The Magic Beans Announce Surprise, Intimate Concert In Denver Just Before Thanksgiving

first_imgThe Magic Beans have already long established themselves as Colorado’s premier jam act, and they’ve decided to show thanks to the state by announcing a very intimate, last minute show in downtown Denver, on the day before Thanksgiving. This very special night of music will take place at the one of Denver’s hippest new upscale clubs and premier restaurant, Ophelia’s Electric Soapbox. The venue holds 400 people at peak capacity, and even with the surprise announcement coming two weeks out, the event is set for a sell-out. They’ll be joined by Skydyed, a live-tronica project from Fort Collins that has been making big waves in the scene.The Beans have promised new original debuts, a slew of musical friends joining in, and an unforgettable night of music. The band is fresh off a performance at Denver’s Fillmore Auditorium wtih the Funky Meters and Infamous Sringdusters, as well as a sold out HallowBean run. If you’re in Colorado for the holidays, this is must hit show.Here is a video of the last time Magic Beans took over Denver at Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom:For tickets, follow this link. If you’re heading to Phish come New Year’s time, don’t miss The Magic Beans and Spafford getting things done, late night style. Both bands will be on hand at American Beauty, just a few blocks away from MSG, on December 30th and 31st. Late night raging commence! Details here.[Photo via Dylan Langille, OntheDL Photography]last_img read more

