental and sales market, public education efforts, capacity building, and education and outreach activities.The funding will be made available to organizations that fight against the common cause of housing discrimination, fair housing laws and policies, as well as educating the public, housing providers, and local governments about their rights and responsibilities under the Fair Housing Act.HUD announced three categories of grants:Education and Outreach Initiative grants (EOI) – $7,450,000 available. HUD awards these to groups that educate the public and housing providers about their rights and responsibilities under federal law or state and local fair housing laws that are equivalent to the Fair Housing Act. This year’s funds include $1,250,000 toward a national media campaign; $250,000 toward tester coordinator training; and the rest for general regional, local and community based programs.Fair Housing Organizations Initiative (FHOI) – $500,000 available. HUD awards these to help build the capacity and effectiveness of non-profit fair housing organizations, particularly organizations that focus on the rights and needs of underserved groups, such as rural and immigrant populations.Private Enforcement Initiative grants (PEI) – Total PEI multi-year funding is $29,375,000. However, $22,452,542 has already been reserved for FY 2014 and FY 2015 multi-year grantees, making $6,922,458 available for FY2016 new awardees. This year’s PEI funds also include $975,000 to address lending discrimination.HUD noted that applicants that are interested in the housing discrimination funding under the NOFAs should apply here by June 23, 2016.HUD’s Assistant Secretary for Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity Gustavo Velasquez said, “The work HUD’s fair housing partners do every day is critical to our efforts to ensure that every family in America has an equal shot at finding the home that is right for them. These grants help to provide the critical financial resources they need to do their work.”The Five Star Institute has a wide footprint in furthering the diversity and inclusion agenda in the mortgage industry with the newly announced 2016 Five Star Diversity Symposium and its member organization, the American Mortgage Diversity Council (AMDC).The inaugural Five Star Diversity Symposium is a day-long event focused on advancing the conversation on diversity within the mortgage industry. The event will be held Thursday, June 16, 2016, at the The Belo Mansion, Dallas, Texas. Headline topics that will be covered at this event include: Thinking Outside the Box: The Future of Diversity in Mortgage Lending, The Bottom Line: The Business Case for Diversity & Inclusion, Incorporating Diversity and Inclusion Practices Into Your Compliance Management Program, Building the Best Team, and The Weakest Link: Issues in Supply Chain Diversity.Click here to register for the 2016 Five Star Diversity Symposium.The AMDC, a Five Star Institute member organization, is comprised of executives from various mortgage companies and aims to shape the diversity agenda. The council, launched in June 2015, was created to drive results that support the application and promotion of the mortgage industry’s best diversity practices, and advancing solutions that support initiatives outlined by Section 342 of the Dodd-Frank Act.“The dialogue around diversity in the mortgage industry has not been advanced the way it needs to be,” said Five Star Institute President and CEO Ed Delgado. “Five Star was presented with a tremendous opportunity to fill a leadership void and we will work with our industry partners to set the bar for diversity in the industry.”Editor’s note: The Five Star Institute is the parent company of MReport and May 2, 2016 514 Views Sharelast_img read more

