The main difference between the links and the anchor text links

so, the anchor text link can increase our website YAHOO trans number, the number of love Shanghai domain cannot increase; links can increase our website YAHOO trans number, also can increase the number of love Shanghai domain.

The difference of

, a chain of anti

in the optimization on said link anchor text and URL links, is nothing more than the difference between the chain and the site of the keywords ranking. The following simple said on the two aspects of the difference:

two, the difference of read more

What is the 360 search FAQ Wukong algorithm monkey algorithm to answer

in order to safeguard network security, escort a webmaster, to avoid users being phishing fraud and other hazards, 360 search algorithms in December 15th officially launched "wukong".


A5 business network: some people likened black industry, like network >

A5 business network (admin5贵族宝贝) December 16th news, yesterday officially launched 360 search network anti black senior algorithm "monkey algorithm", and called for millions of owners to unite together to fight against hacker attacks. read more

Deep debate Shanghai Dragon two your website content is king you truly

three: content is king should be close to the theme of

: content quantity is not king

has such a website, the daily update does note a number of articles updated daily, even freshness is relatively good. Normal down, often update fresh content sites, the weight and the ranking is good. But this website in the actual operation, but it is not easy to get keywords ranking. After the reason how? Website content is king, and the king can not continue to write about. Not near >

website optimization do not know when the spread the word, "content is king, the chain for emperor", today we will first analyze what content is king. Many people think that every day to update the article, it is a form of content is king. The more the number of update, the weight for the site brings more and more traffic ranking. But in fact if it is so, if you do the real content of King read more

Four methods of solving actual site only included the home page

content is an important factor affecting the website, it is accepted by all the webmaster. So, when the site only included the home page, and ROB>

site only included the home page I believe that many owners have encountered this problem, the author also good, also encountered such a problem. There is only a collection of what home reasons? The most important is the site itself, such as the ROBOT file is set incorrectly, many of his reason is not clear outside the chain of quality is not high. So how to solve this problem? It is actually very simple, I experienced the reasons for a week, finally solved the problem, today I share the experience: read more

Love Shanghai not included the three reason WordPress blog

according to my personal experience, I guess there are three reasons.


space led to the problem of love Shanghai not included, is actually very little attention. Of course, the answer is far from absolute, because the space is not stable or slow access speed may only lead to love Shanghai not included a reason for many reasons, but does not normally occur alone, but in considering why love Shanghai not included in my blog this question, the reasons need to be considered.


after careful consideration, I put on a blog without drawing simple WordPress theme, after more than 10 days of careful observation and waiting in Shanghai, love the next update date (usually on Friday), Shanghai finally found love began to included, and have included page from the point of view, should be > read more

Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform grasp diagnostic tool abnormal announcement

article by Appollo finishing platform: www.iapolo贵族宝贝, please indicate.

currently love Shanghai internal DNS system is upgrading, you crawl through the diagnostic tool may find some exception:

For the convenience of

1, if you crawl through the diagnostic tool to find the occasional failure of capture, generally does not affect the normal love Shanghai grab to your site and included.

2, if continued for several days and the crawl fails, the reason for the failure is not resolved to IP or robots ban, please confirm not to love Shanghai robots ban and the link to access, then crawls through the diagnostic tools, click "update IP" at the same time, we use the robots tool to update robots, background will respond within 10 minutes. read more

Analysis on the local tourism website ranking how to fall in love with the sea while maintaining sta

recently, the author has been responsible for the Guizhou tourism website optimization, the period also experienced some love Shanghai algorithm block, such as local tourism websites can not buy high weight of the chain, not in the news source on the website, the tourism promotion soft article cannot be a large amount of original artifacts and so on, but from another perspective, Shanghai love algorithms are for the people? Why should they go for? Because they use optimization in less formal and efficient means, so we in the optimization of the local tourism website only requires the use of formal methods can be optimized, so that not only echo the algorithm also not let myself love Shanghai the site has been implicated in the algorithm. Then, the local tourism website ranking how to seek progress in the search engines love Shanghai? I will be here by some of their own experience to share with you to optimize the local tourism website owners. read more

Dongguan Shanghai Dragon website do not flow

2, how to choose keywords, can improve the site traffic.


3, adjust the site condition.

we can choose some successful website to analyze his long tail rankings, as part of the long tail keywords Xiao Jun blog as follows, then the actual situation of their own comprehensive website, there are plans to do some long tail keywords related content, from the long tail keywords to mining flow. Related to the site of the long tail content finished, then the other sites continue to choose to continue to update the content. As our site operation: love Shanghai index: 8 key words: Shanghai dragon and the construction of the chain, is found in this blog a long tail words flow. read more

About love in Shanghai included slow and lag snapshot solutions

! !

there is no better way, as a warning for the future, so to find some relevant information on the Internet, the people greatly disappointed, guess what, is not a long and minute statement website such high-tech, who does not know those obscure code I do part-time webmaster life difficult Kaner! Or oneself slowly analysis

recently mood is very depressed, the site launched more than 3 months, the other big engine included are normal, snapshot can keep up, but love Shanghai difficult, included unusually slow, a month to collect 4 to 5 articles, let alone a snapshot of my website, February on the line the snapshot to March 2nd has just been some time ago, the love of Shanghai and to update the site, now I was too horrible to look at read more

Analysis of high quality original content why not be included

second, the content of excessive optimization. Content optimization excessive have unconscious and conscious optimization over optimization over two. For the former, the unconscious is difficult to let the webmaster optimization over, until the site right down to even be punished, more owners to conduct a comprehensive inspection is possible. Optimization of this kind of unconscious over usually manifested in web content creation, because some owners to the so-called original content, will deliberately increase the content of the web site text, and began to write and keywords appear serious deviation, which is in the composition, problems often occur in the society, if such the content increased, it is easy to let the love of Shanghai that you are cheating, but as a writer, but often did not know, leading web content included drop. read more