Thank You Pape and Dragons!

first_imgBy Liljana Meshaj:Bosnia and Herzegovina qualified and participated for the first time in history at the World Football Championship.After the victory of B&H football team against Lithuania on 15 October 2013 and direct qualification for the World Cup 2014 in Brazil, Safet Sušić has become the first coach who has led the B&H football team to a major football competition.Safet Sušić or the so called Pape has been elected as one of the best European and World football players of his generation. Pape was chosen as the best football player of B&H and former Yugoslavia. Sušić at the session of the Executive Committee of the B&H Football Federation on 29 December 2009 unanimously was elected as the new selector of B&H representation. It was him, this great former player and coach with the Dragons that achieved the big step and represented our country at the World Cup 2014 in Brazil.A great generation of B&H football players has achieved a historical success and fulfilled the dream of many fans who have watched the performances of “Dragons” since the first day of qualifications. The night that B&H football representation, after the victory over Lithuania, returned to Sarajevo was a wonderful manifestation of joy, enthusiasm and unity. Several thousand of citizens of Sarajevo gathered in front of BBI and at the square of children in Sarajevo, singing and dancing and celebrating this big historical moment. Fans were celebrating the victory of B&H team in other cities as well. This moment brought everyone together regardless of religion, ethnicity or living place. This event made everyone proud and united B&H and all of it thanks to Dragons and their selector Safet Sušić / Pape.Soon after the victory over Lithuania, the time came for the departure of B&H team to Brazil and for their participation at the biggest football event – Word Cup 2014. There were three key matches waiting for the performance of B&H team in order to qualify for the further rounds, match against Argentina, Nigeria and Iran. B&H played the first match of the World Cup against Argentina.  Match against Argentina took place at the stadium Maracana in Rio de Janeiro and ended with the defeat of B&H team. The result of the match was 2:1. First goal or the “unfortunate” auto goal was scored by Sead Kolašinac soon after the start of the match. The second goal was scored by Messi in the second half of the match, by increasing the advantage of Argentina on 2:0 and Vedad Ibišević scored the third goal of the match and reached the final result 2:1, result in favor for Argentina. Match was a real success regardless of the result. Players did a great job and they were all in a good shape.As Sušić stated after the match “Our aim was to provide a strong resistance and we did so. I am not unsatisfied with the match. We had a bad luck with the first goal”.If that bad luck would not occur, the match B&H -Argentina would have had a chance to end with the result 1:1 which could be the best expected result when playing against one of the greatest representations of the world such as Argentina.The match against Argentina was followed by the second match of B&H football team at the World Cup Brazil 2014, and that was the match against Nigeria. High hopes were putted into this match considering the great game of our representation in the first match. Match against Nigeria was played at the arena Pantanal in Ciuaba. Edin Džeko, our best scorer, in 20th minute of the game scored the first goal, which was a regular goal, but the referee by mistake called it as an offside goal. Peter Odemwingie, at the 29 minute scored the first goal in favor for Nigeria and the result of the match was 1:0 for Nigeria. This defeat of B&H representation cut of chances for a further qualification in the World Cup 2014.Nevertheless, there was a last game that they needed to play, against Iran. The game was played in arena Fonte Nova in Salvador, where B&H achieved the first victory in the World Championship 2014. Džeko, Pjanić and Vršajević were the scorer of our team and Reza Ghoochanneijhad was the only scorer from the Iran’s team.This victory did not mean much in terms of further qualification of B&H team in World Cup but is was a great moral satisfaction, such as for our players as well as for our people and country. They showed to the world that they can do it, that B&H is a great football team and can be expected a lot from them in future.As Šušić announced after the match “I congratulate the players on the good game and victory. We can not be satisfied just with this but with a little more luck and a little less mistakes by referees, we would have continued further, considering the qualities of our team. I’m sorry for those who are disappointed. These are good guys and players and they have to start thinking about qualifying for the European Championship. The first game was fair against a great team. If the referee would have recognized our goal in the second match, everything would have been different. We lacked experience in major competitions, but I have nothing what to complain about the players”.He has said it all. We managed to come to the World Football Cup for the first time in history. Having played a wonderful game against one of the best football representations of the world, achieved one victory and yes, there were some mistakes from our team and from referees as well which cut of our path for further qualification. At the end, this is football, this is life…Having a look on all the way from the start of qualifications for the World Football Cup until the end of our path, we must say that we are very proud of our “Dragons” and very thankful to Pape, who for the first time in history led B&H to the Word Football Cup. For B&H this means much more that a major football competition. This means that our flag has been waving in front of the world. This means that not just the disasters can unite us but victories as well. This means that B&H is recognized to the world for good qualities, and not just for conflicts and war. Everyone in this country has celebrated the victories of our team, qualification in World Cup, great game against Argentina and the victory over Iran.B&H football players and Pape are the best ambassadors of this country. They made this country to be recognized, spoken about in a good way and united everyone regardless of religion, ethnicity or other differences. We wish that such events to happen much often in this country.Thank you Pape and Dragons for all what you have done for the football and for this county!last_img read more