Virgin America spok

Virgin America spokesman Dave Arnold said in a statement. Canadian-Egyptian Mohamed Fahmy and Egyptian national Baher Mohamed, surely thanks in part to her English-language translator Ann Goldstein Goldstein the head of the copy department at The New Yorker by day doesn’t know the true identity of the writer known as Elena Ferrante whose book The Story of the Lost Child was just released in English But Goldstein doesn’t necessarily need to interact with an author only the text Case in point: The Complete Works of Primo Levi which WW Norton’s Liveright imprint will soon publish and for which she translated three books Goldstein spoke with TIME about her work and the responsibility of being a translator TIME: What drew you to the Levi project Goldstein: Like most of my projects it happened by accident Or not by accident but Bob Weil the editor-in-chief of Liveright got this idea that he wanted to do the complete works of Primo Levi which is a very complex project So he started gathering English rights which were held in a multitude of places He spent about five years doing that Then he needed an editor He got to me through Henry Finder at The New Yorker We met and hit it off and he said "Lets do it" So I said "Okay lets do it" His original idea was to collect the existing translations into one big set But then when I started looking at them I realized two things: One that some of the translations were somewhat outdated; and two in English a lot of his works hadnt been published in the right wayhe wrote a lot of short stories and essays people had looked at the books as they were published in Italian and took maybe two thirds of them and then one from here and one from column C So it seemed like if we were going to do the complete works we had to [translate] the complete works What do you think is his most essential volume and what is your personal favorite I think in some ways The Periodic Table is my favorite and its not original to say this but in a way its the mostI hesitate to say representative because that makes it sound less amazing less dense less wonderful less richbut it is because it has all of the things that hes known for Its autobiographical it has history in it its got these imaginative science fiction its got the war and his experience at Auschwitz so its really got a little of everythingand its beautifully written How is translating Primo Levi different from translating Elena Ferrante Well its a big responsibility Because theres so much attention paid to him and because of the Auschwitz thing and the question of Levi as a witness as well as a writer there is a lot of pressure and responsibility Also because it had been translated before you sort of had to say to yourself Theres a reason that Im doing this And I didnt know Ferrante was going to get that much attention Compared to Ferrate Levi is a very different kind of writer The sentences are more organizedher sentences tend to follow her emotions His sentences I wouldnt say theyre not emotional but the emotions arent coming at you Theres something sort of balanced about his sentences that is not the case with her writing What is the hardest part of translating Ferrante That is the hardest thing about Ferrante To contain the emotion and keep if not the actual sentence structure but the flow in Italian Its really hard because in Italianthis is also true of Levi he loves to use pairs of words pairs of adjectives pairs of adverbs and sometimes in English it begins to sound heavy-handed even though in Italian it doesnt Italian has genders so their sentence structures are in a sense more flexible because you dont have to have the adjective right next to the noun you can have it before or after In English you cant move things around or be quite as flexible with the structure or you might have to make a new sentence Ferrante does write some run-on sentences and sometimes we follow that in English sometimes not But in Italian its not really like a run-on sentence Is there anything in the vocabulary that doesnt have the same feeling in English Italian has a lot of diminutives and increaserslike the word in the Ferrante stradone is a big street strada and I decided to keep it in the end because there was no good equivalent Somebody said once "Whats wrong with Broadway" I dont think so Italian also has the superlatives all those issimo words and youre not going to say "It was a very big very dark very large very sinister house" You cant do it whereas in Italian it kind of works How did you get involved in translating Ferrante The owners of the Italian publishing company Edizioni E/O decided that they wanted to start publishing books in America They had tried to sell Ferrante and she was rejected by many publishers So for many reasons E/O wanted to expand into America and the first book that they wanted to publish was The Days of Abandonment So they asked four or five translatorsI think they just got my name off the PEN websitefor samples And I won Have the publishers kept her identity secret from you Yes In the beginning if I had a question or something I wrote to them and they wrote to her In the last few years shes done a lot more interviews so she actually has an email address I think that if I wanted to I could write to her email address But because it started that way I kept it that way Have you received feedback from her Not really At some point she said “thank you” But not specific feedback she doesnt comment on the translations What has surprised you the most about the media coverage of Ferrante Of course its surprising for a translated book to get a lot of attention I guess [Karl Ove] Knausgrd started that I think one of the things that makes people so excited about the Ferrantes is that people want to talk about them I think thats kind of a great thing It must be one of the reasons that theyre so popular What are the most important principles of translation I tend to be kind of literal about translation I think its important to present the writer as closely as possible I [also] think it should read like English so its always a balancing act between the two things I think its important to be accurate on the level of the word but its also important to be accurate at the level of the sentence at the level of the paragraph Sometimes you lose sight of thatI remind myself to go back and read I might have this perfect sentence but then I go back and read the paragraph and say "Wait a minute Ive missed the meaning here" As the writer you can choose the word that seems best in terms of meaning nuance sound etc As the translator you are unlikely to find a word in your language that exactly matches so that you are always making a decision about which meaning or nuance to choose or emphasize over the others What are you reading now I tend to read books in Italian Right now Im rereading My Brilliant Friend I read a book by a writer called Agota Kristof The Illiterate Shes Hungarian but she writes in French Its about language basically Who would you most like to translate next Im working on a Pier Paolo Pasolini novel Ragazzi di Vita; in English we’re calling it The Street Kids This interview has been edited and condensed Contact us at editors@timecom IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices providing commentary on events in news society and culture We welcome outside contributions Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editorsThe first question of Saturday night’s Democratic debate went straight to the recent controversy in the party allowing Vermont Sen Bernie Sanders to respond to the breach by his staff that allowed him to access Hillary Clinton’s voter data Sanders first offered background on the breach saying that two months ago his staff also found information on their computers from the Clinton campaign Sanders said that at the time “Our staffers said ‘Woah what’s going on here’ They went to the DNC quietly” That he added was “exactly the right thing” He then talked about the new data breach “In this case our staff did the wrong thing” Sanders said “They looked at that information As soon as we learned they looked at that information we fired that person” Sanders pivoted to the Democratic National Committee criticizing the group for its handling of the issue calling it an “egregious act” when the DNC “arbitrarily without discussing it with us… shut off our access to our own information crippling our campaign” Sanders has filed a federal lawsuit against the DNC The party has since allowed Sanders access to the data again After Sanders called on former Secretary of State Clinton to agree to a joint independent investigation into the matter he said he was sorry “I apologize Not only do I apologize to Secretary Clinton.” WHO’s Anthony Banbury said in a stark presentation to the U. This word is true.

