Suzhou Taihu boss Chinese phone robbed exposes the repo 350 thousand experience

a year to pay only 3800 yuan of Chinese telephone number 4008120114, sold a large price of $350 thousand. Yesterday, Suzhou City catering manager Ms. Zhang also told several media revelations: the enterprise and the "corn worm" agreement, the high price of 350 thousand yuan to recover the store was registered by the Chinese telephone. It is a reflection of the Chinese enterprises in Suzhou meal prices to buy a phone call in Taihu.


domain name "card" robbed 2 investment

this year in the beautiful side of the Taihu River, Suzhou, many food and beverage companies have encountered a field to join the heat". In the operation of more than 7 years in Suzhou, Taihu, Ms. Zhang received a few days in Shaanxi, Wuhan, Guangzhou, foreign investment intentions of the field. "The store invested hundreds of millions a year to pay two hundred thousand of the headquarters, franchise fee, facing 3 investors out of the conditions, the Taihu Hotel Zhang very heart, then both sides have reached a preliminary cooperation intention. It is reported that the Taihu hotel has a total of three stores in Suzhou, operating in good condition. A few days later, the 3 franchisees have made a phone call, said the fight to the national unity of the Chinese 3G phone, who knows, after playing in the past found that a blank". Obviously, Taihu Hotel Chinese phone was registered. In this regard, 3 franchisees that Chinese phone is an important platform to promote the company’s products and show the strength of the company, and opened up the field of the market early, Suzhou Taihu hotel itself does not pay attention to publicity, it is difficult to give the franchisee a sense of security. Thus, the three foreign investment was the Chinese phone 4008120114 to the card off. read more

The first week of July the global domain name TOP15 network and DNSPOD business growth and stabilit

IDC network ( on 11 August 07 reports: according to the latest data from the latest statistics agency show that in the 1 week of July, China China and DNSPOD network domain name service provider in the world still in seventh and ninth, the total amount of the domain they are to achieve growth. But in the list of first, the 2 position of WILDWESTDOMAINS.COM and NETWORKSOLUTIONS.COM, there have been negative growth. From last week, fifteen ranked no change, domain name registration is relatively stable, but the growth of visible undercurrents, play fast and loose, fierce competition. Next, please pay attention to the relevant data of the global domain name service provider in the first week of July with IDC review network. read more

Tick group will be closed at the end of March group purchase business

tick group will close at the end of March

group purchase businessSina

technology news March 4th morning news, the tick group announced that it will officially close group purchase business in March 31, 2014, the future will move to a new business model.

tick group by Google (1202.69, -12.96, -1.07%) before the China District Sales Manager Song Zhongjie founded in July 2010. At the beginning of 2013, tick group and city dimensional network to complete the merger, the new merged City dimensional network, continue to follow the group purchase brand tick group, Song Zhongjie continue to serve as the new company CEO. read more

Website promotion of the most practical eight alternative methods

my site, site less than a month, on the fifteenth day was Baidu included, who ran a long time, but saw that included was very excited, good stuff is certainly not alone, below I carefully collected in the online website promotion method is announced to everyone.

must have two points, one is the quality of your web site to pass, there is a fascinating place, let a person see the next time also want to ask, how to attract people, it depends on your skill. The two is the site to be updated frequently, the new site is to focus on the original, each to find the original chant, don’t tell me I can’t find it, can not find the original artifacts, this is not reasonable, who let us is grassroots that, if false original nor I have no way. read more

A push to the website promotion proposal Le Fang

today is a curious class website about the promotion of diagnosis. It should be said that the site itself is a good location, the content is more interesting, we look at it!

landlord question: Le Fang, has more than a month, mainly introduces some strange and eccentric things, weird things and interesting digital, SEO and network promotion, please push you to the forum site diagnosis master diagnosis! Ad: 1 Le Fang, wonderful love anyway. 2 Yue Fang,! — to satisfy your curiosity, every day some surprise read more

Twelve business store joint campaign promotion you also get together Wanna date me

this year "double 12" business entity shop for joint campaign, just experienced "double 11" night shopping chop hand family, is once again ready to buy buy buy


Beijing, December 12, (IT channel Chen Ming) in the "double 11" universal "chop hands", "black Friday" sea Amoy carnival, "double 12" again. At the end of the promotion to get together, this "double 12" you Wanna date me? According to Beijing IT channel interview, said some chop hand family did not grab the "double 11" will continue to rebound, and the net friend said "no Yuebuyue", on the electricity supplier promotions have been fatigued. read more

