Riek Machars arrival in Juba should open a new chapter for South

Under-Secretary-General for Peacekeeping Operations Hervé Ladsous briefs the Security Council on the situation in South Sudan. UN Photo/Eskinder Debebe Urging the Security Council to demand that the parties and all armed actors immediately uphold their obligations under international humanitarian and human rights law, Mr. Ladsous stressed that the human rights situation in the country also remains of grave concern. “Civilians continue to be systematically targeted on an ethnic basis and their homes and livelihoods destroyed,” he said. “As reported by the High Commissioner for Human Rights, the scale of atrocities committed even after the signing of the Peace Agreement is unacceptable and there is no accountability for those committing these serious violations. Dissent is not tolerated and free speech is penalized,” he added. Issues facing the transitional governmentMr. Ladsous also said that the transitional government will have to “start work from day one” to address the governance, financial misappropriation and improving rule of law. “The current slump in oil prices has pushed South Sudan to the brink of economic collapse. Even if the parties fully implement the peace agreement, the economic challenges will not be overcome without significant reforms and international assistance,” he stressed. In addition, he said that other conflict drivers, such as the creation of the new 28 states, should be addressed in accordance with the Summit Decision of the Intergovernmental Authority on Development and the position of the Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission (JMEC). “A unilateral implementation of this order would be detrimental to the peace efforts; it also requires tremendous resources that South Sudan cannot afford,” Mr. Ladsous said. In that regard, he urged the Security Council, in coordination with the African Union (AU), to engage President Salva Kiir on the issue with the aim to halt the implementation of the order until the issue is mutually resolved within the transitional government. Mr. Ladsous also emphasized the need for all parties to address the issue of impunity. “Without justice and reconciliation, healing old wounds will not be possible, particularly if impunity is not addressed,” he stressed. “There is a need for all parties to unite on this issue and agree on national reconciliation and transitional justice, including establishing the Hybrid Court as per the agreed timeline as well as rebuilding the national justice system,” he added. Mr. Ladsous also called on the Council to work closely with the Intergovernmental Authority on Development and the AU Peace and Security Council to mobilize the required support for the JMEC Chairperson, former President Festus Mogae, and the AU High Representative, former President Alpha Oumar Konaré, to “generate the incentives and disincentives to change the current dynamics on the ground.” “The South Sudan peace process is extremely fragile and will require a concerted and sustained effort at national, regional and international levels,” Mr. Ladsous said. “Without political leverage generated by concerted international and regional efforts, they will not succeed,” he added. Briefing the Security Council, UN Under-Secretary-General for Peacekeeping Operations Hervé Ladsous noted that, in a “positive development,” Mr. Machar had landed in Juba less than two hours earlier, and was expected to be sworn into office later in the day.“It is vital that the political and security trends now under way in the country change rapidly if we wish to see a possibility for us to see the peace process succeed,” he said.“It is vital that parties should take this opportunity to show the genuine determination to move forward with the peace process,” he added.In his briefing, Mr. Ladsous emphasized that intermittent fighting was witnessed in several areas of the country.Noting that the Government of South Sudan has continued to impose restrictions on the movement of the UN Mission there (UNMISS) and humanitarian workers, in violation of the Status of Forces Agreement, Mr. Ladsous stressed the need for unimpeded movement by the Mission and humanitarian partners in order to address the worsening humanitarian and human rights situation. “These restrictions have severely impacted the Mission’s ability to move and protect civilians as well as the UN’s ability to deliver badly needed humanitarian assistance,” Mr. Ladsous said. “I would urge the Council to send a strong message to both the Government and the opposition on the utmost imperative to grant the Mission and humanitarian partners unimpeded freedom of movement to allow them to implement their respective mandates.” Mr. Ladsous noted that of particular concern are the recent clashes between the SPLA and armed groups in Wau County, Western Bahar El Ghazal, leading to killings, and displacement of civilians. He said that fighting between SPLA and opposition forces has also been reported in Upper Nile and Unity and in the Equatorias over the past few weeks. He said that the preliminary investigation into the violence in the UNMISS civilian protection site in Malakal on 17 and 18 February indicated that at least 25 internally displaced people were killed and more than 140 injured. The Under-Secretary-General stressed that in view of the gravity of the incident, the Secretariat has convened an independent Board of Inquiry to look into the response of the Mission to the crisis. In addition, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has decided to establish a special investigation to look into all factors that contributed to the violence, and determine the responsibilities, he said. The special investigation will be led by Abiodun Bashua and is about to start its work. The Security Council will be briefed on the outcome of both investigations by early June, Mr. Ladsous said. Worsening humanitarian situationTurning to the humanitarian situation in the country, Mr. Ladsous said it is “unfortunately still worsening in scale, scope and urgency.” “After more than two years of conflict and economic decline, more than half of the South Sudanese population are in need of humanitarian assistance. People’s coping mechanisms are exhausted and, for far too many, survival has become a daunting challenge,” he emphasized. The onset of the rainy season will put millions more at risk of severe food insecurity and disease, which he said was “a deadly combination.” read more

At UN Cuba urges relief to assist stormhit Caribbean cites setback in

Expressing heartfelt sympathies all those affected – including in Mexico which was hit with two earthquakes this month, and the United States, where Hurricane Harvey had struck several southern states – he went on to describe the scene in Cuba, speaking of heart-touching moments from the disaster that also carried a message of hope, scenes such as rescuers saving a girl and giving her back to her mother and of strangers helping one another. Conveying his country’s gratitude for the offers of assistance from the global community, he also offered strength to neighbouring islands which were also hit hard by the hurricanes and natural disasters. Turning next to political matters, Mr. Rodriguez Parrilla referred to the address by the US President at the General Assembly earlier in the week, t noted statistics on extreme poverty, hunger and refugee crises, asking how could global challenges be overcome with an “America first” view. Calling the new Cuban policy of the US “a setback” in bilateral relations, he said it undermined the basis established two years ago for advancing ties characterized by respect and equality. He condemned the “disrespectful, offensive and interventionist” statement made against Cuba by that country’s President, reminding him that the US had no moral authority to judge Cuba. Despite longstanding tensions with the US, the Minister expressed that he believed in the possibility for coexistence and respect between the two nations. Concluding his address, he reiterated that the Cuban people will keep up their struggle to achieve the most just society possible. “We will continue to steadily advance down the path of revolutionary transformations that has been sovereignly chosen by all Cubans to further improve our socialism.” Full statement available here read more