Text of Governor Douglas’ letter on veto of Vermont Yankee decommissioning bill

first_imgMay 7, 2008The Honorable David A. GibsonSecretary of the SenateState House115 State Street, Drawer 33Montpelier, VT 05633Dear Mr. Secretary: Pursuant to Chapter II, Section 11 of the Vermont Constitution, I am returning S.373, An Act Relating to Full Funding of Decommissioning Costs of a Nuclear Plant without my signature because of my objections described herein. The safety, reliability and affordability of the Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Station (the Yankee Station) are the most important issues related to its continued operation. I remain unwavering in my commitment to ensuring Vermont’s best interests are represented and that in every discussion of our energy future the safety and reliability of this facility come first. That is why I called for an independent safety assessment and look forward to signing legislation supporting a comprehensive audit of the Yankee Station. Vermonters need affordably priced power to grow the economy and create more and better paying jobs. As Vermont’s employers have made abundantly clear, they oppose this legislation because it would unnecessarily and substantially increase the future cost of electricity on both businesses and families. I agree. There is no doubt that increases in electricity costs slow economic growth and impair job creation, but rising electricity bills also impair the ability of working families to make ends meet. Achieving prosperity through affordability will remain a core focus of my administration. At a time when growing the economy must be state government’s top priority, I will not allow this legislation-or any other irresponsible legislation-to become law that would slow economic growth, or make our families less prosperous. I fully support ensuring that there is adequate funding for the total decommissioning of the Yankee Station by Entergy Nuclear Vermont Yankee (VY) whenever that should occur. There are, however, existing procedures to accomplish this goal, and many of my additional objections to S.373 are directed at the intrusion of the General Assembly in a matter better left to the expertise and procedures of the regulatory system and to the quasi-judicial Public Service Board (PSB). Indeed, S.373 can be characterized as legislative activity that risks blurring the lines of Government at the state and federal level, resulting ultimately in an unnecessary duplication of time and resources. Vermonters should know that VY is currently operating under a PSB order issued in 2002 that holds it responsible for the complete decommissioning of the Yankee Station. The anticipated cost of decommissioning is currently estimated to be $893 million. Today, approximately $425 million of that amount is in an established decommissioning trust fund. Because the PSB anticipated that the decommissioning fund might not be fully funded at the time the Yankee Station ceased operation, the PSB authorized VY in that 2002 order to use a decommissioning method, referred to as SAFSTOR, in which the nuclear facility is placed and maintained in a safe storage condition while the decommissioning fund grows and the facility is decontaminated. SAFSTOR is a decommissioning method approved by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC). Entergy Corporation, VY’s parent corporation, is also obligated by that same PSB order to guarantee $60 million of operating costs after the Yankee Station’s removal from commercial operation. This guarantee is Entergy’s only responsibility for decommissioning type activities under the PSB order currently in effect. S.373 purports to legislatively after the fact change the nature of this PSB order and to direct the outcome of a pending PSB docket, opened in January 2008, in which Entergy is seeking PSB approval to transfer the Yankee Station to another corporation, NewCo. The PSB’s responsibility is to determine whether this proposed transfer is in the public good. The PSB is required by law to review several factors, including the financial stability and soundness, technical knowledge and competence, and generally the effect on Vermont if the transaction were to be approved. The PSB has the authority and responsibility to impose conditions if the transfer is ultimately approved to ensure the public is protected. S.373, however, requires that the PSB determine, without the benefit of evidentiary hearings, “that the nuclear plant’s decommissioning fund and other funds and financial guarantees available solely for the purpose of decommissioning are adequate to pay for complete and immediate decommissioning at the time of the acquisition…” In other words, S.373 sets out to ultimately change the balance of public good in the pending PSB docket by demanding a payment in excess of $450 million, or its financial equivalent, if the transfer is approved. The General Assembly has substituted its judgment for that of the PSB and the NRC — the two regulatory bodies that have the ultimate authority regarding these matters and who have not deemed it to be in the public’s interest to order these payments to date. The consequences of such a mandate are many. First and foremost, S.373 is built upon several false premises. Key among them is that S.373 is merely cementing in statute an obligation already owed by Entergy Corporation. This is simply not accurate. As noted above, the current PSB orders hold VY, not Entergy, fully responsible for the Yankee Station’s decommissioning while Entergy is only responsible for a $60 million guarantee of funds to be committed to this process. In fact, if the NewCo transfer is approved by the PSB, responsibilities for decommissioning will remain with VY and Entergy’s $60 million guarantee will be converted to letters of credit from an investment grade banking institution. In addition, when the PSB allowed the sale of the facility in 2002, its order recognized that a great financial risk was being transferred away from Vermont ratepayers onto VY. The PSB stated:In today’s Order, we approve the sale of VermontYankee and the associated commitment for the presentowners to purchase 510 MW of power from the stationuntil 2012. We do so for two primary reasons. First,we conclude that ENVY and ENO will be likely tooperate the plant as well as, or better than, the current owners.Second, we find that, under most reasonably foreseeablescenarios, the transactions are highly likely to producean economic benefit for Vermont ratepayers. Together,these findings lead us to conclude that the sale will promotethe general good. . . In addition, the sale has the advantageof transferring to ENVY significant financial risks associatedwith continued ownership of Vermont Yankee. If the costs ofoperation increase (due to equipment failures, increased securityor other reasons), ENVY will bear the additional expenses;Green Mountain, Central Vermont, and Vermont ratepayerswill be shielded. Similarly, increases in the contributionsneeded to ensure decommissioning upon shutdown will not bepassed on to Vermont consumers.- Docket 6545, Order of 6/13/2002 at 3-4. In exchange for the transfer of risk to VY and the ability for it to use the SAFSTOR method to ensure funds are available for full decommissioning, Vermont ratepayers benefited by a $180 million sale price and a favorable Power Purchase Agreement between VY and Green Mountain Power Corporation and Central Vermont Public Service Company. The Power Purchase Agreement has, and will, save Vermonters approximately $743 million from 2003-2012 based on past market prices and future market forecasts. It is reasonable to conclude that had Vermont regulators required Entergy Corporation to make contributions to the fund at the time of the sale instead of transferring the risk to VY, the terms of the Power Purchase Agreement would have been far less favorable to Vermonters. S.373 also prematurely characterizes the decommissioning fund as “underfunded.” Just last year, the Legislature mandated several studies in Act 160 that are currently being undertaken by the Department of Public Service. The studies will analyze the decommissioning fund to determine if there are any material weaknesses in the fund prior to the State’s negotiations with VY when and if the Yankee Station is relicensed. These studies will be completed by year’s end, and then we will have a factual basis for understanding the status of the decommissioning fund and acting in an informed fashion. The Department has retained an independent financial expert who will study the many aspects of the financial obligations and capacity of VY to meet their commitments. The conclusions and recommendations from the responsible due diligence required by these studies is unknown because they are not yet complete. Instead of allowing the studies to conclude, the General Assembly chose to short-circuit a careful determination of the facts that may prove detrimental to Vermonters in the end. Whether it is prudent to require VY to make additional payments than those currently anticipated is a determination that I agree must be made–but not until all the facts are available on safety, reliability, and decommissioning. Another reason that I will not approve S.373 is because of the General Assembly’s unprecedented attempt to enact a new law that in fact would apply to an ongoing case before the PSB. Although it is not unusual for the General Assembly to share their concerns and opinions on matters pending before the Board through letters and public statements, I believe the General Assembly should not have attempted to go so far as to actually change the law, and hence the rules of the game, in the middle of an open docket. Finally, the PSB was created by the Legislature to delve into highly technical matters and the intricacies of transactions like NewCo to determine whether they servethe public good. It is through the evidentiary process, the written and oral testimony by experts in the field, and the crucible of cross-examination that the PSB makes its determinations. S.373 removes an important quasi-judicial decision from the body with the expertise, resources and authority to make it and instead allows legislative action to determine the outcome. After careful consideration of the facts, I am returning S.373. Sincerely, James H. Douglas GovernorJHD/pbblast_img read more

