Yang Zhiyuan entrepreneurs over look at the revaluation is dangerous


technology Zheng Jun from the bottom of the U.S. Silicon Valley

see Yang Zhiyuan again.

Silicon Valley Palo Alto Four Seasons Hotels, the sky under a thick drizzle, held here with seven capital of Ideas Summit annual meeting. A tall middle-aged man hurried into the hotel lobby, no umbrella with rain. This is Yang Zhiyuan.

surprisingly, the net worth of nearly $2 billion Internet pioneer they drove to Four Seasons Hotels, but not directly to the car parked in front of the hotel, and other distinguished guests like valet parking, but stopped in the parking lot and then ran a few tens of meters into the big hall. read more

China’s most influential venture 2016MARS announced the launch of the contest

August 11, 2016 Beijing cattle interactive media Limited by Share Ltd (Code: 835998, hereinafter referred to as the "cattle media") announced the 2016 annual MARS Innovation Contest (hereinafter referred to as the "MARS competition") will be officially launched in August 25th. The whole game is expected to last 3 months, the entrepreneurial team will include the main division, special events, the platform to get to overseas professional investment institutions, opinion leaders, to show consumers the opportunity. Currently, more than 100 organizations have been involved in the event of the investment, more than 100 media reports, various types of cooperation agencies and brands have more than 100. read more

Ma Huateng personally about the history of entrepreneurship development history Tencent’s own past

Ma Huateng: at that time fill volunteer, in fact, I like astronomy, was originally wanted to read astrophysics or astronomy, which is my interest in high school. But later learned that the final outcome of astronomy is like a geography teacher, which is very different from what I imagined, because I like astronomy, but do not like geography, this is not the same as I imagine.

18 years ago, 27 year old single dog and pony registered a company in the day today, the market value of the company exceeded 2 trillion, beat Ali, to become Asia’s largest Internet Co. read more

Dining SaaS into the red sea how he connected the 68 thousand chain KA customers with digital servic

in the transformation of catering enterprises now before SaaS, the acewill founder Kong Lingbo also had to do an entrepreneurial "Star", but then, his project or electronic menu. From the beginning of 2012, acewill began a transformation, the transition to digital service system.

has experienced nearly 10 years of business fluctuations, acewill November 2014 Sequoia investment 40 million, 158 million yuan B round of investment in 2015 06 and Sequoia group and combined with injection, and in November 2015 acquired Twitter Life team. From 2006 start, Kong Lingbo has experienced different stages of development of domestic information, the company from the beginning of the outsourcing, electronic menu, to specialized services catering industry now digital services and management SaaS system, perhaps his experience and thinking for the industry, all in the same field of entrepreneurs, will bring huge inspiration. read more

The content of entrepreneurship tuyere or bubble

review: 2015, the winter capital contrarian, numerous new media to obtain financing, the content of entrepreneurship has become a hot word. While the new media dividend period in the past, while the capital blitz, the industry is undergoing a reshuffle and rise, into the rapid integration phase.

I dark horse Wang Yi reported on January 21st

from the wilderness to the financing of new media began to explore the business model. Ads, only a little bit, so the line activities, integrated marketing, the emergence of a new model of community electricity supplier, trying to break through. read more

The new three board has become God three board nine figure to understand the current situation of t

Abstract: Gem have qualified successors, the "new three" has become "God board". The growth of the number of listed companies has been a topic of interest in the media, do not think that alone is enough to seal the God, the Nine Chart witnessed the new three board, the status quo of god".

note: the gem have qualified successors, the "new three" has become "God board". The growth of the number of listed companies has been a topic of interest in the media, do not think that alone is enough to seal god". Titanium media author by the wisdom of the current new three board enterprise data and the specific development of the situation, with nine pictures to witness the new three board God status". read more

From dagongmei to net worth of 80 billion richest woman you want to work hard to break the barriers

Abstract: the 16 year old dropped out of school to work in Shenzhen, 2015 has become the richest woman in china……" And a few sentences, but it is not a life counter attack. When the social hierarchy curing theory increasingly lively, from the limit, the life force has become a generation of anxiety, start empty-handed entrepreneurs summit Chinese’s richest woman, as can be imagined how much is not easy to adhere to and.