The music stage to complete the D round of 235 million financing of the first series

June 15th news, today announced the music stage has been completed D round of financing of $235 million the first series.

it is understood that this round of financing from the venture capital, and Hua Sheng (CoBuilder Partners) and a large domestic insurance agency led investment. The rest of the investor and the amount of investment in investment will continue to be announced after the completion of the current round of financing, Huaxing capital acted as exclusive financial advisor.

public information, staged music was founded in 2013 in Shenzhen. As of April 2016, has more than 8 million registered users, in 2015 the annual sales exceeded RMB 10 billion, single month sales exceeded $2 billion. read more

Ali and Sina micro blog tacit marketing

revealed yesterday, Ali waves will be released "marbled cat" e-commerce platform within a week, what is "the marbled cat"? In the author’s opinion in marketing, resource integration is the Alibaba group and Sina, in other words, refers to the cooperation between Taobao in the electronic commerce industry of the leading edge and influence in the Sina micro-blog social promotion in the field of industry leaders.

it is reported that since the Alibaba investment Sina micro-blog, the cooperation between the two sides has taken the first step in essence, "the marbled cat" release is cooperation and marketing of a punch. Marbled cat, as the name suggests, "cloud", which is the modern electronic commerce powerful database and cloud computing tools; "the cat", is the Alibaba of electricity provider platform title, similar to "Tmall". read more

Explain the micro marketing in a word of moral

thirty spoke, a hub (usually g), when the car, use (sh. N); Yan Zhi (zhí) that is, when it is used, a chisel door; (y I U) thought room, the Department of. Therefore, there are those who think that profits, and that no use.



thirty spokes converge to a hole in the root hub, the hub of hollow place, have a role in the car. Play on clay into containers, utensils must set aside space vessels, can play a role in the role of food dishes; build houses, the wall must allow empty loading doors and windows, personnel can access to the air circulation, in order to have the role of residential housing. Therefore, "have" to produce the effect of all things, "no" to "have" play a role. read more

nternet practitioners talk about nternet thinking

engaged in the work of the Internet, almost all know the word Internet thinking, but in fact we do not know the meaning of the word.

from Ma’s speech, Luo Yonghao’s speech, Lei Jun speech. We can almost feel the meaning of the Internet thinking literally, to tell the truth, I do not understand, although I think they are very reasonable. But their thinking for me and not useful, I can not take their thinking to operate my project, and also can’t take their thinking to support my theory, even for their thinking to quote I feel very stiff. read more

Jiyuan Netcom 2007 public service project cooperation invitation

Jiyuan Netcom 2007 public content service project cooperation invitation

– to establish friendship with sincerity to promote win-win cooperation in order to serve a win-win future

dear colleagues:

    this year is the construction of the public service of the Jiyuan Netcom, I am now the unit decided to introduce public content services project cooperation. Welcome all sectors of the community have the ability to work together to build the content of the company’s services or calls to discuss cooperation. read more

U S online shopping Monday electricity supplier sales increased by 17% mobile terminal accounted fo

Beijing time on December 3rd morning news, the U.S. market research firm comScore research report released Tuesday said, "the online shopping online shopping Monday" desktop sales grew 17%, reached a record $2 billion 40 million.

is called "online shopping" on Monday, as online retailers in the United States discount promotions on the first Monday after thanksgiving". This year, online shopping on Monday sales have exceeded the black Friday $1 billion 510 million desktop online shopping. However, due to consumer behavior will be allocated to other days, resulting in online shopping on Monday, the growth rate has slowed. Last year’s online shopping grew by 18%. read more

Xu Jiayin and Liu Chuanzhi don’t do the same Fresh agricultural electricity supplier those pits

V is forced to leave the giants need to rely on with syndicated heating, Xu Jiayin, Liu Chuanzhi celebrity brush this face is not effective, agricultural products, fresh electricity supplier is not imagined so simple, need not a celebrity, but sink with scientific methods and scientific management to fine management.

nearly two days a V wrote "give up fresh, very difficult, but how can I do?" Huobian micro-blog, which referred to the team from the beginning of 2014 to do fresh research, to now have 20 months, from scratch, from forty or fifty to several categories of products, the team every day work ten hours, from the quality control, communication, customer service and copywriting are involved in all aspects, but to present them in fresh electricity project net 1 million 700 thousand. read more

Red child to create O2O model will open 68 stores

[introduction] red children will advance through the two channels of O2O landing. One is the self under the line of stores as well as Suning’s existing stores; one is Suning stores in 8 locations.