Strata Solar’s new battery storage project in California will replace planned gas peaker plant

first_imgStrata Solar’s new battery storage project in California will replace planned gas peaker plant FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享Greentech Media:Another of the world’s largest battery projects is moving forward with construction in Southern California amid the coronavirus slowdown.Strata Solar will begin construction in July on its 100-megawatt/400-megawatt-hour battery plant in Ventura County, north of Los Angeles along the coast. County authorities signed off on the final approvals over Zoom, allowing the project to keep on schedule, Strata SVP of Energy Storage Joshua Rogol told Greentech Media. It should be operational by early 2021.That’s a welcome development for a project that serves as a test case for replacing new natural-gas plants with non-emitting battery storage. Strata’s Ventura Energy Storage project is the largest of a portfolio of batteries that utility Southern California Edison procured in place of a new NRG gas plant on the beach in Oxnard, California.Strata Solar has installed a few batteries already, but the Ventura project vaults the company into the big leagues. Only a handful of companies have attempted building a battery at the 100-megawatt scale, starting with Tesla in South Australia. But the ranks are swelling constantly; SCE alone signed deals for four more earlier this month.Per the contract with SCE, the Ventura system will deliver resource adequacy by bidding into the day-ahead CAISO markets. The utility can also make a handful of emergency calls per year in the event of wildfires or other grid constraints. As long as it fulfills those obligations, the battery is free to maximize revenue elsewhere in the energy and ancillary services markets.“Generally speaking, we’re going to be charging the battery during peak solar hours, when energy prices are low or negative, and potentially discharging during peak demand hours, when folks are coming home, trying to smooth out that duck curve,” Rogol said.[Julian Spector]More: Strata blazes ahead with California gas peaker replacement battery, taps Teslalast_img read more

Writing copy consumers will read

first_img 7SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr Words matter. They matter when you speak them, and they matter when you write them. That’s especially true when you write them down for consumers to read. As much as you would like to believe your customers or members are reading everything you write, they’re not. The truth is they may not be reading anything you write if you aren’t giving them anything relevant or meaningful. Here are some tips for writing copy consumers will actually read.Get to the pointThe phrase “less is more” is so true for marketing copy. Most consumers are browsing your website or skimming your brochures for a specific purpose. Give them the most important information first and continue on with the second most important thing, and so on. It’s called writing in pyramid style.Have you ever looked for a recipe online and had to scroll past five pictures of the blogger preparing the recipe before you found what you needed? That’s how your customers or members feel when you bury the information they need. If you make them read or scroll too much before they find any information of value, you lose their attention. continue reading »last_img read more