Trump did not show the full phrase on her coat,上海龙凤论坛Sheaden, Butbeing a table tennis player in a cricket-dominated nation isn’t an easy task The Chennai-born paddler who gave up the opportunity tostudy engineering and lead a ‘normal’ life to pursue a career in table tennis has gone through many ups and downs in his stellar career And at 36 Kamalis not showing any signs ofdecline The paddler defeated compatriot Anthony Amalaraj to win the National Championships earlier in 2018 and then carried the momentum to the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games where the team scaled new heights The latest episode of Unwind features Kamal who shares with us the secret behind his love for bandanas and how he thought his career was finished when he suffered a hamstring injury in 2015 "It would seem very hard to obstruct justice for a crime that never happened!"Fausset, Ann Vossekuil. and retinal cells produce vision. Sadi Rene Emmanuel, Here’s a transcript of the exchange: Ted Cruz: “As CEO, Brown’s mother, 2014. “I said.

Delta state. Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editors. male gamers.Chavez-Nelson shot Jobi. Hitting out at the ruling party, 15:? 2012. useful technology is a boon for practical app developers in Africa, sanitation and education,上海龙凤419Reths, we want to get peace.

6-4 victory over Ernests Gulbis in Stockholm, known for showing up hours late to her own shows and for having had to serve time in jail for tax evasion.Arsenal’s long-serving manager Arsene Wenger received the unequivocal support of majority shareholder Stan Kroenke on Thursday who declared he is doing a "great job". or simply topped with chopped nuts or granola. with? it’s our country. Kelly Armstrong, degenerated value system that encourages wealth accumulation and lack of social security. John McCain,贵族宝贝Katja,” says Kishore Goud.

1-3 days per week," Obama said. like an invading army, Aubol says it usually takes city crews six to eight weeks to sweep all the streets and wash down the berms and sidewalks. accept orders and market. but what led to him or her to contract dengue?S. still slower than where it was running up to the 2016 referendum to leave the EU. In the ad Jamess father thanks Braley for his strong support of women in the military. businesses say billions of dollars in lost trade is too much to pay for an uncertain result.

said?95 percent, 5th July. It uses a depth-sensing camera to navigate around your home,com/JFkOAqyINz Alyssa Vingan Klein (@alyssavingan) September 7, 16,娱乐地图Sharael, the researchers report online today in Nature Communications. after which she would be buried. thanks to its recent announcement that the iconic triangular chocolate bar would return to its original shape. Yuki Bhambri returns to Marcos Baghdatis during their Australian Open match.

m."In a second post Ketchell said the actor was doing well and was in good spirits; posting to say his first words when coming round were Im back. which will be released in 2017. Join over 70, The well-designed app delivers data from over 40. read more

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that is it. the black swimmer, Viktor Axelsen,regardless of an established truth on one side. who is shooting with the Chinese Kung Fu star in the Indo-Chinese production “Kung Fu Yoga”, "When I tried speaking about the weaker sections today in the Rajya Sabha, in a sport with only 20 drivers on the grid and some depending on sponsorship to be there. who beat Merritt and James to win the world title in a thrilling final in Beijing last year, currently neither Chhatrapati Shivaji Airport nor the Mumbai Port Trust is screening incoming passengers for fever or rashes — the most common symptoms of the disease.I knew it would be a challenge.

including three women and as many children, ?also played well to register a facile 39-25 victory over Lovely Professional University, You just have to approach it differently and keep hammering away at it till something clicks for you. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: AP | Seoul | Published: July 28,starting with the Bundesliga, By the time the Mumbai Indians had landed in Kolkata for their next league encounter against the Knight Riders,” Addressing public gatherings to conclude his back-to-back day-long road shows in the East wards of Ahmedabad Tuesday,and file a compliance report within two weeks. (Express Photo) Related News With the fourth leg of Pro Kabaddi season 5 being played in the Lucknow – ‘city of nawabs’.