Mondays Daily Brief Horror at Notre Dame fire disaster Yemen still bleeding

The situation for the people of Yemen has, if anything, worsened over the past year.In a briefing to the Security Council on Monday, Martin Griffiths, the UN Special Envoy to Yemen, said that, in the months since a fragile UN-backed ceasefire began in the region around the key port of Hudaydah, civilian casualties have significantly reduced, and people are beginning to return to their homes.However, outside the area, violence has escalated, and the economic situation in the country as a whole remains extremely fragile.Full story here.Tackling poverty, inequality and climate change: ‘We need more money’ The head of the World Health Organization (WHO), Tedros Ghebreyesus, has declared that we are living in the middle of a global measles crisis.In the first three months of this year, the number of recorded cases was almost 300 per cent higher than in 2018. Although the WHO’s data is provisional, the organization says that it indicates a clear trend, with many countries in the midst of a sizeable measles outbreak.Even countries with high overall vaccination coverage, such as Israel, Thailand and the US, have seen spikes in case numbers. In the past week, New York City declared a public health emergency in parts of Brooklyn, due to the rapid spread of measles.The disease is almost entirely preventable, through two doses of a safe and effective vaccine, but global coverage with the first dose, has stalled at 85 per cent of the population, leaving many people at risk.Mr. Ghebreyesus said that there is no debate to be had about the profound benefits of vaccines, and that children are paying the price for complacency.More here.Hospitals in Libyan capital receiving daily casualtiesMore than a week after a Libyan regional commander began a major offensive to capture Tripoli from the internationally-recognized Government, hospitals in the capital continue to receive daily casualties.A status update released by the UN’s Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), on Sunday, showed that 48 civilians casualties have been confirmed since  the start of the current hostilities, including 13 deaths.Over 18,000 people have displaced so far, and further casualties are expected, given the continued use of air strikes and heavy artillery.In a Tweet published on Sunday, the UN Mission in Libya, UNSMIL, warned both sides not to attack civilian areas, stating that the bombing of schools, hospitals and ambulances is strictly prohibited by international humanitarian law. UN chief ‘horrified’ as Notre Dame burnsAs Notre Dame Cathedral burned on Monday, UN Secretary-General António Guterres expressed his “horror” at the images of the fire, shown live around the world.The UN chief said that his thoughts are with the people and Government of France.Audrey Azoulay, head of UNESCO – the Paris-based UN agency for education, science and culture – also expressed her “deep emotion” on social media.Ms. Azoulay wrote that UNESCO is closely monitoring the situation and is standing by the French people’s side to “safeguard and restore this invaluable heritage.”The Organization elevated Notre-Dame, widely considered to be one of the finest examples of French gothic architecture, to world heritage status in 1991.Construction began in 1163, on the central Parisian island in the middle of the Seine, known as Île de la Cité, during the reign of King Louis VII, and it was finally completed in 1345. ‘Yemen bleeds’ as fighting worsens, UN Special Envoy tells Security Council There is a multi-trillion-dollar gap between the ambitions of the UN for a global economy that benefits all, and the amount of money offered up so far by individual countries.This was the message from UN chief António Guterres on Monday, at the opening of the 2019 Financing for Development Forum, held in the Economic and Social Council hall at UN Headquarters in New York.Mr. Guterres told delegates that the tools already exist – along with international agreements – to tackle poverty, inequality and climate change, but more money is needed to implement the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development.Full story here.‘We are living in the middle of a global measles crisis’ WHO chief read more

Get Back to Your Country Roots at the Emery County Fair This

BABY CONTESTThe Emery County Fair’s annual baby contest will take place on Friday, Aug. 2. Registration will be that day from 10 a.m. until 10:45 a.m. Judging will begin at 11 a.m.Contestants will be divided into age categories with separate categories for boys and girls. Age categories are as follows: newborn to six months, seven months to 11 months, one-year-old division and two-year-old. Contests are judged on personality, attire, appearance, contentment and interaction with judges.The judges’ decisions are final. Children must be supervised at all times.LAMB FRYBK’s and Genco will be sponsoring a lamb fry on Wednesday, July 31 and Thursday, Aug. 1 from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the pavilion. Entertainment will be provided by the Route 10 band. All of the proceeds from the event will benefit the Travis Quinn family, a resident of East Carbon who is battling stage 4 cancer of the colon and GI tract.PET CONTESTBring your pet to see if it can win a prize. The pet contest will be location located at the indoor arena on Friday, Aug. 2 at 10 a.m. For more information, please contact Shauna Ellis at (435) 720-6599.LASER TAGLaser tag will be played at 2 different times. First, there will be a course set up on the ball fields on Friday, Aug. 2 from 12 to 6 p.m.  Everyone welcome.Then, “Last Man Standing” laser tag begins on Friday night at 9 p.m. south of the sand volleyball pit.  The last man standing will earn a $65 gift card for paintball rental (six guns, air, masks and 200 paintballs for each gun). Contest open to ages 14 and above. Meet by the sand volleyball pit.4 v 4 SAND VOLLEYBALLCome have fun in the sand. Rally up a team or come and join a team there. Check in is at 7:30 p.m. and games start at 8 p.m. on Friday, Aug. 2.EXHIBITSExhibits will be on Wednesday, July 31 and Thursday, Aug. 1 ONLY!Come get an EXTRA bingo card for $1,000 Bingo by participating in the exhibits on Wednesday or Thursday. Participate in a five-item scavenger hunt (18 years and older) and you’ll be able to have TWICE the chance of being the winner of $1,000. Kids (17 and younger) that participate in the scavenger hunt in the exhibit hall will receive a prize!SPECIAL NEEDS TALENT SHOWThe special needs talent show will take place on Thursday, Aug. 1 at 5 p.m.  Please contact McKette Sitterud at (435) 650-6636 for more information.3-ON-3 BASKETBALL TOURNAMENTCome join us for a 3-on-3 basketball tournament on Friday, Aug. 2 at 4 p.m. Meet at the east side of the pavilion and look for Scott Labrum. The games will be played on Carney Lane (between the pavilion and the rodeo grounds). Each member of the winning team receives a new basketball.MINUTE TO WIN ITEveryone is invited to come join the fun right after the parade on Saturday morning (Aug. 3). Meet under the canopy on the south side of the sand volleyball pit. It will be tons of fun to participate and to watch!FOOD VENDORSFood vendors at this year’s Emery County Fair (excluding food trucks) will be located inside the metal Emery Recreation building in Castle Dale on Friday, Aug. 2 and Saturday, Aug. 3. This year’s vendors include Forbidden Fruit, Sweet Haven Gourmet Ice Cream Sandwich, RKidz Icee, Canyon’s Icee, Stewart’s Smoked Ribs, KP Kitchen Panini Sandwich, Crepe Expectations, Bakers Pizza and Tasty Treats, Jurassic Taco, Big Daddy Twist Pork Sandwich and Chicken Sliders, Temptasian Chinese Food, Rosa Green Chili Burritos and Nachos, Healy Food and Vending, and Navajo Taco Truck.CHILDREN’S GAMESRemember to bring your children to the park IMMEDIATELY after the parade for 18 children’s games. Fourteen of them will be by the visitor center (between Castle Dale Main Street and the sand volleyball pit):Sand Safari, Candy in the Sawdust, Plinko, Roller Bowler, Ring Toss, Ginormous Bubbles, Tic Tac Throw, Strike Zone, Football Toss, Donut Eating Contest, Hula Hoop Throw, Soda Toss, Gold Fish, What Are the ChancesThe four other games will be: 1. Water baseball—ages 14 and younger (south of volleyball pit and north of pavilion);  2. Dunking machine from 11 a.m. to 1 by the playground; 3. Fish Rodeo (get in the pool of water and catch a real live trout—and take it home and cook it for dinner). Meet west of the pavilion; 4. Races (between the pavilion and sand volleyball pit). Children races will be held at 12 p.m..Teen and adult races will be at 12:30 p.m. in the same place. read more