Wednesday people

first_imgPGGM, Edmond de Rothschild Asset Management, AXA Investment Managers, Pension Insurance Corporation, Friends Life, Columbia Threadneedle Investments, F&C Investments, Aviva Investors, Walker Crips, Ashcourt Rowan, City Noble, Burges SalmonPGGM – The supervisory board of the €178bn asset manager and pensions provider has appointed Paul Boomkamp as its new chief financial and risk officer. He will also become a member of the company’s executive committee as of 1 September. He is to succeed Paul Loven, who will leave to start a bureau for coaching and board advice. Currently, Boomkamp is a member of the executive board of the Catharina Hospital in Eindhoven. Previously, he was a management consultant at McKinsey, and he has held executive roles at insurer AXA Netherlands. Before then, he was director at Aegon Netherlands, responsible for life insurance and mortgages.AXA Investment Managers – Florence Dard has been appointed head of France with responsibility for sales, marketing and client services. She will also become a member of AXA IM’s executive committee. Based in Paris, she will report to Christophe Coquema, global head of Client Group. Dard is to lead French sales, marketing and client services teams and will contribute to the strategic development of AXA IM across all client segments in the country. Dard joins from Edmond de Rothschild Asset Management, where she held a number of senior positions from 2010, including head of European institutional sales and sovereign wealth funds and head of French institutional sales.Pension Insurance Corporation – Rob Groves has been appointed CIO at the defined benefit pension fund insurer. He joins from Friends Life, where he held a similar position. Before then, he worked at UBS, Commerzbank and Towers. Groves will have responsibility for the management of the company’s £14bn (€19.4bn) portfolio, including asset and liability management, manager selection and interest rate and inflation hedging strategies.  Columbia Threadneedle Investments – Mark Nichols has been appointed portfolio manager in the European equities team. He joins from F&C Investments, where he was director and fund manager in the European Equities team. Before then, he worked at Lehman Brothers and Invesco.Aviva Investors – Ed Casal has been appointed chief executive of global real estate. Casal, who has been with the investment manager since 2008, replaces Ian Womack, who is retiring next month. Casal was previously CIO of Aviva’s real estate Multi Manager and currently holds the position of managing director of global indirect real estate. He will take up his new role next month.Walker Crips – Christine Little has been appointed operations manager for the Wealth Management and Pensions business. She joins from Ashcourt Rowan, where she was head of business quality. Prior to that, she was a pensions analyst and consultant at Pension & Benefit Services.City Noble – Gavin Moffatt has been appointed an associate at the pensions and investment advisory. He was previously chairman of the SPP’s Money Purchase Committee and has worked in the consultancy and insurance sectors, providing compliance and technical support on a business-wide level.Burges Salmon – Richard Pettit has been promoted to partner in the Pensions team, effective 1 May. Pettit, who joined Burges Salmon as a trainee in 2004, advises companies and pension scheme trustees across the “full range of pensions issues”.last_img read more

Danica Retires

first_imgDanica Patrick, the nation’s most recognized female race car driver, will retire after the Indianapolis 500 this year.  She will be racing for Ed Carpenter in the 500.  Just a couple weeks go she completed her last Daytona 500.  This, of course, was a NASCAR event, and for the last 6 years she has brought much attention to that racing series.Danica never achieved the expected heights that were predicted when she first burst onto the scene.  However, you certainly knew she was around, because like her or hate her, she brought people to the track.  Unlike Janet Guthrie, who was the first Indy 500 female driver, Patrick stayed with the sport for more than 6 seasons.  Her replacement in NASCAR will be Natalie Decker.  Decker is a young driver involved in ARCA and the truck racing series.Patrick’s biggest influence probably was in advertising.  Racing was dropping in popularity after the original big-name drivers were retiring.  Danica certainly picked up the slack, and despite having no big wins on the series, she brought a lot of attention back to NASCAR.  I will be watching her last race and wish her the best.last_img read more

