Click on the principle of the search engine rankings have influence on the real sense

said the classification purpose is to tell you that the search page may not only have been type page, since the user classification, search engine in order to obtain a better user experience will also put the search results is divided into several blocks similar to meet the basic needs of users.

said the source to search engine performance evaluation, performance evaluation of search engine to a search engine performance, but with the search engine user behavior data accumulation increased, also joined the search engine user behavior analysis. So naturally appear this kind of cheating, this kind of cheating effect why so effectively also is a reflection of search engine on the democratic election, according to common sense, the user clicks on the more natural page is also the most valuable page. Of course, the foot step ahead the search engine algorithm in engineering are satisfied but also gave us a chance. read more

Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform heavyweight tool will be on the line cheating site nowhere to esca

July 3rd, Shanghai love Webmaster Platform dynamic published an article entitled "site corrective feedback function is online" post, a time to each big search engine manufacturers and webmasters sensation. The main station is introduced to the dynamic feedback rectification function is online, the function of advance notice of site content has low quality and cheating problem, if the owners in a certain period of time to fix the problem, can avoid the search engine punishment. Mainly by the following: read more