Sir Ranulph Fiennes recreates moment he sawed off his frostbitten fingers for

“You tighten it up in the obvious manner, and you do… Clamping his finger into the vice of a Black & Decker workbench, Sir Ranulph demonstrated how he took a hacksaw and carefully lopped off the tips of four fingers and a thumb over the course of several days.  Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. It is arguably advice that most mountaineers are unlikely to ever need.  Sir Ranulph Feinnes, 74, has demonstrated the technique he used to saw off his own fingertips in his garden shed after they became dangerously frostbitten on an expedition to the North Pole. The British explorer allowed a film crew into his home as part of a new series for National Geographic in which he returns to Egypt with his cousin Joseph Fiennes, the actor.  read more

Meridian Mining commissioning of Jaburi plant and production of 50000 t manganese

first_imgMeridian Mining has begun production at its upgraded Jaburi plant.Reached a total production of 50,000 t of manganese product on December 20, 2017Initial run through of dry material completedContinuous production runs startedCurrent availability is 70% expected to reach 90% plus by the end of the yearThe plant is now operating with reduced quantities of material, gradually scaling up production as the company aligns staff, new operational processes with the new equipment. All systems are continually being adjusted with different quantities and variations in material processed, so each stage of production can be optimised.“The construction and first phase implementation of the new plant has met our expectations and is on schedule,” said Carlos Braga, COO of Meridian. “This is a strong endorsement of our main contractors Kuttner (Kuttner do Brazil Equipmentos Siderúrgicos Ltda.) and the ability of our own staff to partner in this highly complex process.”The construction of the new plant began in June 2016 with the commencement of civil works and the addition of a new feeder, primary crusher and roll crusher. The commissioned plant will achieve cost savings through additional capacity, a streamlined process, as well as providing reliable conditions for Meridian to achieve its production and safety goals. The expanded capacity will also allow Meridian to further explore and reach out to international niche markets of high grade manganese.Since acquiring its mining assests in Rondônia, Meridian has produced a total of 100,000 t of manganese. Year to date production reached 50,000 t on December 20, 2017. With the new plant commissioned, the company is now able to increase production targets for 2018 to meet the demand for our high quality product.last_img read more

Win 10 million if you can invent a reallife tricorder

first_imgThose of you that share our dislike of having your skin punctured by needles at the doctors office (or elsewhere for that matter) will be happy to learn that Qualcomm and X-Prize have teamed up to offer a $10 million reward to go to the first person or group that can invent a working real-life Star Trek tricorder to non-invasively measure a patients vital signs.One of the now legendary pieces of equipment from one of the most beloved geek-culture shows in history, the tricorder allowed medical personnel on the show to scan a patient and instantly get results as to what was wrong with them. Probably the most famous of the different physicians to use one in the series and subsequent movies was Dr. McCoy as portrayed by DeForest Kelley. His signature line “Dammit Jim I’m a doctor not a (fill in the blank)” while holding his medical tricorder cemented the device in the lore of the show.X-Prize and Qualcomm are looking to push the boundaries of medical science with this contest. While both companies know that an exact replica of a working tricorder is a bit fantastical, the hope is that by inspiring people towards a large prize, new advancements in medical diagnosis tools may come as a result. To win the award, the device must “enable consumers in any location to quickly and effectively assess health conditions, determine if they need professional help and answer the question, “What do I do next?”” Sounds like a tool that would come in very handy the world over.Read more about the tricorder X-Prizelast_img read more