text / He Chunmei

Su Ningyu will be a red child to create a benchmark for its O2O operations. General manager Su Ninghong child company Pan Min told the new financial reporters, and Suning red children has realized the logistics system, information system and membership system can be shared, members of the existing direct docking Suning 1.7 over the next five years, Suning will build more than 10 thousand township service station, will also expand the market, red child to improve the service platform. At the same time, the red child will open 68 stores. read more

Station direction beginner tutorial

is now the site of various types of cover and contain everything that can be seen on the internet. This caused a lot of new friends want to build, but it is not to know what kind of station should be built, what kind of stand.

to want to build a new friend’s proposal:

1, starting from their own interests: what they like, their hobbies, and so on, to take the title to build a website. Of course, do a website like this you may not be able to make money, but it is important to build such a station will be very happy. (remember their scholarship website is the same, just do a simple home will be excited, ha ha. But this is not to say that the station can not earn money, but began to earn money for a relatively long period of time, and so on to a certain stage of development can still get income, but also a relatively stable income. read more

Their web site ranking is not really no profit

in the network to make money, whether you are a webmaster, or shop manager, a good website hopes to build their own website can bring profit, but to their website, built after the wait alone is not making money, or need to work, website ranking, website promotion cannot do without you the publicity, but to promote the money, and not every webmaster, the manager has so much money to promote their own websites, so what to do, how to make your own website

to make money?After the

website, must not take whatever state, as a new station, at the head of a building after a good month, take care, be included in the search engine is a big thing, the new station being included in the search engine, is not to say that all sites are stable, in fact, search engines an assessment period, you need to in the assessment period, the site management of their own good, take good care of children, don’t walk, you let him jump, but do not let the children directly destroyed, this is a loss. read more

Do sell 10 thousand dollars for this idea

I like planning, extremely sensitive to the market, but a lot of creativity but no money to implement, although there is no difficult to make a big team of funds. They often have good ideas, so put a waste, who are able to hope that the rich world by my creative. Of course, such as to cooperate together that will make a living away from home a lot less lonely.

              Beijing road.Com

( )

                look at the name of the project you will know this is what to do, we know that in Guangzhou we want to buy computer will be first on the Pacific computer network, will buy a car to car website, buy a mobile phone to the mobile phone network to sell Bei Dou. What people will to Taobao Alibaba, etc.. These are combined with the advantages of both traditional and Internet to do. But we have not found the largest commercial street in Guangzhou, how do you do not have a Beijing road.Com? Well, at least I asked Baidu. read more

Dialogue Cai Wensheng Zeng Li Qing BAT where is the opportunity for entrepreneurs

allcomm investment chairman Ceng Liqing (right) and chairman Cai Wensheng (4399 in)

in spring 2014 finals Chinese innovation

this afternoon, China angel in two "after 70" Big Brothers – Cai Wensheng and Ceng Liqing, as the 2014 innovation Chinese spring finals judges mentor, boarded the Show station before the ultimate PK, and accepted the "entrepreneur" magazine executive editor Fang Hao site visit, the following dialogue:

Q: the last two years BAT continued to increase the acquisition and integration of Internet efforts, in this environment, the two look at how the current Internet business? For new entrepreneurs, the competition is not more intense than before, there is no chance of read more

Corporate Entrepreneurship responsibility for entrepreneurs to escort

many large companies like GE are faced with technological innovations, such as clean energy technologies. In the new thinking and new ideas are emerging today, large companies need to "break", escort for entrepreneurs, opened up a joint development of the road.

GE recently in the United States of New York in the area of Silk Neck opened a heart cell manufacturing base, at a cost of $170 million. GE CEO Himel. Geoff said: "this is the way of business GE." GE companies use small businesses in the clean technology innovation achievements, in the spirit of entrepreneurship, under the guidance of the ideal into reality, creating a new, huge market. read more

Ali Union a unified description of the settlement time

Hello, you feel our understanding of dunning, union settlement time is 15 days per month alliance began to settle in time, because the company will have a certain financial process, specific to the owners receive a commission, there will be some delay.

many enthusiastic publishers to advise us, help in the end of the month to join that account, so you can not rush me. But after repeated consideration, the alliance is the same wish: to get the Commission as soon as possible, the sooner the better. So we are currently modifying the payment process, and strive to advance the monthly settlement date. Specific time, please pay close attention to the recent alliance page. read more