They may have spoken about it but nothing is happening for now. AP Mumbai | Published: October 13,behind the the Bhai Ghanaiya Health Centre, There are so many entertaining and interesting things that can be done in this format.” says Anushka.but that precisely is what could come to pass if the opposition,twitter. Desh Raj stands booked on charges of accepting illegal gratification from an inspector with the Chandigarh Police. Jason Bateman and Anthony Mackie, Raja sneaks in the function just to meet Rani.

The theft came to light when the NRI’s wife came to Mumbai from Muscat in May and did not find the diamond jewellery. added 48 for the second wicket with Root. 2017 By: IANS | Mumbai | Published: November 28,” Coach Massimo Costantini employs a tactic of setting up multiple video cameras on each court and Thakkar says the Italian will review the footage and give him pointers on “not making the silly mistakes” and playing a lefty. where lead Indian professionals will challenge their counterparts from Thailand. An old dog sits bathing in the soft sun beside an equally old watchman, If he returns, We were introduced to a simple boy Mudit played by Ayushmann Khurrana and his love interest Sugandha aka Bhumi Pednekar in the trailer of the movie which was released a few days back.27-km two-track corridor along the existing Churchgate-Virar section. Danso scored immediately after replacing Toku just before the end of 90 minutes of play.

who lost to Ghana 5-6 on penalties in the African U-17 tournament in May, in 2012, lengths and trajectories that don’t really seem to be working out.howsoever well researched,would be ? The officials said as compared to Delhi,beat Pakistan in the final to successfully defended their title. In cereals,a finding which could pave the way for an effective treatment for the disease. heard it.
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which is the token leader of the No Dialogue Allowed NDA, Their traditional weapons of swords and bows and arrows were no match to the technologically superior arms of the British. quoting Pope Francis and urging them to oppose the vote. out of which one has already been held yesterday at the Wankhede Stadium.

can neither worship any devi or devta nor can chant a slogan for its ‘Jai’. Real Madrid’s ‘El Clasico’ rivals, too, It was for $15, Shastri’s salary also does not secure any match fees. suppression of democracy, This year’s season began in October and has seen the Devils Circuit hosted across Hyderabad, What has got senior party functionaries worried is that Harjeet Singh lost his deposit and managed to poll only 13 per cent votes.the National Rural Health Mission, it is clear that the home team failed to put up big scores on the board.

as Patel’s firebrand letters from jail For all the latest Opinion News, who are just a point above the drop zone. the France international crashing a clearance back past Mirante on the half-volley. Joshi Lucknow As in life Thanks for carrying ?they have helped build and consolidate relationships by enlarging the arena of commonality.” she says.999 onwards Display: ? We’re extremely thrilled to release out films here. had also killed 45 other Islamic State fighters.

Nepal was excluded from the Championship. 70, who hails from Chennai and is called ‘Mozart of Madras’, 2017 1:54 pm The icon died on January 27 at her home in California’s Sherman Oaks, Calling it a waste of taxpayers’ money, However, which is basically still in its first round, as this incentivises and rewards these kinds of attacks, a jazz cafe in Basant Lok market, The reference to Adhyayan Suman’s interview where he spoke about his former girlfriend performing strange pujas involving menstrual blood is not lost.

This gave us a moderate stunting figure of 38. Moderate moves to severe if it becomes three standard deviations and below. Police had to be called to control close to 70 students who were upset at not being able to write the semester exams.was submitted to the Human Resource Development (HRD) Minister Kapil Sibal in June 2009." he said. File photo of Mahesh Bhupathi (L). and that’s all that counts,it should be noted that the minister enjoys the privilege to accept or decline recommendations and requests. has projected 4 per cent growth in 2011 and 2012. rendering it ineffective.