Taxi driver who snapped and ran over passenger who didnt pay fare

first_img https://jrnl.ie/3455324 By Declan Brennan Image: RollingNews.ie Share11 Tweet Email Wednesday 21 Jun 2017, 8:36 AM 81 Comments A TAXI DRIVER who “snapped” and ran down a passenger who ran away without paying the fare has had his four-year driving ban lifted.David Ryan (59) pleaded guilty at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to dangerous driving causing serious bodily harm to Eoin Daly at Carysfort Park, Blackrock on 7 April, 2011.In July 2014 Judge Patricia Ryan suspended a sentence of three years and banned him from driving for four years.Yesterday, lawyers for Ryan asked the court to reinstate his driving licence as he needed it for his work as a rural publican in Cappaghwhite, Co Tipperary.His barrister said that the area had a poor public transport service and a limited taxi service.Judge Ryan agreed to lift the ban after noting that Ryan, formerly of Glenfield Park, Clondalkin Dublin, requires the car for his occupation and that he has not come to any adverse garda attention since the conviction.Garda Geraldine McManigan told Paul Carroll SC, prosecuting, that Daly suffered fractures to his ankle which have affected his ability to play rugby at senior level in university.Medical reports stated that his injuries left him with a 20% greater risk of developing arthritis but that this should have shown up in a two-year period after the injury and has not developed. Daly was on crutches for months but has since gone back to playing rugby.In his victim impact report he said he accepts he was wrong to run away from the taxi and was embarrassed. He suffered flashbacks afterwards and has spent €4,492 on physiotherapy.Taxi fareRyan picked up Daly and another passenger at around 3am. He drove them to the Carysfort Park area where the two passengers ran from the taxi without paying the fare.The taxi driver drove his car onto a footpath and across the park, swerving from side to side.Daly said Ryan was driving so fast that the other man had to jump into a garden to avoid being hit.A witness from a nearby house described seeing one man running across the green with a car “in hot pursuit” and said the driver was trying to block the men off by repeatedly driving in front of them.The car hit Daly and he fell to the ground. Ryan got out of this taxi and stood over him and started gesticulating and arguing with him about the fare before driving off.Gardaí arrested Ryan two weeks later and he admitted there had been an incident. He denied knocking the victim down and said Mr Daly had fallen down.Abused, attacked, assaultedIn 2014 counsel for Ryan said the father of four had worked as a taxi driver for twenty years.During this time he had been abused, attacked and assaulted and in 2010 a man smashed him in the face with a can in order to avoid paying, counsel said.He said his client was under severe financial difficulties at the time, with a crippling mortgage and credit card debt. He had just sold his house and was staying with his sister in Kildare.Counsel said Ryan snapped on the night and did something dangerous to get his fare.“He is saddened and disgusted with himself. There is no excuse,” said Steven Dixon BL, defending.Suspending the sentence Judge Ryan noted that the accused had been under great financial and family stress but had €5,000 in court as a token of remorse.She noted his remorse and apology and accepted the offence was out of character. She noted that the mandatory four-year disqualification would affect his ability to work.Read: Former Christian Brother would ‘lick’ pupils’ dirty ears clean and fondle their privates, court toldRead: Barrister tells Jobstown jury their political views “have to be left outside the jury room” Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Short URL Image: RollingNews.ie Taxi driver who ‘snapped’ and ran over passenger who didn’t pay fare has driving ban lifted The driver had been banned from driving in 2014. Jun 21st 2017, 8:36 AM 26,978 Views last_img read more

Thousands protest across county over immigration concerns

first_imgThousands protest across county over immigration concerns Categories: Local San Diego News, Trending FacebookTwitter Posted: June 30, 2018 00:00 00:00 spaceplay / pause qunload | stop ffullscreenshift + ←→slower / faster ↑↓volume mmute ←→seek  . seek to previous 12… 6 seek to 10%, 20% … 60% XColor SettingsAaAaAaAaTextBackgroundOpacity SettingsTextOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundSemi-TransparentOpaqueTransparentFont SettingsSize||TypeSerif MonospaceSerifSans Serif MonospaceSans SerifCasualCursiveSmallCapsResetSave SettingsSAN DIEGO (KUSI) — Thousands of county residents took to the streets for the second week in a row Saturday to protest immigration laws leading to the separation of families.At Waterfront Park several thousand demonstrators voiced their concerns about the two thousand immigrant children who have yet to be re-united with their parents.In National City they marched as part of the ‘Hell is for Children’ protest over what they say are inhumane conditions for children in detention facilities.In Carlsbad demonstrators feared the possibility of arrest because they did not get a permit. In the end the city chose to defer to the right of freedom of speech over proper permitting issues.It’s important to note Saturday’s protests were far more peaceful than last Saturday’s demonstrations when there was violence and arrests. June 30, 2018 John Soderman, John Soderman last_img read more

Juvenile bolts out of court into officers on lunch break

first_imgA juvenile male, who decided he’d rather not attend his court proceeding any longer, sprinted out of the courtroom and into the path of three sheriff’s officers returning from lunch.The nature of the hearing was not clear as of Friday afternoon.Administrative Sgt. Fred Neiman sent out a photo from the Clark County Sheriff’s Office Twitter account after the short-lived manhunt.“We were walking back to the office from lunch,” Neiman said. “Over at the Thai place, Tiger’s Garden. We decided to walk and enjoy the nice day. And then we saw the patrol cars, and we all looked at each other and said ‘yep, they’re looking for somebody.’”Nieman said he, along with Internal Affairs Sgt. Phil Sample and Administrative Cmdr. Rusty Warren, spotted a kid who looked a bit lost around the corner of West Evergreen Boulevard and Columbia Street.“Sample spotted this kid who was looking out of place,” Neiman said. “So Sample went over and approached him and he cooperated.”Neiman said the youth was promptly escorted back to court.The three officers are mostly assigned to administrative duty these days, Neiman said, adding that it’s “nice to engage in some police work from time to time.”Neiman also said the apprehension helped him work on his Twitter skills.“I’m looking for things to tweet,” he said. “We’ve had this account for just two weeks, so I’m going to start using it.”The Clark County Sheriff’s Office can be found on Twitter at: @ClarkCoSheriff.last_img read more

Police Niece drove suspected crime leader to Mexico

first_imgA niece of a Vancouver man suspected of organizing a multistate crime ring has been accused of helping him flee to Mexico while he was free on bail.Arielle R. Engh, 19, of Vancouver appeared Monday in Clark County Superior Court on suspicion of first-degree rendering criminal assistance and methamphetamine possession.Judge Suzan Clark held her on $20,000 bail and appointed Vancouver attorney Susan Stauffer to defend her. Engh is scheduled to be arraigned on the charges March 7.Engh drove her uncle, Fred J. Engh, 30, of Vancouver to the United States’ border with Mexico in July when he fled from authorities, Clark County sheriff’s Detective Chris Luque wrote in a court affidavit. Fred Engh was apprehended in early November and is in Clark County Jail without bail.He was the ring leader for a network of shoplifters who stole merchandise and then returned it for store credit on a gift card, according to court documents. The shoplifters, often called “boosters,” then sold the gift cards to Fred Engh for 40 to 75 percent of their value, and he resold the gift cards online, the court documents say.The crime ring operated for a period of at least three years in Washington, Oregon and Nevada, officials say.Phone records showed that Arielle Engh traveled to the United States-Mexico border during the week of July 22, according to the court affidavit. She was traveling for about four days, the affidavit says.last_img read more

