Bleachers Report: It’s over for Waterhouse

first_imgWaterhouse FootbalL Club got promotion to the National Premier League with Geoffrey Maxwell in charge in 1997. Quickly after promotion, they won the Premier League in 1998 and again 2006. They were perennial semi-finalists or finished as a top-four team every year. Last year, they were third in the League, the year before, they finished second to Montego Bay United and they fielded the best players in Jermain ‘Tuffy’ Anderson, Romario ‘Rum Rum’ Campbell, Tremaine Stewart, Damarley Oliver, Hughan Gray, Nicholy Finlayson, Evan Taylor, Richard McCallum. This prompted a rival coach to refer to them as the ‘Galacticos’ of local football. Their chairman is none other than Tank-Weld’s Bruce Bicknell; Ricardo Chin, the former KSAFA vice-president and president of Ricardo Chin Productions, was the president for six years; Felix Porter the general secretary; and Ainsley Smeikle the treasurer. These are very experienced administrators who charted a course for the team to win numerous local and national titles over the years. This year, they upgraded and changed president, replacing Chin with Fitzroy Vidal, and added Edwardo Cornwall, owner/manager from Metrodate Security, who is the former manager of Rivoli United Football Club Cornwall may yet go into the Guinness Book of Records for managing two teams that got relegated in the same season. Also, Porter was replaced as general secretary by former captain Mccallum. If you think that was interesting, it was the coaching changes that defied logic. They fired Anthony Patrick and employed former Rivoli United coach, Calvert Fitzgerald, the man who kept Rivoli in the Premier League for two seasons. Bleachers Report referred to him as a big coach with a little team. Going to Waterhouse, he was always going to be a little coach in a big team and so it proved. He had to walk away due to non cooperation from senior players. So Patrick came back, but with no success. So Waterhouse went overseas and employed Paul Young, the former Jamaica striker, who is a coach of some repute who had already done a stint at Waterhouse for a half season. For a time it looked good, winning KSAFA Jackie Bell KO matches, but the wins in the Premier League did not follow. Waterhouse wanted to strengthen the coaching team with Donovan Duckie, who also coached St Georges from Portland, Highgate United, Star Cosmos and Axum from St Mary, Montego Bay United from St James, Brazil from St Ann and also Waterhouse. Young refused. They already had Alex Thomas and player-coach Kevin Lamey, which is a nice combination. Kevin Lamey is 41 football years, Waterhouse already had on their roster 37-year-old Anderson and 33-year-old Devon Hodges, a total of 111 years of forward line. Bleacher’s Report will be presenting this to the Guinness Book of Records as the oldest forward line ever to play in any Premier League football competition in the world. They also bought back two of their former players, Theo Brown and Weston Forrest, who had been transferred to Tivoli Gardens FC, plus other players who cannot start on any other Premier League. Back to the coaching, after Paul Young left, Patrick came back for his third stint in one Premier League season, another Guinness Book of Records entry. This time, Duckie, Junior Francis and former Waterhouse legend, Hugh ‘Bingie’ Blair, who is now coaching Maverley-Hughenden in the KSAFA Super League, have all reappeared to help. Bleacher’s Report believes it is too late. How can the players relate to a coach who could not keep his job two times. Waterhouse have held up the League since it started and will remain so to the end. After the Harbour View match, the management has already given up and one was overheard singing a song with the arrangement SAD EYES, by Robert John’ ‘Looks like it’s over, you knew we could not stay (in the Premier League). Waterhouse getting relegated before May. We had a good run, why must the fans and players look that way. Bleachers Report chimed in, it’s ooooooover. Sad eyes, turn the other way, Bleacher’s Report does not want to see you cry. Sad eyes, you knew there would come the day when you and the Premier League would have to say goodbye.’ NOTE: Nicolas Beckett, who scored both goals on Sunday in Harbour View’s 2-1 win over Waterhouse, was a former resident of Waterhouse. Big up yourself Ricky Chin! You start to look good now. STRENGTHEN COACHINGlast_img read more