From Motivate and ofo to see the entrepreneurial opportunities under the connected economy

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following Uber, drops with a shared economy detonated travel market, Motivate and ofo sharing bike seems to trigger another revolution in the field of travel. read more

The white hat veteran entrepreneurs holes in the teeth of the storm bank founder Luo Qing

Shanghai in August, with the air difficult to resist heat, all things are because of the burning sun and become soft.

Figure 1 photos

Shanghai Songjiang, a cafe, at two o’clock in the afternoon, when Luo Qing basket came through the door on time, it seems the entire cafe are a lot of cold air.

has over thirty years of age, still full of passion with your spirit. Business for decades, he preferred to call themselves as white veterans. Now " white hat " this group by the media on public opinion in the teeth of the storm, he still choose at voice. He said, in an era of a group, always need someone to stand up, stand there, hold on. read more

Hit the voice of the customer the second quarter of the Haier U hit off contest to help me achieve

September 1st, "Newell U+, bloom dream – 2016 Haier U+ hit off the contest the second season and U+ ecological forum ShangHai Railway Station" held in Shanghai Exhibition Center, contest brings together Haier U+ platform, hard eggs, business lounge, online platform alliance, China intelligent Home Furnishing industry in Zhongguancun Venture Street, Haier Saif, sealegend investment the door for the public record, and enterprise space, Bauhinia business school Home Furnishing Houde intelligent industry chain of authority and leadership, and industry experts, well-known investors, creating the Haier ecosystem across the small micro exchange opportunities, help incubator project future ecological Home Furnishing Chi collar, inject new impetus for the rapid development of intelligent Home Furnishing industry. read more

How to open an online shop how to open shop detailed steps

how many people want to own a Taobao store, but ultimately had to because there is no experience, no time, no source and other reasons and lost the idea of shop. Although everything is difficult at the beginning, as long as you want to do, you will find that the original Taobao is also a trick. The following I combined with many years of experience with Taobao shop to talk about the cost of a shop.

do not naive to think that all Taobao people are seated in front of the computer to keep scanty customers wait for orders; don’t silly thought only by the factory supply in order to achieve profitability. Now, there is a shop called baby shop software, hand teach you a key shop. read more

US map has passed the listing hearing early next week for pre Roadshow

Tencent science and technology news (Xiang Xin) November 18th news, Tencent science and technology was informed that the company has a mobile Internet Co Mito company has passed the listing hearing, will be held early next week roadshow, raising up to $800 million. This aspect of the official said the United States did not respond, saying all the information released by the Hongkong stock exchange shall prevail.

according to Tencent technology previously reported, Mito plans to conduct IPO in Hongkong in the fourth quarter of this year, raising $500 million -10. read more

Dongsheng an entrepreneurial success of grass root to make money

is a pioneering a life-and-death matter of war, the slightest mistake startups will be doomed eternally, entrepreneurs can success on the road of entrepreneurship, to realize their entrepreneurial dreams, is completely determined by its own, only their own entrepreneurial success and failure, gain and loss, to bear.

early stage venture capital fund is essential, the cornerstone of business on the road, a lot of entrepreneurs in the early days, ignoring the financial need, without sufficient liquidity under the rush to start, to put up the shutters, if entrepreneurs in the business without sufficient funds to maintain the operation of enterprises, it is better not to go into business. read more

Horizontal expansion and vertical roots here is a 2017 short video business guide

Abstract: due to the

— and the superposition of IP attribute content are more susceptible to specialization, but the vertical field has stronger bargaining and liquidity, rational capital may be more inclined to the vertical project.

as you know, the short video originated in 2013 in 2016 a prairie fire flame.

Just say goodbye to

near 2016 is China short video industry year and surge high and sweep forward, more optimistic judgment is that it is also a big round on the eve of the outbreak. read more

A lesson learned from the market subvert the pattern of the courier industry entrepreneurs

from: Forbes Chinese network

CityLink was one of Britain’s largest package delivery company, its closure timing could not be worse; the bankruptcy administrator intervention on Christmas Eve in 2014 then, on Christmas day, the company declared bankruptcy. An anonymous consortium proposed a last-minute takeover offer, but because the bid "underestimated the value of the company", and "no deposit acquisition", which was rejected, which means that the 2727 employees of City Link all unemployed. read more

Wuhan a city of entrepreneurship entrepreneurs and investors can not see each other

Abstract: a local media friends at the table to sum up this phenomenon: Wuhan entrepreneurs and investors can not see each other. Entrepreneurs believe that local investors do not understand the Internet project, and investors feel that many startups do not fly.

as a vigorous growth of entrepreneurial city, Wuhan entrepreneurial ecology how? In this trip to Wuhan, saw more than and 10 point technology entrepreneurs and investors, they have the right to speak.

business branchI met

in random 10 entrepreneurs in five from the Huazhong University of Science and Technology: National square dance, school board games, micro Uland heart, Jane, to find celebrity friends. This ratio may be a coincidence, but the business circle "Huake system" is a big group. The father of WeChat Zhang Xiaolong do not have to say, the Dolphin Browser, volume leather mesh and so on these get good financing of the company, have students from china. read more

Li Xiang from the college entrance examination to give up the third pioneering experience and lesson

profile: Li Xiang, the representative of the 80 entrepreneurs. Bubble network has been founded, the car’s home, the current car and founder and CEO. In 2005, create autohome and lead the car home successfully listed on the New York stock exchange. In July 2015, Li Xiang left the car home to start the car and home.

The following is the content of

Li Xiang spoke at the scene of the full text (slightly Abridged):

‘s first entrepreneurial lesson: direction is more important than effort

I really started about 18 years old, but in fact, before the age of 18 I have begun to make money. From the beginning of the high school, I gave a variety of media and magazines to write some of the scientific and technological aspects of the manuscript, including the computer world, such a very famous magazine. read more