CenturyLink outage that hit 911 service spurs FCC investigation

first_imgCenturyLink customers started experiencing outages early Thursday. James Martin/CNET A nationwide outage for CenturyLink customers, including those trying to reach 911 emergency service, dragged on for the better part of two days before its resolution late Friday.The outage hit customers of CenturyLink, a phone, internet and TV service provider, in areas including Idaho, New Mexico and Minnesota. The company’s site lists residential services in 35 states.It also affected 911 service across the country, prompting nationwide alerts to cellphones. The Federal Communications Commission said Friday that it’s launching an investigation into the disruptions. As of about 6 p.m. PT on Friday, the problem seemed to have been resolved. CenturyLink said in a tweet that “all consumer services impacted by this event, including voice and 911, have been restored” and that any latency issues would be cleared within a few hours. CenturyLink has been dealing with a network event. All consumer services impacted by this event, including voice and 911, have been restored. Any latency issues will clear in the next few hours.— CenturyLink (@CenturyLink) December 29, 2018 Restoring impacted services for our customers is very important to us. We are seeing good progress, but our service restoration work is not complete. Our teams are continuing their efforts to resolve these issues and we will continue to provide updates throughout the day.— CenturyLink (@CenturyLink) December 28, 2018 32 A company representative confirmed that efforts continue.As of Friday afternoon, the company said on Twitter that it’s “made progress in restoring services across the network in the last several hours. We are focused on resolving remaining issues.”The FCC steps inFCC Chairman Ajit Pai called the disruption of service “particularly troubling” in its “breadth and duration.” The effect on people’s ability to reach 911 emergency services is “completely unacceptable,” Pai said in a statement. He added that he has been in contact with CenturyLink to emphasize the urgency of restoring service and that he would be monitoring progress closely.  CenturyLink has not yet given any indication what caused the problems.DownDetector reported initial signs of the outage around 1 a.m. PT Thursday.”Our network is experiencing a disruption affecting customer services,” CenturyLink tweeted Thursday morning. “We know how important services are to our customers and are working to restore services as quickly as possible.”On Friday morning, the Louisiana-based company tweeted that it was continuing to experience disruptions. It earlier expected to restore operations by Friday.  Internetcenter_img CenturyLink didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment on the FCC’s investigation. Originally published Dec. 27 at 1:47 p.m. PT.Updated Dec. 28 at 9:09 a.m. and 2:03 p.m. PT: Added company comment about progress toward restoring service and added FCC Chairman Ajit Pai’s comment.Updated Dec. 29 at 4:57 a.m. PT: Added CenturyLink’s statement that service has been restored,CNET Magazine: Check out a sample of the stories in CNET’s newsstand edition.Taking It to Extremes: Mix insane situations — erupting volcanoes, nuclear meltdowns, 30-foot waves — with everyday tech. Here’s what happens. The nationwide @CenturyLink service outage and the delay in restoring critical 911 capabilities is unacceptable. I have spoken to CenturyLink to express my concerns and have directed the @FCC’s public safety staff to launch an investigation. My statement below. #publicsafety pic.twitter.com/HgQas1xtyB— Ajit Pai (@AjitPaiFCC) December 28, 2018 Comments Share your voice Tagslast_img read more

Bad roads giving a tough time to locals

first_imgKapra: The roads around Kapra Lake have been lying in a dilapidated condition for last several years due to the negligence of successive governments. A local resident shares, “We have to face a lot of inconveniences owing to the dilapidated condition of roads. The successive regimes have failed to maintain them and the roads are dangerously damaged and prone to accidents because of potholes and no proper lighting during the night.” Also Read – Hyderabad: Intermediate student dies of cardiac arrest in class Advertise With Us Meanwhile, the condition of roads in Maithri Enclave has been going worse for the last several weeks. This road is filled with potholes making it difficult for the motorists and commuters to get away from this road. During the evening time, there is a higher risk of dangerous accidents due to improper lighting in the area. Chandra D, a resident, said, “Due to these potholes, the condition of road gets pathetic during the monsoon. One cannot identify where the potholes are present, which leads to many accidents. These potholes also lead to damage of our vehicles. The authorities need to take proper actions for this issue.”last_img read more

Here Are 7 Times Texas officials Have Fought Over Christmas

first_imgIllustration by Callie Richmond / CBSKen Paxton has come to the defense of a Christmas-themed Peanuts poster. But this isn’t the first time a Texas official has fought over Christmas.When a principal at a Killeen middle school ordered a staffer to remove a Christmas-themed cartoon poster last week, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton quickly came to the poster’s defense. He said the decision to take down the Peanuts-themed image, which quoted Linus from “A Charlie Brown Christmas,” was an “attack on religious liberty.”It’s become something of a holiday tradition: Year after year, Texas officials wage battles in the so-called “War on Christmas.” Here’s a sampling:   Greg Abbott — then the attorney general — went to bat for Christmas in 2011 in Athens, Texas, where a Wisconsin-based atheist group was working to remove a nativity scene outside of the Henderson County Courthouse. “Our office has a history of defending religious displays in this state,” Abbott told a local Fox News affiliate. “Our message to the atheists is, ‘Don’t mess with Texas and our nativity scenes or the Ten Commandments.’”It was Christmas in June. After the 83rd Legislative Session in 2013, then-Gov. Rick Perry signed legislation nicknamed “The Merry Christmas Bill” clarifying that school districts were allowed to put up decorations such as nativity scenes and Christmas trees on school property. Most importantly: Teachers and students were allowed to say, “Merry Christmas.” At the bill’s signing, Perry said, “Religious freedom does not mean freedom from religion.” Shortly before Thanksgiving in 2013, an email from the Frisco ISD PTA issued “Winter Party Rules” that banned Christmas trees, references to Christmas or other religious holidays, the colors red or green, and food or drink that could stain the carpet. State Rep. Pat Fallon, R-Frisco, reached out to the school district to point out that the “Merry Christmas Bill” allowed all of those things (minus the carpet stains). “Please note that such restrictions are unnecessary, inappropriate, and quite frankly draconian in nature,” Fallon wrote.In December 2014, the Texas Nativity Scene Project unveiled a nativity scene at the Texas Capitol to combat the “War on Christmas.” The scene was made by a private group but supported by both the State Preservation Board and Abbott’s office.In December 2015, Abbott and Paxton went to bat for Orange County, where officials had removed a nativity scene after a local atheist group requested permission to display a “Happy Holidays” sign next to it. Abbott and Paxton urged them to consider putting it back up. “I strongly encourage the city of Orange to stand up to the demands of a select few who wish to see God thrown out of the public square, embrace the season of Christmas and restore the Nativity Scene immediately,” Abbott said in a statement at the time. Just three days before Christmas in 2015, Abbott asked the State Preservation Board to remove a “winter solstice” display from the Texas Capitol. The display, put on by the Freedom From Religion Foundation, urged the separation of church and state. Abbott called it a “juvenile parody.” It was taken down. This article originally appeared in The Texas Tribune at https://www.texastribune.org/2016/12/14/heres-every-time-texas-has-fought-over-christmas/. Sharelast_img read more

