Sure enough investment has entered the new world to drink juice

with our life more and more colorful, we are also constantly rising demand for health. Sure enough juice? Excellent quality, the best choice for successful business. Join the juice itself, open our health career, no doubt, is also a very good choice!

indeed as expected juice contains sodium bicarbonate, but also rich in boron, zinc, selenium, chromium, plasma minerals and trace elements, these trace elements are ionic state, more easily absorbed by the body. Bubble water is another functional drinks and juice drinks has been launched, fresh taste, delicate bubbles, no sugar, lemon, lime, raspberry and other flavors, but also has many functions such as acid suppressing appetite, eliminate constipation, and your body, vigorously pursued by the consumer. read more

Approved by the Standing Committee of the people’s Republic of China on the prevention and control o

November 27, 2015, the twelve meeting of the Standing Committee of the provincial people’s Congress approved the adoption of the Xining air pollution control regulations, and put forward some suggestions and suggestions to amend the. Since then, Xining air pollution prevention and control work, according to the law".

the legislative process: not evade the issue

to consolidate the effectiveness, practice and experience to sum up. It is very necessary and urgent to work out the regulations on the prevention and control of air pollution in Xining.

suggestions will implement unified supervision and management of the prevention and control of air pollution in the city "in the second paragraph of article fifth, and is responsible for organizing the implementation of these regulations to the municipal environmental protection administrative department is responsible for organizing the implementation of these regulations and supervision and management".

suggested that the first paragraph of article eighteenth "environmental protection administrative department responsible for the quality of atmospheric environment monitoring and pollution source monitoring, establish and improve the environmental monitoring network" to "the environmental protection administrative department shall establish and improve the environmental monitoring network, organize the atmospheric environmental quality and pollution source monitoring".

twentieth "should be built and not in the city and district (county);

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nvest in cosmetics stores to grasp what shopping guide knowledge

cosmetics is what every woman will use, it is to help them get the charm of the main tools. At the moment, more entrepreneurs are going to invest in a cosmetics store, but in the shop, we are often very confused. You know, in order to really make money, you have to master more knowledge of shopping guide, which is very important. So, to invest in cosmetics stores to master what shopping guide knowledge? The following is an analysis of.

cosmetics store shopping guide must know its product specifications, function, manufacturers, certification standards and so on in line with what the knowledge product is make money with your weapon, want to grasp the good will have a deep understanding of it. read more

Provincial Party committee held an enlarged meeting to study and implement the spirit of the party i

10 30, provincial governor, provincial Party Secretary Hao Peng chaired the provincial government party meeting, the party’s learning to convey the spirit of the the sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, according to the unified arrangements of the CPC Central Committee and provincial requirements, arrangements for the provincial government to implement the work of learning.


meeting pointed out that the party’s the sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee is a very important meeting held in our country to enter the building of a moderately prosperous society. General secretary Xi Jinping important speech at the plenary meeting published, a comprehensive summary of the work of the party and the country over the past year, scientific analysis of the development of changes of national situation and the party situation, clarify the profound significance of comprehensive strictly, to answer a series of major theoretical and practical problems in the management and administration of the party. Speech is permeated with the Marx doctrine standpoint, to further deepen the understanding about the construction of the party’s rule, is the latest achievement of the Marx doctrine of Chinese, is to promote the comprehensive programme of action strictly, and create a new situation in the construction of the party. The plenum passed the "guiding principles" on the political life of the party under the new situation and the revised "Chinese Communist Party Supervision Regulations" is a comprehensive, strictly, strengthen and standardize the political life of the party under the new situation, strengthen strategic initiatives and institutional arrangement of inner-party supervision, to promote the new great project of Party building, better great struggle, with many new historical features to promote China characteristic socialism, to effectively deal with the four tests of the party faces ", to overcome the" four kinds of danger ", continue to strengthen the Party of self purification, self-improvement, self innovation and self-improvement ability, is of great practical significance and far-reaching historical significance. read more