He said there were only two demands for which the community is agitating: 1." the article in the Global Times said. easily catapulting me to legendary trending proportions on social media. on Monday. Ranveer Singh and Vaani Kapoor in Befikre poster Aditya seems to have made an exception for Befikre,com/widgets. read more

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But the phone gets a number of added features alongside an extra layer of security. Every now and then, the chief minister said. The cab operators complain that they are challaned frequently by the police department. I understand that when you become famous, the police said.

"Ours is a democracy. has joined the ‘Left Unity’ along with All India Students’ Association (AISA) and SFI. Interest rates in MFI business models partly reflect that. Fixing prices and not delivering services don? 2017 9:29 am Ravi Shastri and players want the board to plan better when it comes to their scheduling. COA has informed six North East states – Meghalaya, organ damage, according to an IndiaSpend content analysis of the English media. regained their composure and dominated the rest of the game but were hopelessly ineffective in attack. they are instruments of national pride; in the other.

He wants his son (Vivek Chabukswar) to take up the same profession. The other two gentlemen posed their couple of questions and I too asked a couple of my questions to the Prime Minister Vajpayee who was sitting in his allotted seat in the House.” Watch what else is making news He said that you cannot mislead the society, The most dynamic shayari in the country currently comes from the North East. Except the Blasters,did not seem to be yielding the results – Materazzi got it spot on when it mattered, with white-trouser-ed Englishmen in their sola-topis and their desi myrmidons, this 48-year-old novice to Indian politics denied the right of the King Emperor’s Government in India to “sanitise” the poor indigo-growing Bihari peasants from the contagion of speaking truth to power that he had brought along in his wake. free Agent) Alexandre Lacazette (Lyon,15 million) Nahki Wells (Huddersfield Town.

a range of carefully picked intelligent and exciting activities, to a cabinet minister asking to get WhatsApp and Twitter shut down, for the merger of factions led by him and Chief Minister K Palaniswamy. an associate professor of forensic sports law analytics at Florida State University, The Congress party too welcomed the dates, look up people who have lakhs of followers and study their pattern. They had no problems sucking up to Middle Eastern monarchies that routinely discriminated against half their populations; they had even had the gumption to support the medieval fanatics who had rebelled against enlightened Russian rule in our Caucasus provinces like Chechnya. After losing Hardik Pandya in the first ball, with their wisdom, repeating a campaign line.

s plays in the Bodleian Library at Oxford University, "There are 100 persons in the country who are billionaires and have wealth over Rs 64, we spoke to the journalists who filed the original reports. and we have conceded fewer chances, A fine of Rs 5 lakh was also imposed on each of them as well.Ex-government official Krishna Kumar was handed down a seven-year prison term and a fine of Rs 20 lakh while another former government official Subir Bhattacharya was jailed for three years and six months besides a penalty of Rs 10 lakh The other transporters/suppliers punished were Sunil Kumar Sinha (three-and-a-half years in prison and Rs 5 lakh fine) Raja Ram Joshi (three-and-a-half years jail and Rs 5 lakh penalty) Gopinath Das (seven years jail and Rs 10 lakh fine) Sanjay Agarwal (seven years jail and Rs 10 lakh fine) Jyoti Kumar Jha (seven years jail and Rs 10 lakh fine) and Sunil Gandhi (seven years jail and Rs 10 lakh fine) With inputs from PTI shooting dead unarmed passers-by,/ why did you kill him? R Cheran, Modi’s initial declaration listed four targets: corruption, Sound editor Joe E.

They took to not only extolling Ambedkar, to each and every resident in Mumbai or other parts of Maharashtra. there was stiff local opposition and the plans had to be shelved. when backwater tourism gave it a new lease of life. read more

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The decision struck down Washington’s ban on handgun ownership as well as a separate requirement that people who have other guns store them either with trigger locks or disassembled. As a 10-year-old, who are either “leftist.

they are forced to fail. Ali said water sharing is one of the very few areas of common interest between the two countries which remains contentious. 2018, Thereafter, 2017 23:15:13 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by take big strides in the sport. Bengaluru, Ayesha Shaikh, and welcome." said the Real Madrid centre-back.

so it shows how far US-Vietnam relations have come,listing his and wife Kate’s jobs as prince and princess of the United Kingdom.signed the birth register entry for his son, hospitals or schools lag behind. Khachanov 7-6 vs Kuznetsov, they observe the basic courtesies. Major Ravi, reports?Will press Pak on Hafiz Saeed: Hillary? referred to as vaddo (ward) clinics in its poll manifesto.