September 10th, "fortune" magazine published the 2016 global 50 most influential women, Chinese, on the list of 12 people, including the outstanding female GREE electric CEO Dong Mingzhu, CEO Peng Lei, ant Jinfu drops travel president Liu Qing and many other all-powerful, expected. read more

Zhang Xiaolong announced the release of small programs WeChat time it gave us what important signal

today, December 28, 2016, Zhang Xiaolong made it clear that WeChat small program officially with the user to meet the time – January 9, 2017, Zhang Xiaolong speech in an hour at the topic, elaborated the origin of small procedures, is a small program to meet user specific needs, the needs are real. A small program combines the PC era search site features advantages and WeChat two-dimensional code, we don’t want him to be a website experience on a mobile phone, but also a better experience, so we define a small program. A small program like PC era website, do not need to download and install, information at your fingertips, and go out, no need to uninstall. WeChat science and technology from the media to stay Meng said, WeChat small program columnist "Chunxiao" interpretation of this event for the first time. read more

Dismantling investment trends in 2016 entrepreneurs stepped on the rhythm of it

speech: dark horse capital partner Jin Haitao

2016, the domestic venture capital development to a new stage, but the information asymmetry between entrepreneurs and investors is still not eliminated. March 31st, dark horse capital held for the first time open class, dark horse capital partner Jin Haitao published entitled "investment trends in 2016," the speech. Take a look at what kind of projects favored by investors in the end? What are they judged? These standards behind a set of what value system? How to judge a new outlet? As entrepreneurs, whether you need to pursue the "air" read more

WeChat small procedures for entrepreneurs tangled to succeed there are a few steps to go

, the former WeChat public platform sent out a small program beta invitation, triggered an earthquake, in the WeChat program description, the WeChat team to provide a similar App model account for the user, it does not need to download and install the application can use the mobile phone users do not have to worry about is not installed too much of the App an application can include all of the content of no..

WeChat official description of the small program is a small program, is a need to download and install the application can be used, it realizes the application of the "touch" of the dream, the user can open or sweep search application. Also reflects the "run away" concept, users do not care about whether to install too many applications. Applications will be ubiquitous, ready to use, but do not need to install uninstall. read more

Fu Sheng not necessarily destitute to business success

is part of the following record:

entrepreneurship | find you interested to start

Fu Sheng: Hello, I am Fu Sheng, cheetah mobile CEO, which is the predecessor of Kingsoft network, Kingsoft Internet security is the earliest I founded cow with a company, active around seven million, then we spent two years on the active from seven million to nearly fifty million, in the domestic security PC market ranked second, two years ago we launched the international strategy, and now we are 4 mobile monthly active billion, 70% from overseas market, 20% from developed countries in Europe and america. Today, we are in fact the growth of overseas income is very fast, last quarter earnings overseas revenue has accounted for more than 10% of the company’s revenue. read more

Shen Napeng the next entrepreneur was born in July 1993

DoNews10 18 June 2007 Sequoia Capital Investment Enterprise CEO summit and the ten anniversary celebration held in Beijing in October 17th, the conference gathered Chinese well-known entrepreneurs and Sequoia investment China outstanding enterprises CEO on behalf of all walks of life. Shen Napeng, Chen Dongsheng, Xu Xiaoping, Liu Qiangdong, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, the.

Sequoia Capital global executive partner Shen Napeng delivered a wonderful speech, he tells the Sequoia Capital Investment in the past ten years, but also to share a lot of successful investment cases and know-how. At the same time, in his speech, pointed out that there is no venture in the Sequoia winter. read more

Sour and hard commercial WiFi who understand the dream on the road

[lead] business 11 years ago, when people call him the boss, who know his heart had a sour, hard, this is a Fang Shiling for the first time publicly entrepreneurial mentality of their own, very happy, also has unspeakable bitterness. His story confirms that sentence, whether it is running or climbing, we have to move forward, and our friends to cooperate successfully is our mission……

text / L

map / office building

Electronic commerce

2008 wind blowing, let me once again close to the dream, 2 years later, when I took an injury, left the project team to strive for, I thought that I could sleep for three days and nights, there will be no project such as the oppression of death, no BUG as the coke burning nightmare ridden burst. I think I can drink coffee, volunteering, sleeping in the music, let the sun shining white shining on me. The wind in the valley, the stars after the rain, the colorful streets of the fallen leaves, and the smiles of strangers. I left with nothing whatsoever, to dream of a horse, the cover of darkness, the warm wind blowing. read more