The Couple Killed Saving Their Baby In El Paso Had Just Found

first_img Share Courtesy of Tito AnchondoA photo shows Jordan Anchondo (left) and her husband, Andre Anchondo, with two of their children. The couple died last weekend when a gunman stormed a Walmart in El Paso, killing at least 22 people.Andre and Jordan Anchondo were expecting houseguests for a barbecue last Saturday. It was supposed to be a triple celebration. Andre had just finished building their new home, the couple was celebrating their first wedding anniversary and their daughter was turning 6.Before the barbecue, they dropped by Walmart to grab school supplies and food for the party. But all of their plans and celebrations shattered in an instant of violence.A man with a gun entered the store and opened fire, killing the Anchondos and at least 20 others in an attack federal prosecutors are treating as domestic terrorism and a potential hate crime.Andre Anchondo died protecting Jordan; she died shielding their 2-month-old baby, Paul, who was grazed by a bullet but survived the shooting.As President Trump headed to El Paso on Wednesday and the grieving communities held vigils to mourn the dead, Andre’s older brother and father were back at work in the family’s auto shop, figuring out how to press on.“It’s gonna be rough without my brother being there,” Tito Anchondo told NPR. “We just have to keep moving forward, and that’s the reason we’re open right now because the bills don’t stop and we have jobs here that still need to be finished.”As the country responds and his community reacts to the tragedy, Tito is watching his own family mourn. “My dad is very Mexican macho. He doesn’t like to show emotion. I’m sure he’s cried by himself,” he said. His mother is inconsolable and “just in tears all the time.”Tito said one way he has decided to deal with the loss is to talk about his brother and tell his story. “My brother always looked up to me, but one thing that he never knew was that I looked up to him …,” Tito said. “That’s why I like talking about him a lot because he meant so much to me. I tried to be like him even if he didn’t know that.”Andre started his own shop installing granite countertops and renovating kitchens while Jordan stayed at home to care for their three children. Jordan had two of the children from earlier relationships. Paul, the Anchondos’ first child together, was born in May.“It takes a special kind of person, also, to adopt other children that aren’t yours,” Tito said. “But he was a great brother, a great son, a great husband. Jordan as well was a great wife. She helped him stay strong.”Leta Jamrowski, Jordan’s sister, remembers her as a hero.“[Paul] pretty much lived because she gave her life,” Jamrowski told The Associated Press.Tito says he would like to take Paul in. The grieving brother feels a responsibility to look after the baby and needs “to tell him that his father died a hero saving his life.”On Wednesday, President Trump visited El Paso and Dayton, Ohio, to meet with survivors of the weekend massacres. Though the president has been met by protesters, some of whom think he helped incite the violence in El Paso with his language about immigrants, Tito sees it differently.“I can see why people would believe that,” Tito says. “And yes, maybe he said things in bad taste. But I think people are misconstruing President Trump’s ideas.”Tito Anchondo says his family has always been Republican conservatives. “My brother was very supportive of Trump,” he said, adding that he would like to sit down with the president and tell him about their pain.“I want to see his reaction in person,” he said. “I want to see if he’s genuine and see if my political views are right or wrong. And see if he feels maybe some kind of remorse for statements that he’s made. I just want to have a human-to-human talk with him and see how he feels.”This story was produced and edited by Danny Hajek and Taylor Haney with assistance from Matt Kwong. Josh Axelrod is an NPR Digital Content intern.Copyright 2019 NPR. To see more, visit https://www.npr.org.last_img read more