UEFA to ease FFP rules

first_img Some clubs, including City, have argued that the FFP rules favour the rich, established clubs because they effectively prevent wealthy owners taking over a club and pumping in huge sums of money over a short period. That scenario happened with City and Paris St Germain and both were handed £49million fines and transfer restrictions last season, and the European Clubs’ Association has been putting pressure on UEFA for a change. UEFA president Michel Platini has revealed that some of the rules will be “eased” – and the lawyer leading one of the legal challenges against the FFP system has welcomed the move. Platini told French radio station RTL: “The world is two-faced but we will say this openly: I think we’ll ease things, but it will be the executive committee who will decide if it is to be eased and the outcome will be known by the end of June. “I think the regulations have been very good and it is the clubs who voted for FFP. “But the French press say it is not right that [Chelsea owner Roman] Abramovich can buy many players and in France they can not buy them. But if the Qataris had bought AC Milan the French would also say we should make financial fair play even tougher.” One source close to the negotiations told Press Association Sport: “Many clubs want change – the current system means those who have more will always have more, and those who have less will always have less.” Jean-Louis Dupont, the lawyer leading the legal action against UEFA, said in a statement: “We welcome the announcement of a change in the rules in line with the demands expressed by our clients in their various legal actions. Press Association “When the exact content and scope of these changes are known, we will consider with our clients how this development, which on first sight appears favourable, is likely to meet their legitimate expectations and influence the conduct of ongoing actions.” Manchester City chairman Khaldoon Al Mubarak last year claimed that history would prove that his model of heavy investment in the club at all levels is the right one. Khaldoon said in May: “We have zero debt. We don’t pay a penny to service any debt. For me, that is a sustainable model. However, our friends at UEFA seem to believe otherwise. “They have their view, we have ours. I disagree with their views, but we are pragmatic and one thing our fans need to know, we will do, as always, what is best for this club and the fans.” UEFA general secretary Gianni Infantino said talks on changes to the rules were still going on. He said in a statement: “Consultation remains ongoing and a number of amendments have been discussed. Any potential changes to the existing regulations will look to encourage more growth, more competition and market stimulation while strengthening the emphasis on controlling spending and safeguarding financial stability as our objective is and remains to ensure the sustainability of European club football. “Financial fair play has proved successful in achieving considerable improvement in the financial health of European football in a short period of time. Aggregate net losses of Europe’s clubs have fallen from 1.7billion euro in 2011 to 400million euro in 2014. “Regular review of the UEFA Financial Fair Play regulations is vital in ensuring that they keep pace with the ever-changing football environment and the new challenges that this often poses. “Discussions on amendments to the regulations are ongoing and have taken place since October 2013 within the UEFA club licensing committee and also with the clubs, who are our main stakeholders in this process.” Any changes will need to be ratified by UEFA’s executive committee at its next meeting on June 29/30 in Prague. The financial fair play rules that saw Manchester City handed a huge fine by UEFA last season are set to be relaxed. UEFA is expected to announce next month that the FFP rules will be eased to allow more owner investment – a move that will aim to nullify more than 10 legal challenges that the European governing body is now facing. It will also hand a huge boost to City in terms of challenging for honours next season if restrictions on spending on transfers are watered down. It will mean owners of clubs who do make a loss will be able to cover those losses with injection of equity – but not loans. last_img read more

N. Colorado looks to extend streak vs Idaho State

first_img Associated Press ___For more AP college basketball coverage: and was generated by Automated Insights,, using data from STATS LLC, N. Colorado looks to extend streak vs Idaho State Share This StoryFacebookTwitteremailPrintLinkedinRedditNorthern Colorado (18-8, 11-4) vs. Idaho State (6-18, 3-12)Holt Arena, Pocatello, Idaho; Saturday, 9 p.m. ESTBOTTOM LINE: Northern Colorado looks for its seventh straight win in the head-to-head series over Idaho State. Northern Colorado has won by an average of 12 points in its last six wins over the Bengals. Idaho State’s last win in the series came on Jan. 19, 2017, a 73-69 win.center_img SUPER SENIORS: Northern Colorado’s Jonah Radebaugh, Kai Edwards and Trent Harris have collectively scored 48 percent of the team’s points this season and have accounted for 58 percent of all Bears scoring over the last five games.CREATING OFFENSE: Radebaugh has either made or assisted on 52 percent of all Northern Colorado field goals over the last three games. The senior guard has accounted for 23 field goals and 23 assists in those games.SLIPPING AT 69: Northern Colorado is 0-6 when it allows at least 69 points and 18-2 when it holds opponents to less than 69.TWO STREAKS: Northern Colorado has scored 73.3 points per game and allowed 59.7 over its three-game road winning streak. Idaho State has lost its last six home games, scoring an average of 67.8 points while giving up 75.DID YOU KNOW: The Northern Colorado offense has recorded a turnover on only 15.6 percent of its possessions, which is the 12th-best rate in the nation. The Idaho State defense has forced opposing teams to turn the ball over on just 17.5 percent of all possessions (ranked 289th among Division I teams). February 21, 2020last_img read more

