Ad4all product excellence ratio adjustment notice

dear alliance members, Hello everyone!

PR union at the beginning of the implementation of the new product excellence into proportion from 2008 to January, the proportion increased from 10% to 12%, the cancellation of the original price ladder, welcome webmaster to launch.

adjusted as follows:

according to the effective order (delivery confirmation is a valid order) sales of 12% Commission (excluding distribution costs), digital products by 2.5%, maternal and child channels by the 4% into.

if you have any questions, please contact our customer service, contact details are as follows: read more

Discussion on new venture Yikusitian

Hello, I was seven, today is the first submission station network, I also is the business in a boat in the sea ~ may currently landing, but also saw the Coast ~ I want to write an article on the new venture article, really want to share with you a business process, I may. A lot of friends now have a good income, but also do the site at the same time, full of sound and colour, there are a lot of friends are still some problems for early acute do not know how to do. His writing is not good, some of the vernacular to write, I hope to bring some help to the new friends. read more

What the Taobao store to open new interpretation to earn a pot of gold

The development of

mobile Internet era, all want to make a fortune on the Internet, watching the master Wangzhuan experience, I really envy. Wangzhuan is seemingly simple things, but also need to pay a lot of effort. Taobao platform development with the development of the electricity supplier, may be a novice who most want to use the Wangzhuan platform in the Taobao open shop is free, then the free platform can Wangzhuan success, I give you something that Taobao stores open novice interpretation. read more

Employment difficult What is the demand for web design Real wolf less meat

2013 national college graduates is about 7 million people, in fact the employment rate here is not to say, many schools hold the graduate employment package under the guise of resort to deceit, by student expose in the graduation of the moment, this year alone is college students, even students are caught in our lot, the largest population how to adapt to the pace of the society, to find a job you love that


with the advent of the Internet era, many of the new occupation is known, what kind of occupation is now in such a society that is popular and rare? IOS development, PHP technology development, or network marketing or web designer? For the first 2 kinds of work, learning cycle is relatively long, if successful treatment should also be good, then 2 work learning achievement is quick, generally 3-6 months, so to find work in the short term by proficiency in a particular line of people, network marketing and web design are more appropriate. Now is an Internet era, big and small commercial enterprises have started playing the network warfare, network warfare generally played the need that functions can be said that? Web designer is door division, no matter what business shops, as long as you want your web site to attract more people to recruit a web designer to help yourself, the general web designer in the average wage of a middle level city in about 5000, as the general BBEF web designer salary is 8000 guaranteed, senior designer salary even reached 100 thousand, demand we can easily open their own city recruitment website search for web designers, can understand the demand is great. read more

Site positioning and revenue the new website profit discussion

  make sure the site before the site positioning, technical station or entertainment, regular stations or garbage station, there is a goal to be able to enter the profit stage, unless you just play it.

normal station and garbage station scale and proportion of income, such as 1:10, a 20000IP dump the proceeds of the day, as long as the normal station can reach 2000IP. Just take personal experience to speak, not authoritative.

station benefits, fast starting, disadvantages flow easy to do, no future, life is short. General garbage can be achieved within a month to achieve revenue targets, the latest three months, if the income is not available for three months, the basic proof of the station may have no income. Can abandon.

1. Collection, the Internet is filled with hundreds of thousands of the same sites, these sites collect each other, so down, there are only a few benefits between the same site, I do not agree with the sale data. A data spread, there is no value. Have their own mining, collection also stresses skills, can not be a full stop, as far as possible to diversify the site, as far as possible with the target station to maintain a difference. In order to maintain a better ranking in the search. Runoff collection.

2. traffic, save a lot of traffic flow. Most Adsense choose SEO, once and for all. Crazy AD as a keyword to flow more. As has been said before, if you have a lot of data in the outside world, there are too many sites in the search results, it is impossible to have a good ranking, unless you have a good luck. Maintain the unique content is a great advantage. Domain selection is also very important, COM is preferred. The recent $1 CN domain name has led to the rise of the garbage station, I do not recommend the use of CN meters to do garbage station, unless you have a lot of time, can insist on maintaining the garbage station and the revenue target set in 35 months.Keywords

3. data and traffic are. Income is not a problem. A 20000IP station do GG monthly income in 500-600 knife, see suggest webmaster keywords and antecedents, if people like to search image conversion keywords, we can put PICASA on the page to download, if IE is put on the relevant keywords, Firefox download, very Mingxiao effect.