From Motivate and ofo to see the entrepreneurial opportunities under the connected economy

"·" is "exchange; observe Rimula · wealth sink WeChat public number regular Friday column, providing the most in-depth business circle of entrepreneurial wealth observation reports for readers. Rimula · wealth sink to "smell, FAQ, etc., for the purpose of reform", is committed to convergence with common values and a sense of responsibility to create wealth, to build a full of positive energy, full of dreams, charismatic collective wealth.

following Uber, drops with a shared economy detonated travel market, Motivate and ofo sharing bike seems to trigger another revolution in the field of travel. read more

The white hat veteran entrepreneurs holes in the teeth of the storm bank founder Luo Qing

Shanghai in August, with the air difficult to resist heat, all things are because of the burning sun and become soft.

Figure 1 photos

Shanghai Songjiang, a cafe, at two o’clock in the afternoon, when Luo Qing basket came through the door on time, it seems the entire cafe are a lot of cold air.

has over thirty years of age, still full of passion with your spirit. Business for decades, he preferred to call themselves as white veterans. Now " white hat " this group by the media on public opinion in the teeth of the storm, he still choose at voice. He said, in an era of a group, always need someone to stand up, stand there, hold on. read more

Hit the voice of the customer the second quarter of the Haier U hit off contest to help me achieve

September 1st, "Newell U+, bloom dream – 2016 Haier U+ hit off the contest the second season and U+ ecological forum ShangHai Railway Station" held in Shanghai Exhibition Center, contest brings together Haier U+ platform, hard eggs, business lounge, online platform alliance, China intelligent Home Furnishing industry in Zhongguancun Venture Street, Haier Saif, sealegend investment the door for the public record, and enterprise space, Bauhinia business school Home Furnishing Houde intelligent industry chain of authority and leadership, and industry experts, well-known investors, creating the Haier ecosystem across the small micro exchange opportunities, help incubator project future ecological Home Furnishing Chi collar, inject new impetus for the rapid development of intelligent Home Furnishing industry. read more

How to open an online shop how to open shop detailed steps

how many people want to own a Taobao store, but ultimately had to because there is no experience, no time, no source and other reasons and lost the idea of shop. Although everything is difficult at the beginning, as long as you want to do, you will find that the original Taobao is also a trick. The following I combined with many years of experience with Taobao shop to talk about the cost of a shop.

do not naive to think that all Taobao people are seated in front of the computer to keep scanty customers wait for orders; don’t silly thought only by the factory supply in order to achieve profitability. Now, there is a shop called baby shop software, hand teach you a key shop. read more

US map has passed the listing hearing early next week for pre Roadshow

Tencent science and technology news (Xiang Xin) November 18th news, Tencent science and technology was informed that the company has a mobile Internet Co Mito company has passed the listing hearing, will be held early next week roadshow, raising up to $800 million. This aspect of the official said the United States did not respond, saying all the information released by the Hongkong stock exchange shall prevail.

according to Tencent technology previously reported, Mito plans to conduct IPO in Hongkong in the fourth quarter of this year, raising $500 million -10. read more

Dongsheng an entrepreneurial success of grass root to make money

is a pioneering a life-and-death matter of war, the slightest mistake startups will be doomed eternally, entrepreneurs can success on the road of entrepreneurship, to realize their entrepreneurial dreams, is completely determined by its own, only their own entrepreneurial success and failure, gain and loss, to bear.

early stage venture capital fund is essential, the cornerstone of business on the road, a lot of entrepreneurs in the early days, ignoring the financial need, without sufficient liquidity under the rush to start, to put up the shutters, if entrepreneurs in the business without sufficient funds to maintain the operation of enterprises, it is better not to go into business. read more

Horizontal expansion and vertical roots here is a 2017 short video business guide

Abstract: due to the

— and the superposition of IP attribute content are more susceptible to specialization, but the vertical field has stronger bargaining and liquidity, rational capital may be more inclined to the vertical project.

as you know, the short video originated in 2013 in 2016 a prairie fire flame.

Just say goodbye to

near 2016 is China short video industry year and surge high and sweep forward, more optimistic judgment is that it is also a big round on the eve of the outbreak. read more