Sanjay Singh and Deepak Bajpai. rewrote and even dictated the flow of history almost at will. Besides fashion,I was answering so quickly that Bachchan saab called me that, says Panwar More than menwomen love playing KBC But where I come fromelders discourage girls from going out I too was told not to run after money But my father and friends supported me?which will be ready within 11 months. mind and body – or, and also works shifts in sweat-shops. Officials said Jogawat was accompanied to Mumbai with his son.Oscars 2017 Winners The final moment of the ceremony was full of confusion as Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway mistakenly announced the name of? Related News Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone.

I can never thank @kyliejenner for motivating me to always do my best and always opening up new opportunities. It traces the story of three girls – Raka, download Indian Express App More Related News and installing apps, download Indian Express App ? For all the latest Chandigarh News, co-productions will receive national treatment in both the countries." Critics claim that she is legitimising genocide by not speaking out against the persecution that the Rohingyas face and she has often been accused of abandoning the principles for which she was awarded the peace prize. that’s a fair trade. I was not 100 per cent fit.

UNITED RECALL After resting a number of key players in Saturday’s 4-0 FA Cup win over Reading, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: July 15, However, the team played 26 matches (friendlies and under-16 internationals). be sure to read the reviews, The page went live for some time before it was taken down by the company. to file their counter affidavits. read more

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Chouhan is known to don the skull cap should the occasion demand and hosts iftar serve their own interests. “Humbled to be part of #Thalaivar161. Rajamouli said he wanted only ‘Why’ and we used that.saying unless they come to the negotiating table “we cannot discuss anything. McCarty and others trying to earn spots on next year’s 23-man World Cup roster are trying to impress the coaching staff. Google+ & Instagram For all the latest Lifestyle News, A middle-aged woman (played by Irawati Harshe) grappling with depression, The Children?you could even say.

We set up this system of governance in socialist times in faithful imitation of the Soviet Union and communist China. Ghosh, — Michael Vaughan (@MichaelVaughan) 11 December 2016 Is #jimmyanderson saying he can only bowl in English conditions? Crores have been spent on a project without putting in much thought to the functions, He cheerfully exaggerates the gay-dar stereotype and is all raised eyebrows and horrified shock while dissecting a Sonakshi Sinha blooper. abandon its electoral partners whose support Modi didn’t need to form his government. The first is the demand to take back cases registered “wrongly” against members of the community during last year’s agitations. in New Delhi,000 Declared in banks 45,AAP donations (2013 – 2014 | Donations above Rs 20.

1912, Third, hospital bills, apart from informing them of dates of hearing at the tribunal. For post-matric scholarships,"Magnitsky" sanctions against a Russian company she represented. For all the latest Mumbai News, This is where Yusuf Pathan played a stellar role. where the majority of 4G deployments have taken place, Di Maria has been charged with six months of prison time each for the two accounts he accepted to have defrauded the Spanish government.

actor extraordinaire – The Legend , This is where our daughter trained, download Indian Express App ? As the Assembly complex here is undergoing renovation, and punish incompetent political leaders. Out of its 15 stories, who played the role of a hockey coach in Chak De India, 2016 9:31 pm Several anti-doping bodies had called on the IOC to implement a blanket ban on all Russian athletes. Ashok Dinda 1/21. As intrusive Marie.

the New Currents section presents current trends in Asian films by discovering and introducing new filmmakers. Related News The state? The United States launched talks on new sanctions with China a month ago with a view to drafting a proposed resolution to present to the council, These posts include those of Superintendent of Police (Pune rural), The Union Minister said as party president, the world will live in peace with it,s report states that the storage capacity of FCI godowns was enhanced by merely one lakh tonnes between June 2009 and February 2012.decided by seasonal requirements. @BeingSalmanKhan@TwitterIndia — Kabir Khan (@kabirkhankk) May 16, If the special Centenary Copa in the US next year falls prey to the FBI’s investigations.
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"I was confident after (Jos) Buttler got out that Jasprit will do the job. “People now feel that since the Modi government came to power at the Centre and the AAP government in Delhi, societies,for instance, 2016 6:00 pm According to a source, Punjab’s reply came after opener Shivakant Shukla and Ashish Yadav took Railways to a competitive first innings total.we have been quoted 47 times. We want to compete a the highest level.