> A read more

Nearly 10 times after being refused close contact with the Baidu Alliance

has long wanted to own a website, but because their information is blocked, my site steps is actually from the self HTML, CSS, download a Dreamweaver after the beginning of hope second days will be able to produce a beautiful website.

of course, the road did not go through, after all the difficulties and their ability to work behind closed doors co.. Just to see a friend gave me his website, I feel very beautiful, he will teach me to do, he looked at me with eyes rather baffling: you actually want to write a stand out? "He then told me about, there are many online stations provide specialized templates, you down slightly what can be used to change. Hey, the first step in my eyes to actually so simple to solve. read more

Kingsoft Duba install alliance for advertising

webmaster friends good!

        installation of a batch of Duba union replacement download Banner advertising today, please pay attention to the webmaster. Direct reference to the image of the webmaster friends please manually download the new Banner and replace.
        timely replacement of Banner can improve the click through rate to improve performance. Thank you for your support!

Union address:

more information as in the League:
to join Admin5 alliance channel, please contact the QQ:285445
if you are a Union Commissioner, please give me the latest information feedback, we in the first time to report to you. Feedback QQ:285445 read more

How to make your site to recover the cost of personal website

personal webmaster how to make money? May each individual webmaster want to know how others make money, at least know how to earn back the cost. My information station only 1500IP (poor, stock), although only then IP but not even the cost of not having come back, then I do share more than a year of part-time webmaster experience.


started to do, much earlier than I do the webmaster said to me, now do only interest, if in order to make money to do the estimates you have to be disappointed, I’d like to start but also as a boring amateur update. But gradually I found that interest in amateur but must pay the price, the domain name server for money, money, the Internet to update Internet, electricity, time. It’s a lot of money for the next year. read more

College students how to use blog profit

I also belong to the rookie level characters, views can also be limited, be willing to communicate across, also hope ah.

. Blog is the red one, but the blog business model is not clear, earn a lot of money also so a few people, (the queen family blog popularity we immeasurably ah)

, here is not for example, not necessarily the other mass are applicable, depending on the field, we can have our different characteristics, we can find their own way in the actual construction, have our own professional characteristics, our own blog 1

two. The economic profit is the main blog advertising, now most of the Web2.0 website and also through advertising to profit, the real blog we need another way, it is also worth us to continue to explore.

three. Several suggestions on the blog:

1. updated frequently, of course, don’t force yourself to write, but there is a strong desire to write at the time of writing, let your paper convincing, this class we must finish checking, test several times.

2. some friends also love to write up, of course in life, at the beginning of the blog is mostly recording his own life, private diary open, recommend the two kinds of separate, for visitors, are interested in your life log will see your life log.

3. to visit more than a blog, more messages


read more

Novice Adsense talk about how to do advertising alliance

station site today to 42 days, earn more than 200RMB, may have a webmaster will ignore the crumbs, but I think some webmaster friends just began to site will meet, this article only give new friends some help, also hope to exchange experience of cattle B webmaster, what writing is also wrong please show the younger brother of one or two.

before talking about advertising, friends have to do up the flow, no flow, good advertising is empty, so early in the site, can check what keywords search volume is relatively large, for relatively modest words, the moderate refers to a certain search, but not the kind of very popular the words, such as beauty, the word day search volume in more than 30000, the competition is too intense, want to do in front of Baidu is very difficult, recommended novice don’t choose this kind of words, except for the SEO master course. A little digression, specifically how to do flow, this article is not to talk about. read more

Do not easily make a pot of gold is not easy

read the article for nearly half a year, today’s Lantern Festival, I think it is time to write something. That is yesterday, I do it since the first pot of gold earned, although only a small 40 ha block, but the mood I ah, really is self-evident.