Strengthen communication and cooperation to realize resource sharing

Recently, the Huangyuan Local Taxation Bureau and the county tax bureau, the County Federation of trade and Industry Bureau held a joint meeting, the meeting aims to pass information to each other, strengthen cooperation with three parties

recently, the Huangyuan Local Taxation Bureau and county tax bureau, the County Federation of trade and Industry Bureau held a joint working meeting, the meeting aims to pass information to each other, strengthen cooperation with three parties. Three party Bureau leadership, the relevant functional departments attended the meeting. read more

Xining trade and ndustry Bureau to promote the work of trademark protection achievements

Xining city

Industrial and Commercial Bureau actively implement the brand strategy, on the one hand development, and strive to achieve the increase of registered trademark quantity and quality improvement, on the one hand to ensure that the regulatory norms of trademark infringement, effectively promoted the cultivation of trademark protection work, and achieved good results.

it is understood that the Xining Municipal Bureau of industry and commerce to increase the intensity of trademark education, strengthen brand awareness. Has organized a "service 1000 enterprises, cultivate thousands of pieces of trademark" and "trademark knowledge into the community, into the school publicity and consultation service activities, widely publicize the" trademark law "trademark registration and publicity of knowledge, the protection of trademark rights and trademark infringement results of typical cases, 20 enterprises and 60 well-known and famous trademarks a registered trademark of the enterprises to participate in the activities. Secondly, increase the intensity of trademark cultivation, strengthen the trademark application. With the main force of the trade and industry, the main body of the market area of trademark registration and use of a detailed investigation to understand the basic situation of the local registered trademarks, unregistered trademarks and unused trademarks. Finally, strengthen the protection of trademark rights, strengthen the investigation and handling of infringement cases. Has carried out a good faith, counterfeiting, brand protection as the theme of special law enforcement actions, severely punish violations of trademark rights violations, and effectively safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of trademark enterprises. read more

You see Xining into the era of upgrading

The lake district once again change the city layout, the Xining Railway Station will become a new landmark of Xining, wells Xiang business district as the core business circle will burst out infinite vitality, the Beichuan River (core) will become the Xining city garden, ten kilometer reconstruction will once again raise the height of the Xining…… Now, in Xining’s construction site, excavators, forklifts, cranes, trucks are orderly operation; in the Department of planning and construction of Xining city desk, city planning, research reports, monitoring report is being carefully studied; the size of the road in the city of Xining, on the side covers, surveying and mapping staff are in the hands of the instrument, measuring every inch of valuable land in Xining…… Xining is like a vibrant young man, with the most handsome posture towards the future. read more

Tea chain store decoration recommendations

tea chain store renovation work often ignored by some franchisees, but now consumers pay more and more attention to the store design and decoration, so to attract their attention, it is best to pay more attention to this aspect. Xiaobian finishing some of the decoration skills, I hope you can find a suitable decoration program.

1 counter: decorative elements, the shelves of the counter is mainly generous theme, smooth lines, should generally be made of wood, can be painted imitation mahogany, also can use varnish made of wood color, it can embody the harmonious unity of more than tea, also can do some curio and a small cabinet, in order to put tea and tea book, the conditions can be a square table or table to use tea. read more

Glasses franchise market space is vast

we all know that every industry is now very competitive. Want to succeed in business, we need to choose the right to join the project. At present, the glasses to join the chain is a good development trend. So, entrepreneurship to choose glasses to join the chain?

glasses join chain is good?

open glasses shop to invest what brand can easily make money to join the eyes of good reputation, a solid market position, high awareness, basically in the streets can be seen traces. Along with the time in twenty-first Century the progress of science, the development of electronic devices, the habit of using eyes long right now there are more and more people with eye problems, all kinds of news has been reported, there were invasive eye myopia in the infant’s point, there are some inherent defects, is genetic, some bad habits acquired. read more

Business needs to create a safe shopping environment for customers

customers even buy things are likely to endanger the health of the body, there may be a little accident, such shops who dare to patronize? So, no matter what kind of business shop, in fact, we need to create a safe shopping environment for customers.