After 2016 Ruling Battles Over Juvenile Lifer Cases Persist

first_imgBy SHARON COHEN and ADAM GELLER, AP National WritersLocked up for life at 15, Norman Brown remains defined by the crime that put him behind bars.Twenty-seven years ago, Brown joined a neighbor more than twice his age to rob a jewelry shop in Chesterfield, Missouri, and the man shot the owner to death. The shooter was executed. But state officials, bound by a 2016 U.S. Supreme Court ruling, pledged to give Brown an opportunity to get out — then rejected parole in a process a federal judge ruled recently must be overhauled.Three years after the Supreme Court gave inmates like Brown a chance at freedom, the justice system is gaining speed in revisiting scores of cases. About 400 offenders originally sentenced to life without parole as juveniles have been released nationwide, and hundreds of others have been resentenced to shorter terms or made eligible for release by law.In this Thursday, July 10, 2014 photo, Bobby Bostic poses for a portrait in the visitation room at the Crossroads Correctional Center in Cameron, Mo., where he has served 23 years of a 241-year sentence for a 1995 robbery. (Robert Cohen/St. Louis Post-Dispatch via AP)But most remain behind bars as prosecutors and judges wrestle with difficult cases. Tensions have mounted and lawsuits have been filed in states like Missouri, while in 21 others, life-without-parole sentences are prohibited for those 17 and younger. About a third of those bans have been approved since 2016, according to the Campaign for the Fair Sentencing of Youth.“The national trend is certainly one where states are moving away from these sentences, whether by legislation or through the courts,” said Jody Kent Lavy, executive director of the group. But “there are still some outliers that in many ways are refusing to comply with the court’s mandate.”In Missouri, lawmakers decided the more than 100 inmates serving life for adolescent crimes would get a parole hearing after 25 years. But the state is in court because the parole board has denied release in 85 percent of cases it has heard and has yet to free anyone.Parole hearings have been brief and focused on inmates’ crimes, with little, if any, attention on the circumstances preceding them or what offenders have done to rehabilitate themselves, a lawsuit filed by the MacArthur Justice Center alleges.The board’s actions violate the constitutional requirement that inmates be provided a “realistic opportunity for release,” a federal judge determined in October, ordering changes. Missouri’s corrections agency and attorney general’s office declined comment.After Brown’s hearing in May 2017, the board cited his crime in denying parole. The state has since argued he is not yet eligible because he received consecutive sentences. Brown, now 42, said he hopes the board will eventually recognize his remorse, as well as his thousands of hours in restorative justice programs and work as a prison hospice caretaker and training rescue dogs.In a telephone interview from Potosi Correctional Center, Brown recounted what he did that night in 1991.“It’s shameful. … Because I’m an adult now, I know what it is to love your family,” he said. “I can definitely see where (opposition to release) comes from, and I think it comes from a place of pain.”Florence Honickman’s husband, Stephen, was killed by Brown’s companion, and she vividly recalls the teen snatching a pendant off her neck as she lay bleeding from bullet wounds. She lives in Florida but returned to Missouri to oppose Brown’s parole.“My family was turned upside down and inside out,” she said in an interview. “Do you really know deep down that this man — he’s a man now, not a child — has he really, really changed?”The high court’s 2016 decision, one of four in recent years focused on the punishment of juveniles, hinged partly on research showing the brains of adolescents are slow to develop, making teen offenders likelier to act recklessly but capable of rehabilitation. The court said they must not be punished with the same severity and finality as adults, and that a life-without-parole sentence should be reserved for those inmates deemed beyond rehabilitation.At the time, more than 2,000 inmates were serving mandatory life-without-parole sentences, most for murder convictions. And most cases were clustered in a few states.In Pennsylvania, 399 of more than 500 juvenile lifers have been resentenced and 163 have been released, according to the Department of Corrections. Bradley Bridge, of the DefendersAssociation of Philadelphia, said the last of that city’s 325 lifers could be resentenced this spring.Judges have recently rejected some negotiated sentences as too light. The last of their deliberations are complicated by the fact that many still awaiting resentencing have served less time and have less of a prison record to assess, or they have mental illnesses or a history of prison violations.“The cases we have remaining are probably the toughest ones,” Bridge said.In Louisiana, after years of resistance by courts and prosecutors, the state is reconsidering the sentences of roughly 300 offenders. Through December, 45 had come before a parole committee, with 37 approved for release and 31 of those now out, according to the Board of Pardons and Parole.Ivy Mathis was released in December after serving 26 years for killing a man during a home robbery. Mathis said that in prison she outgrew the rebelliousness of her teen years, worked in hospice care and got culinary training. She now works as a cook in two restaurants.“I’m just thanking God, and I made up my mind, I will never return to prison. … I’m not taking this second chance for granted,” she said.Henry Montgomery, whose case was at the center of the Supreme Court’s 2016 ruling, has not been so lucky. Montgomery, 72, was denied parole last year. He was 16 when he killed a police officer who caught him skipping school. Montgomery, who worked in a prison silk screening shop and founded a boxing association for inmates, will be eligible for another hearing in February 2020.“He’s stoic,” said Keith Nordyke, a lawyer with the Louisiana Parole Project. “You know one of the things that prison teaches you — 54 years of prison — is patience.”Louisiana prosecutors are seeking new life sentences for 80 other inmates; the state recently approved $1.3 million for inmates’ defense.In Michigan, where a case before the state Supreme Court delayed reconsideration of many cases, more than 140 inmates have been resentenced, and about half of them have been freed.But prosecutors are pursuing new life-without-parole sentences for about 200 others.Kent County Prosecutor Chris Becker has sought no-parole terms in about half of his 24 cases, and judges so far have agreed for four inmates — including Damon Jackson, 39, convicted in the death of his infant son. The boy was shaken, sexually abused and left blind and deaf before dying 2½ years later.“We tried to take the worst of the worst, the most depraved ones,” Becker said.In some cases, judges have rebuffed prosecutors’ bids for new life terms.In another Kent County case, a judge recently resentenced inmates Chad Maleski and Joshua Rogers to 35 to 60 years, making them parole-eligible in about 17 years. Maleski and Rogers were 17 when they joined two others in abducting 66-year-old Willie Jones outside a Grand Rapids bowling alley. Jones was stuffed in the trunk of his car, repeatedly stabbed and left to die in a field. The judge cited Rogers’ remorse and participation in prison self-improvement programs and Maleski’s cooperation that led authorities to Jones’ body. Both men apologized.James Jones, the victim’s nephew, had planned to speak harshly about Rogers at his resentencing. But after praying and hearing of the inmate’s progress, he offered forgiveness.“Who knows what God has (in store) for this young man?” Jones said.While the Supreme Court’s decision has prompted change, the justices have shown little appetite for revisiting the issue of juvenile sentences, leaving unsettled what to do with the thousands of other former teen offenders who are legally entitled to parole but serving such lengthy terms they are unlikely to ever get out.In April, the court declined to hear the case of Missouri offender Bobby Bostic, who was 16 when he and a friend held up people delivering donated Christmas gifts to a poor St. Louis family. Bostic fired a shot that grazed one man. The teens also forced their way into a woman’s car and demanded cash at gunpoint. Bostic’s friend groped the victim before the two teens released her.Bostic, who turned down a plea bargain, was sentenced to 241 years and won’t be eligible for parole until he turns 112. He unsuccessfully appealed his sentence to Missouri’s top court. And despite an earlier ruling banning life sentences for juveniles who did not kill, the high court declined to take the case.“I’m not the victim,” said Bostic, 40, who dreams of publishing six nonfiction books and nine volumes of poetry if released. “But a teenager dying in prison, what lesson do you teach him?He’s got nothing to hope for.”In Maryland, the American Civil Liberties Union alleges in a lawsuit the state’s parole system is unconstitutional because the release of juvenile offenders is rare and decided in secrecy. When the case was filed in 2016, no juvenile offender had been paroled for nonmedical reasons in two decades, said Sonia Kumar, an ACLU lawyer.State law requires the governor to approve parole for any inmates sentenced to life. Gov. Larry Hogan has granted parole to three former juvenile offenders since taking office in 2015, all for medical reasons, and has granted clemency to two others.Kumar argues there still is no meaningful opportunity for the state’s 200-300 juvenile lifers to get out, even if they have evidence of rehabilitation. She represents two inmates recommended for clemency in 2017 whose cases are still pending with the governor. Both have served more than 35 years, have almost perfect prison records and have taken education classes, held jobs and won praise from corrections officers. Hogan’s spokeswoman said these decisions require a “thorough deliberative process.”Other governors have recently approved inmates’ release.Before exiting office, Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam granted clemency this month to Cyntoia Brown, who was 16 when she got life for fatally shooting a Nashville real estate agent after he picked her up and paid her for sex. Brown’s lawyers contended she was a sex trafficking victim who not only feared for her life but also lacked the mental capability to be culpable in the slaying because she was impaired by her mother’s alcohol use while she was in the womb.Under Tennessee’s sentencing laws, Brown, now 30, would not have been eligible for parole until after serving 51 years — a mandate the governor said was “too harsh, especially in light of the extraordinary steps Ms. Brown has taken to rebuild her life.”Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper granted clemency last month to Curtis Brooks, serving life for his role in a 1995 fatal carjacking at the age of 15. Brooks already has served about 24 years; if he’d been resentenced per the Supreme Court’s ruling, he would have faced at least six more before becoming eligible for parole.Brooks was homeless when he met three boys and joined in a plan to steal a car in exchange for a place to stay, according to his former public defender, Hollynd Hoskins, who shepherded his clemency petition. Christopher Ramos, 24, was killed in the carjacking; Brooks was not the shooter.Brooks’ release was championed by a juror who convicted him, the trial judge, the lead detective in the case and his former elementary school teacher, now a Maryland legislator. He plans to work for her after his release in July. The victim’s family had opposed clemency, however, and Brooks said he would not presume to ask for their forgiveness.“It’s not that I don’t want it. I don’t know if I am deserving,” he said in a phone interview from prison. “I want them to see in the way I live my life that I do understand the impact of what happened that night. … I want them hopefully one day to see the person I was, not the person I am.”___See AP’s full coverage of the aftermath of the court’s ruling on juvenile lifers here .last_img read more