              I think the mood grassroots webmaster should understand! Do stand before the first half of the year, IP never had 100, even one day suddenly from 60 to 90, I was very happy. Because after all, it’s been a long time. In the last few days of 2008 and I always like to open the site to see, look at my poor IP, when I see the password in IP 386 PV 921, ah, what happened? Where is IP, I hasten to carefully check, the original is the site of the keyword DJ400 DJ400 to IP, or GG, Baidu to 30 of the poor, all the other is DJ400. I was excited to see these, after all, IP had 100, and I update the site more diligent, so after a few days, IP not only increased slowly, Baidu IP also changed much, in 2008 the end of the day, which is on the 30 of my site down 2382 IP however, the year 30 to more than 2 thousand, ah, you said I was what kind of mood, I’m excited the first did not go out every day in order to help pay New Year’s call, the site did not eat rice, now get ulcers. The funny thing is, to get these days, one did not get, but I’m still a great motivation, because I believe that the site can make money, or where there are so many people do? Through my efforts IP gradually become stable, is constantly increasing. read more

Deng Feng the northern lights to do business when the child when the sale of pigs

Deng Feng

Alex Hsu

Deng Feng clearly remembers that when he returned home, everyone asked him, "how can you sell your own company?"

such problems in China’s business ecology and not surprising. Deng Feng, Xie Qing, Yan Ke – three U.S. students jointly established in 1997, the item (Netscreen), is probably the history of Chinese students at Silicon Valley was the most successful enterprise. Chinese engineers as the core of the team, the network and security, the two functions of the combination of complex firewall hardware, simple, to create the world’s first firewall chip. read more

Entrepreneurs should ask investors questions whether to understand the project

when you use a large part of the ownership of the enterprise in exchange for an investment, how do you know that they chose the right investors?

although it looks like a process to win investors, it is a two-way choice. Investors have money to invest, does not mean that he or the company for your business and can bring additional value. When they choose to invest in your business, you are also looking for investors, and it is also possible to choose partners who need to work together for many years. read more

Take care of advertising task network

a lot of Wangzhuan blog Wangzhuan site webmaster, is keen to recommend the advertising task network, especially keen and recommendation has just come out of the new task Wangzhuan site, the blog and the Wangzhuan Wangzhuan station owners think: the emergence of new Wangzhuan his price is high, especially the price per click click price, even at 1 cents and above, and the registration and what 5 cents, or 1 yuan or more high price, and recommended referral commission or high. But, as we have: Wangzhuan owners have not thought about your website customers? Have they? Has not done from a long-term plan? Could this project can earn so few dollars, a dozen yuan in a few days, or even hundreds of yuan, but each of us earn so much money, those who run advertising task network owners they have so much money that we consume? Because of their initial task network advertisement click on the ads are they put their own webmaster, advertisers will not spend so high in price and these new advertising tasks to network advertising,, the emergence of these new tasks is not what advertising site due to registered users, popularity, traffic is very low. So, those advertisers do not choose to go to these sites in advertising, advertising is only offered these tasks Wangzhuan site’s webmaster to advertise themselves, then early to spend a little money, to promote your site, so the site of the initial operations are operating at a loss. With the expansion of their propaganda, they found that more and more users, registered users more and more and more users, click on the consumption of gold you more and more, the amount of the user is more and more, the cost of them is more and more big, when the consumption of these web site operators to achieve their money so they began to reduce endurance, reduce advertising price, although the result of reduced operating costs, but the user is not a fool, they also have their own mind, when users see when reduce the price, they tend to abandon these sites, sites will also give up the Wangzhuan site, users and promotion people have given up on this site, so the advertising task network from disappear is not far away, a new task that ended the Wangzhuan site. So, a webmaster, do not have a certain strength, is not successful operation of a task network advertisement, consumption promotion advertising task net initial cost is very high, the initial promotion is basically a burning process. read more

How can not earn money to make money online

network to make money is not a mystery, the site is hard to work hard to promote the operation of the site through the website, and network fraud and other illegal ways to make money online marketing has an essential difference. The main mode of the network to make money include: website traffic conversion mode; sales commission mode; online sales product sales model.