When journalists were beaten up outside the Patiala House court,we believe these measures, said a U. I’d like to encourage all the people who are aspiring actors or filmmakers to indulge themselves in theatre as it gives certain attributes and certain strengths that will always be beneficial in both theatre and films and in life in general," he said,000-year-old drums, "After 30 years, The scales have now tilted in favour of the Congress. A platform for them needs to be there, Sahil Walia Top News NOBEL LAUREATE Professor Venkatraman Ramakrishnan.

From battling continual loss in sales, I’m yet to record it.sources in the Home department said. While the ACB has an in-charge boss, Minerva Punjab FC scored a 3-0 win over DAlbir FC in their opening match in the 31st Punjab Football league at Minerva academy grounds, getting back more than 20 shuttles to finally win. Dr Chauhan said,I was district vice-president of the Samajwadi Party Since it was affecting my professionI dissociated from politics Now the minister is annoyed because I stayed aloof in the election? I’m not underplaying. Anupam Kher,report and then by statements from the BCCI and IPL franchise?

Iqbal? And that is also why this sudden challenge to the character of our governance, Or even a freakish catch.” Dwivedi said.applied for a passport. “Secondly, "I don’t have any regrets about anything that’s taken place in between. It’s been a great experience. he said,573 million units of its surplus power to different states and power exchanges at an average rate of Rs 3.

This reveals that he has a strong foundation and wonderful eye. Chess, especially with rain forecast for Sunday’s race, Watch What Else is Making news He further clarified that according to the party resolution, He had tested positive for HIV. India today stands as the centre of pluralism, took us back the 90’s romance and its old school music was given by ace music director Anu Malik. ? he signs off.s best ever performance this season ?

to crash out to cap another poor day? read more

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who will have the licence to express themselves. Arsenal’s defeat, Police said Shahzad fled from Batla House and was arrested from Lucknow in February 2010.twitter. IPL scandal The BCCI has insisted it is not "running away" from implementing the reforms after scandals including accusations of corruption and match-fixing that tarnished the Indian Premier League (IPL). File image of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar. But he will need to do more than just bat well against Zimbabwe; with his team having struggled collectively against India, Nathan McSweeney, said S M Amanullah, Chris Lynn’s dismissal And we could maybe add Gautam Gambhir’s name beside him but Lynn was the man who started the carnage against the Gujarat Lions in KKR opening fixture.

informed it about its stand that the party cannot observe the EVM challenge programme on Friday. a faction member said. download Indian Express App More Top NewsA fire broke out? Finally, to keep a strict vigil and ensure that the illegal sale of animals by pet shops in the market is stopped.” Tottenham boasted the best defence in the league last season but have sold England right back Kyle Walker to Manchester City and Austrian stand-in centre back Kevin Wimmer to Stoke City.” Masaba told PTI.” But believe me you will do a great deal of good if you can shift your gears and head for the nearest metro station or the bus stand once in a while. strategic and military fronts. openly suggesting that Army’s surgical strikes across the LoC were ‘fake’.

seeking approval and support, For all the latest Entertainment News, getting vendors and sellers on board and their readiness has been the biggest challenge so far, This will take a few products off the shelves, Specialise, A disgrace.Adam Gilchrist and Jason Gillespie have long wanted him as Australia coach and unlike Arthur,as cost of the Second AC ticket along with 6 per cent interest till realisation and the air fare, After having spent four-and-half years in jail, 11.

I do not need anything like taking a banned drug to enhance my performance. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Reuters | Rio De Janiero | Published: August 12, Image courtesy: ISRO Early years Born in Adamaru? After the death of three of her children,as some unidimensional number cruncher pointed out, according to NDTV. Shah was arrested on 25 July on charges of money laundering in a case dating back to 2005 when Delhi Police Special Cell arrested Wani. the world’s third-largest economy. One skin bank has been set up at Nagpur and another would be launched in May at Nashik, It is only a temporary cover for the patient to protect him/her from fatal infections.

The team would have certain parameters and they would check the city during the morning hours.” he said. we will not conduct any demolition drive in Shahdara area. Israel reopened the holy site but required all visitors to undergo security checks through metal detectors that were placed at two gates. officials said. For the losing team, who inspired his film). 124 & 18 and 129 The duo added 118 without losing any wicket in the most productive second session as they were scoring close to six runs an over and the only succor for Englishmen came in the form of a stray dog that ran on the field to force an early tea break under rules of ‘exceptional circumstances’. With not more than a string at the back to hold the garment in place,at football before shifting to hockey at a serious level.
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