The Latest: 16 NBA players test positive as restart nears

first_img___Diamond League track meets in France and the United States have been canceled because of the coronavirus pandemic.Organizers say the Sept. 6 event in Paris and the Prefontaine meet on Oct. 4 in Eugene, Oregon, cannot be held because of the current restrictions on mass gatherings and international travel.A meet in Gateshead, England, has been postponed from Aug. 16 to a possible date in mid-September.The next possible Diamond League meet is scheduled for Aug. 14 in Monaco. Ivanisevic won the Wimbledon title in 2001. He says he twice tested negative for the virus over the past 10 days but has now tested positive.Ivanisevic says “I would like to inform everyone who has been in contact with me that I tested positive and ask them to take extra good care of themselves and their loved ones.”The Croat says he has no symptoms but will self-isolate.___More AP sports: and Associated Press Those 16 players were part of a pool of 302 tested on Tuesday. Tests are continuing for all 22 teams that will be participating in the restart at the Disney campus near Orlando, Florida, next month. The player names were not disclosed; some, such as Malcolm Brogdon of Indiana and Sacramento teammates Jabari Parker and Alex Len have publicly acknowledged they have recently positive.That was a 5.3% rate of positive tests leaguewide. The league did not announce results of testing on staffers and other members of team travel parties, all of whom are also part of the mandatory testing program.The league and the union say that “any player who tested positive will remain in self-isolation until he satisfies public health protocols for discontinuing isolation and has been cleared by a physician.”___The Carolina Hurricanes will begin “voluntary small-group training” at PNC Arena on Tuesday. Share This StoryFacebookTwitteremailPrintLinkedinRedditThe Latest on the effects of the coronavirus outbreak on sports around the world:___The NBA and the National Basketball Players Association say 16 players tested positive for coronavirus in the first wave of mandatory tests done in preparation for the restart of the season. The Latest: 16 NBA players test positive as restart nears ___This year’s Fed Cup finals have been rescheduled for 2021 because of “challenges” related to the coronavirus pandemic.The International Tennis Federation says the women’s team competition will take place April 13-18 in Budapest, Hungary.The 2020 event was originally scheduled for April but was postponed because of the pandemic. Officials had hoped to squeeze the competition in this year.The ITF says there are “significant logistical and regulatory challenges” to holding “an indoor mass gathering” at the Laszlo Arena. The tennis body says “guaranteeing the health and safety of all involved will not be feasible.” The team said Friday those sessions will be closed to the public and media. Sixteen players, divided into two groups, are expected to participate.Players and staff permitted inside the arena will be tested for COVID-19. Team personnel will follow safety guidelines outlined in the second phase of the NHL’s return plan, as well as those from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and North Carolina’s Department of Health and Human Services.The team says the arena has received “extensive cleaning” during the suspended NHL season and there will be “enhanced cleaning and sanitation efforts” going forward.___The Davis Cup men’s tennis competition has been canceled this year because of the coronavirus pandemic and will pick up again in 2021. The Fed Cup finals feature 12 national teams competing in a new format.___Tennis great Goran Ivanisevic says he has tested positive for the coronavirus.The former Wimbledon champion coaches top-ranked Novak Djokovic and was at the recent Adria Tour exhibition series in Serbia and Croatia.Djokovic and three other players have also tested positive for the virus after playing in the events. Grigor Dimitrov, Borna Coric and Viktor Troicki are the others. June 26, 2020 Matches were scheduled for this September and the Davis Cup finals were set for November in Madrid.Now the World Group I and World Group II preliminary matches will be played in various sites in either March or September 2021. The finals will be in Madrid during the week of Nov. 22, 2021.The International Tennis Federation says the 18 nations that already qualified for the 2020 finals will get a spot in 2021.The ITF has also scrapped the women’s Fed Cup finals for this year and says they will be played April 13-18 in Budapest, Hungary.The Fed Cup originally was supposed to be played this April but was initially postponed because of the pandemic.last_img read more