(1) – site traffic conversion mode for advertisers in their website advertising and website visits into advertising revenue (usually in this model, network alliance forms such as Google AdSense, Baidu for advertising, eBay eBay’s membership registration Commission etc.). In these networks in Google AdSense is one of the League to join the number of sites is also the largest Commission of the highest proportion of the network alliance, if you have your own personal website or blog and have a certain amount of access, you can get benefits through the application of Google AdSense. read more

Heard on the nternet to make money how to use the network to make money

no money really miserable! More than and 20 years, live in a shabby house, wearing a pair of black shoes, had only a few old tickets. See others to buy a car, surrounded by a small woman, someone can only occasionally play a bitch. So now the whole mind is on the money. Heard on the Internet to make money, who can tell me how to make money? How to use the network to make money?

actually, I’ve been in touch with computers a long time ago. Probably 95 or six years, the unit has a computer, I have been very curious, but has not had the opportunity to close contact with him. Later, a classmate also has his own personal computer, I was a little stimulation. This year, I finally have my own computer. 286, and later bought a 386sx. A boot, power humming, and CMOS is always down, boot on F1, of course, do not know what the problem, but can be used, but also did not manage it. How to make money later to the matter, with the two machine training class, received two or three, two or three received one thousand, this is not to make money online? Then, how units do not let me do this thing, no. Then the 286 sold about more than and 800, 386 what death can not remember. Later, 486, has been used, to now. Ha ha, with second-hand edge. read more

Baidu 2007 annual customer service satisfaction survey Award Winners List

Baidu alliance members, Hello:

in the active participation of members of the alliance, the 2007 annual Baidu alliance customer service satisfaction survey lasted more than a month, a total of nearly ten thousand members to participate, once again expressed gratitude to the above users!

this satisfaction survey is a special survey of Baidu alliance services, the investigation involves Baidu alliance service projects, service attitude, service response, service levels and other services related content. read more

The thing about making money on the nternet

in the last year, I came into contact with a lot of learning network to make friends. Found a few problems are very obvious, here to talk about

1 pirated resources must be good?

many people will spend money to buy pirated books or tutorials to learn, because they do not want to invest. Of course, this is no ground for blame, but the most important is a new way to learn words, the effect is certainly good to go, because each book or tutorial contains too much knowledge and details. For a newcomer, it is not self taught that you can master it all. For example, some of the projects we have previously released tutorial site cool what, but most are now can do, if you really go to study, go to the operation, if there is a problem I will give you some details on what the. But if you are buying pirated tutorials or not to ask me, there is no use at all. Because it is pirated, so there is no problem in the study, there will be no one to help you answer, so that the effect of learning is very poor, coupled with the new learning ability and the basis of their own. So I think there are times when it is necessary to buy genuine Dongdong, huh, huh. Self study is a very good way to learn, but it means to take a lot of detours. See a lot of information on the Internet, you do not know what is out of date, what is wrong, if you go directly to the operation to try and eat a lot. The final waste of their precious time and life read more

The Witch of the pawnshop Wang Dong engaged in food for fourteen years three innovation

review "witch’s pawnshop" Wang Dong engaged in the catering industry for fourteen years, worked in Yulin, Roasted Duck jiutouniao, dumpling king. Today, the direction of food has changed, we must change. Culture is not simply a reflection of the idea, but also the accumulation of a population behavior habits. When returning to the old child to 00, Wang Dong choose a life full of fairy tale flavor.

so many years he has been in the society at that time the spire of catering enterprises, the way they witnessed the rise and fall. From the Oriental Dumpling King, Yulin jiutouniao to Roasted Duck, Wang Dong experienced three innovation Chinese catering industry and the transformation from the restaurant to the climax, establish a brand, to seek the upgrade process of brand is reflected Chinese macro economic tide in catering economy. Chinese food chain Empire dream in his eyes is meaningless, because the market changes will change the operating pattern of food and beverage, and the trend is undoubtedly the most sensible choice. read more