Google advertising alliance to help small and medium owners to make money

In the day before

, Google (Google) company held in Shanghai 2009GoogleAdSense partner day, sales operations director Zhou Wenbiao Aka Ata revealed in an interview with reporters, from 2005 to 2008, the Google global partner revenue reached $16 billion; and only in 2008 this year, there are $5 billion to Google global partners were divided into, which Chinese stationmaster gains more and more.

now there are a large number of domestic individual owners, profitability is dominated by advertising alliance. With the promotion of domestic small and medium enterprises to promote the network, the profit model of this advertising alliance for the benefit of the owners at the same time, has become a new Blue Ocean network promotion of domestic smes. Prior to this, Google’s vice president of global online sales and operations DavidFischer (Fei Sile) also said he was optimistic about the future development trend of Google in China, in particular, valued the cooperation of many small and medium enterprises Google customers. read more

Discussion on the experience of the rapid profit of QQ website

    now what website most, what website start flow most easily, many people may think is a movie or entertainment website, in fact, the current QQ related websites, or QQ to domain name website, flow up the fastest, QQ website, if the search is not sealed, a website can do 5000 to 10 thousand IP, if a person can control 3-5 a similar website, still can solve the problem of food and clothing.

  QQ is to engage in traffic, QQ related keywords: Q=qq%BF%D5%BC%E4& tn=baiduWe’ll look at the effect of read more

Shanda head Chen Tianqiao the game of life at the age of 31 into the mainland’s richest man

Chinese version of Fortune magazine yesterday released 2013 annual list of China’s top 40 business elite under the age of 40, Shanda limited liability company chairman and CEO Chen Tianqiao was selected again. He started from the legendary network game, once the richest man in mainland china. His entrepreneurial experience is a legend.

I don’t like money very much. I’m trying to earn money just to prove my worth.

– Chen Tianqiao

lonely growth


Fudan Wizards read more

Novice Wangzhuan through proxy software how to make a pot of gold

2010 is about to pass, and the 2011 bell is ringing. Back in 2010, China’s Internet situation has undergone great changes, there have been many incredible things, including Internet users do not understand Tencent war 360. In the eyes of netizens, the software functions of two unrelated there was a struggle, out and out make people feel confused! What does not know, things happen for a reason, they are the deadly conflict in expanding their market, so the two sides will go to war, but the war is inevitable the read more

How to turn your personal website into a commercial website

      see the starting point was incorporated, hao123 is also home to count the money to play, QQ hook, sexting, PW fire, money. As a result, studio, SOHO, and then entrepreneurs are more. All sorts of strange things, think to do a web site emerge in an endless stream I can lay hundreds of money…. Just a friend sent me an article to say some truth, so put in for everyone to see… For now. Whether personal site or the so-called personal business website, may have some help. (the following is the full text, author unknown)

Web site has no value, business is impossible. The value of a site, mainly reflected in the following three aspects: read more

Small nanny big business Care com financing 50 million hopes to help users find the appropriate care, care for the elderly, children and pets

to find a reliable baby sitter, take care of the elderly, children and pets, is more and more realistic needs of urban middle-class families. American start-up company seize the opportunity to launch an online care platform.

the company recently completed the fifth round of financing led by Institutional Venture Partners, raising $50 million. The site helps users find local children, the elderly and pet care providers. With more and more people looking for care and housekeeping services through the Internet, is growing rapidly. read more

Entrepreneur what investors don’t tell you

I live close to the church in Haidian, so when I go to work, I often meet some missionaries. The church is next to the garage, so when I eat can also meet some extremely excited people. Recently, 3W also moved over, it is estimated that the future will be able to do MLM people.

is probably due to do before the students in the news media reporter hunbuxiaqu have entered the investment industry, micro-blog now has more myth than chicken soup. In order to avoid some of the students did not apply sunscreen into the fire, I slightly to pour cold water. read more

YouDay on the October 23rd platform failure compensation announcement

      October 22nd 23:24 youDay alliance due to server failure, resulting in the problem of platform instruction allocation, the amount of submission to the partners can not be judged. 23 8:40 fault was ruled out, submit the amount, the amount of registration has returned to normal.

      taking into account the failure caused by the loss of the majority of the webmaster, youDay will pay more than 25% of the total Commission in October 22nd to promote your compensation as a whole, thank you for understanding and support for youday. read more

Some ideas about using SEO to make money

In fact, we have a lot of ways to make money online. Here are some of my recent summary of the use of Baidu Google to make money

before a lot of people think the use of Baidu to sell SP. But now because SP has been completely finished. But many people don’t think of CPS, with the CPS market gradually mature. This potential Q=%B5%B1%B5%B1& wd=& cl=3& tn=0051 read more