Today’s MLB Picks: Betting odds, Vegas totals, expert gambling advice for Thursday, April 4

first_imgThursday might’s MLB action features a small slate with most of the games starting in the afternoon. Last night, we continued our early-season hot streak, going 2-1 on our best bets with wins on Atlanta and Texas and our lone loss on the A’s money line to the Red Sox.We haven’t yet focused on any total or team total bets thus far this season, but that changes tonight, as there is a total that the BetQL models love. We also have another game in which we can pick on Angels starter Matt Harvey as the red-hot Rangers head down to Los Angeles fresh off the heels of taking two out of three games from the Astros. Watch ChangeUp, a new MLB live whip-around show on DAZNBefore we get into the picks, we have to remind you the best place to start researching for a winning ticket is the BetQL Mobile App. Our Trending Picks and Public Betting tools offer a big edge when you’re making bets, regardless of bankroll. For more gambling and MLB DFS advice, follow me on Twitter (@DFSBenj).MORE: DFS Lineup BuilderMLB Picks: Odds, betting trends for Thursday, April 4*All screenshots are from the BetQL Trending Value Bets Page** All lines are subject to change. The best way to stay up to date on the current lines is to become a BetQL subscriber.Chicago Cubs at Atlanta BravesStarting Pitchers: Yu Darvish (RHP) vs. Max Fried (LHP)Money Line: CHC +100, ATL -120Run Line: CHC +1.5 (-200), ATL (+170Total: O/U 8.5The Braves came through for us last night with a straight up victory over the Cubs and will look to complete the sweep tonight at home. The BetQL models don’t see a lot of value on either of these teams in this game, but they slightly favor the Braves as -120 favorites. However, this is a great spot to target taking the OVER on the run total of 8.5. The Cubs will throw starter Yu Darvish, who has struggled with his consistency over the past year, while the Braves will start LHP Max Fried, who projects to be a bottom-of-the-rotation stater. Darvish was lit up for three earned runs in less than three innings in his first start of the season, and a road start against the offensively potent Braves is not a great spot for him to bounce back. Fried, meanwhile, does have some excellent strikeout upside, but it’s hard to projection him to pitch more than five or six innings at this stage of the season even if he does have some early success against this Cubs lineup. The Cubs bullpen has also been a complete mess right now, having blown three save opportunities through its first five games.BetQL Pick: Over 8.5 Runs (-120)Texas Rangers @ Los Angeles AngelsStarting Pitchers: Edinson Volquez vs. Matt HarveyMoney Line: TEX +120, LAA -140Spread: TEX +1.5 (-165), LAA -1.5 (+140)Total: O/U 8.5It’s “Matt Harvey Night” for the Angels, and that means that we are going to continue to ride with the Rangers as +120 ML underdogs. Texas is hot right now after winning two of three games against the Astros and have started the season 4-2 overall. Harvey has really struggled for the past two-plus years and has allowed a horrendous 37-percent hard contact rate over the past year. This could lead to a short night for a power-hitting lineup such as Rangers that owns a .204 team ISO over the past season. The BetQL models have been on fire with taking underdogs so far and think that this line should be closer to +110/-110 rather than the +120/-140 money line split that we are currently seeing.BetQL Pick: Texas Rangers +120  Check out BetQL Mobile App’s Trending Picks and Public Betting tools before making all your bets, and follow me on Twitter (@DFSBenj) for even more NFL, NBA, MLB and PGA daily fantasy and sports betting content.last_img read more