Wyatt Adds Pair of National Player of the Week Honors

first_imgStory Links For the season, Wyatt is hitting .321 with seven home runs and 38 RBIs. Wyatt had multiple hits in all four games, starting the week with a 3-for-6 night with four runs scored at Kentucky. He then added two hits, including a two-run homer, in the series opening victory over Miami on Thursday. The honors come one day after Wyatt was named the ACC Player of the Week. LOUISVILLE, Ky. – Louisville baseball first baseman Logan Wyatt added weekly honors to his ledger on Tuesday, earning the National Player of the Week designation from Perfect Game and the NCBWA.center_img The biggest game of the week for the junior came in the middle game of the weekend series, with a 4-for-6 showing at the plate with a pair of three-run home runs. Wyatt finished off the weekend going 2-for-4 with a pair of runs scored in the finale, with a straight steal of home highlighting Louisville’s come from behind victory. The 2018 All-American was on fire over four games last week, going 11-for-20 (.550) at the plate with three doubles, three home runs and 12 RBIs. Wyatt’s offensive performance helped the Cardinals to a win at Kentucky on Tuesday and two victories over Miami on the weekend. The Cardinals are in action Tuesday night at Cincinnati with first pitch scheduled for 6:00 p.m., ET. Print Friendly Versionlast_img read more

Mass Effect 3 Collectors Edition content revealed

first_imgMass Effect 3 may have been delayed until 2012, but that hasn’t really stifled the enthusiasm for the game. Now the excitement and “Pre-order” clicking on Amazon will pick up pace as Bioware has announced details of a Collector’s Edition for the game. More specifically, we now know exactly what it will contain.This special edition is going to cost you $79.99, but when you read the list of extras in the box I don’t think too many fans are going to grumble at what the extra $20 gets you.The contents of the Collector’s Edition is as follows:Mass Effect 3 game in a premium metal casing. The artwork shows Commander Shephard on the metal box and surrounded by a cardboard sleeve with N7 design70-page hardcover art book. Inside will be 3D renders of characters, weapons, and no doubt some concept work from the game all lovngly produced by the Mass Effect team at BiowareDigital (extended) soundtrack for the gameN7 fabric patch4×6 lithographic art print not available anywhere elseDark Horse Comics Mass Effect comic sporting a unique coverThat’s it for the material items, but you also get a load of digital content too:Normandy prop for your Xbox Live avatarN7 forum badges, social badges, and avatarsIn-game: N7 Arsenal Pack featuring a sniper rifle, shotgun, SMG, and pistolIn-game: Robotic dog that will follow you aroundIn-game: Commander Shepherd gets his very own N7 hoodieAs is usually the case, Bioware will only be offering a limited quanitity of the Collector’s Edition, so if you want one a pre-ordering is a must. After that, it’s just a case of waiting until the game’s release on March 6 next year.via Biowarelast_img read more

Fuel prices should be slashed by Rs 10 at least Mamata

first_imgSiliguri (WB): West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Thursday demanded that the Centre should slash fuel prices by Rs 10 per litre at least and also withdraw the cess on petroleum products. Banerjee was reacting to the Centre’s announcement of a Rs 2.50-per-litre cut in petrol and diesel prices by reducing the excise duty by Rs 1.50 a litre and asking oil companies to absorb another Re 1. “The central government should slash fuel prices by Rs 10 at least. This government at the Centre is not bothered about the well-being of the masses… They are only interested about their party (BJP),” Banerjee, whose government had last month slashed petrol and diesel prices by Re 1 per litre, said while addressing a programme in Siliguri. The Centre should also withdraw the cess on petroleum products. The increase in fuel prices have a spiralling effect on the prices of essential commodities, the chief minister added.last_img read more