There is no essential difference between the idea of making money online and offline money

network marketing analyst Su Dikang believes that the idea of making money online and offline money is consistent. Economic law is universal, the idea of making money online and offline ideas to make money is actually the same idea – sales bring profits. "The profit model of the network marketing code", he quoted the words of Liu Ren IT "the world’s most strong business model is to sell cigarettes at the door, 3 yuan purchase, 3.5 yuan of sales". Su Dikang agrees that the Internet is just an extension of the real world, making money online, or to rely on the line to make money thinking. read more

Please pay on PR

Hello everyone,

I started the school website

in 2005, domestic advertising basically done. Foreign made GOOGLE, I was basically in 2006 toss him

2007 Google make adjustments, I put the traffic and energy in the domestic advertising alliance. In November 2007, discovered a new CPS ad.

eBay mobile phone recharge card, he is based on sales commission 12%. I see the commission can, they do their promotion. 11, the data can also be, I have done thousands of sales, slightly a little amount of deduction, can also endure. December I will increase the power to do promotion, in December made more than and 450 mobile phone recharge card. Sales amount is about 4.4 W. In January 2008, one of the data of the eBay mobile phone recharge card, I was silly. Only more than and 500 commission. I immediately contacted’s KF. They say it’s ebay. I immediately contacted eBay’s KF, is 08, 1.8 contact, KF said the 2 working days to give me a reply, the result is now the eBay to the absolute refractory period. Angry ah, such a big advertisers. XDJM, we do not do any products on ebay. I don’t say anything else. read more

How about those tricky free of charge for you

is keen to make Wangzhuan friends mostly often contact with some free to apply for advertising, such as free cosmetics, daily necessities, virtual goods, a few days ago I went to apply for a free action of a world two game discs, but you know, many under the banner of "free" signs in fact is the issue of these tricky! You know?

generally speaking, to apply for a free free postage postage and divided since two.

Most online

station free of charge from the integral rebate activities are required to pay the postage. For example, almost all of the "cosmetics trial" for advertising needs to pay postage, almost all of the clothing products also need to apply for a free activity pays postage, some of the so-called "free trial", which is mostly need to pay the postage, a relatively well-known "love Fried Eggs pot" for free activities also, need to apply to pay hundreds of dollars to get the postage is small and Fried Eggs pot. read more

2013 nternet startups challenge your limits

entrepreneurs have a measure of acceptance, the courage to challenge, have the wisdom to distinguish and deal with things is a wise move entrepreneurs. 2012 is fleeting, we entered the 2013, in 2012, there are many entrepreneurs have flocked to the Internet, I do not know the red and blue waters, but not much success. So, we need to talk about the Internet business, Internet business should not only have the funds, resources and other conditions, and it is important thought, is the ability to limit the success of entrepreneurship, one of the factors is to see how you limit your ability to challenge. read more

Who is forced to walk the Wangzhuan master

the Internet today to earn home, found a very good friend of FirstAff make the final word to everyone in the future will no longer speak, read this post, my heart had an inexplicable pain, feeling like I just lost a true friend, who is forced to go to FirstAff


hey, look at these people now, thought to the worst. The FirstAff brothers worked so hard to write his own experience experience for net friend of the family, for everyone to exchange guidance, and so few people said the family is to cheat to write the article, the author is alone, I see this message to figure out, if you cheat, just write a few words. Join the words take leave, get the trouble to write so long interrupted, so that a thorough study of read more

New Oriental Network intends to list three new board Tencent Holdings 12 2917%

28, Beijing New Oriental fast network Polytron Technologies Inc (i.e., New Oriental online, the stock referred to as the "New Oriental net") issued 27 public transfer instructions, the application listed on the new board, issued 60 million shares through the transfer market making.

Yu Minhong holding New Oriental network, Tencent Holdings 12.2917%

New Oriental network is the controlling shareholder of New Oriental Group, which holds 67.9729% stake in New Oriental network. Century friendship holds 100% stake in the New Oriental Group, Mr. Yu Minhong holds a century of friendship of the shares of the company, Mr. Yu Minhong’s mother, Ms. Li, holding a century of friendship of the shares of the group of 20%, ms.. Therefore, through the ownership structure, Mr. Yu Minhong indirectly holds the controlling rights of New Oriental network, and the actual controller for the new network. read more

Li Kaifu why is it so hard to replicate the success of Silicon Valley


Wu Jun’s "the mystery of Silicon Valley" (people’s post and Telecommunication Press) will be published in this paper is the preface for the book written by Li Kaifu, the authorisation of the surging news.

this is a subversion of people’s awareness of the information age, the understanding of innovation and entrepreneurship books. By introducing the secret of Silicon Valley’s success, the author reveals the characteristics and methodology of the information age. read more

Mirror mirror Feng Xin told me the two venture into it

storm listed and did not let the founder Feng Xin seemed relieved, because his face market has become more cruel.

in March 24th, 8 years of business Feng Xin finally led the storm Technology (hereinafter referred to as the storm) on the gem of the red carpet, issue 30 million shares, issue price of 7.14 yuan per share, to raise funds 510 million yuan. Whether the listing of the storm in the video industry has played a beautiful turnaround possible situation is not optimistic. Film and television variety show copyright has already gone, TV popular variety show copyright fees have been packaged to hundreds of millions of. In this situation, the storm how to take the next step? The current storm technology company CEO Feng Xin said, their thinking is offensive to the mobile Internet, because PC is not worth more efforts "; at the same time, the video becomes more extensive entertainment, including music, games and performances. In this line of thought under the guidance of the two venture project began forming Feng Xin storm mirror. read more