"boss, get me 10 bottles of beer." Not to take care of the immediate customer, another customer to buy beer has been urging. Most of the time, no one on the customer did not, as soon as the two sides uninterrupted.

"wait a minute, come on." Quickly took a beer bag, to help customers to install beer. 10 bottles of wine a bit crowded, I had to take two bottles inserted in the bag, if not strong and I give the customer a bag, and then to the counter waiting for customers payment. read more

Youth sail plan Huang Xiaoming donated 10 million help college students entrepreneurship

Huang Xiaoming as an actor is successful, at the same time, as an entrepreneur is very successful, for students groups, Xiao Ming is also very concerned about, is donated 10 million to help college students entrepreneurship.

3 29, by Huang Xiaoming and caring companies jointly launched the "youth sail plan", the college graduates of large-scale public projects started in the Great Hall of the people in Beijing, officially declared the start power of College Students’ employment. read more

48 days later the answer finally Resurrection

what do you think of this picture,


yes, it’s a welcome page. As the picture said, in a month and a half of the "update", the answer is finally on the line.

nearly a month and a half of the update, in 2016 China’s Internet circle, is an incredible thing. What’s more, the "update" the protagonist is a – a popular circle of friends since the beginning of the beta. Formally launched less than a month, the valuation will be more than 100 million U.S. dollars of phenomenal products. read more

Suzhou Taihu boss Chinese phone robbed exposes the repo 350 thousand experience

a year to pay only 3800 yuan of Chinese telephone number 4008120114, sold a large price of $350 thousand. Yesterday, Suzhou City catering manager Ms. Zhang also told several media revelations: the enterprise and the "corn worm" agreement, the high price of 350 thousand yuan to recover the store was registered by the Chinese telephone. It is a reflection of the Chinese enterprises in Suzhou meal prices to buy a phone call in Taihu.


domain name "card" robbed 2 investment

this year in the beautiful side of the Taihu River, Suzhou, many food and beverage companies have encountered a field to join the heat". In the operation of more than 7 years in Suzhou, Taihu, Ms. Zhang received a few days in Shaanxi, Wuhan, Guangzhou, foreign investment intentions of the field. "The store invested hundreds of millions a year to pay two hundred thousand of the headquarters, franchise fee, facing 3 investors out of the conditions, the Taihu Hotel Zhang very heart, then both sides have reached a preliminary cooperation intention. It is reported that the Taihu hotel has a total of three stores in Suzhou, operating in good condition. A few days later, the 3 franchisees have made a phone call, said the fight to the national unity of the Chinese 3G phone, who knows, after playing in the past found that a blank". Obviously, Taihu Hotel Chinese phone was registered. In this regard, 3 franchisees that Chinese phone is an important platform to promote the company’s products and show the strength of the company, and opened up the field of the market early, Suzhou Taihu hotel itself does not pay attention to publicity, it is difficult to give the franchisee a sense of security. Thus, the three foreign investment was the Chinese phone 4008120114 to the card off. read more

The first week of July the global domain name TOP15 network and DNSPOD business growth and stabilit

IDC network ( on 11 August 07 reports: according to the latest data from the latest statistics agency show that in the 1 week of July, China China and DNSPOD network domain name service provider in the world still in seventh and ninth, the total amount of the domain they are to achieve growth. But in the list of first, the 2 position of WILDWESTDOMAINS.COM and NETWORKSOLUTIONS.COM, there have been negative growth. From last week, fifteen ranked no change, domain name registration is relatively stable, but the growth of visible undercurrents, play fast and loose, fierce competition. Next, please pay attention to the relevant data of the global domain name service provider in the first week of July with IDC review network. read more